5 Ways to Ensure Your Elderly Are Comfortable in a Nursing Home

It is a scary feeling when you hand over your loved ones to strangers for care in a nursing home. It is not easy to trust someone else for the well-being and safety of your loved ones. Sending elderly members of your family to the nursing home does not mean that you have done your duty. You have to keep a proper eye on them to ensure that proper care is provided to them. It helps you check whether they are in the perfect physical and mental state there or not.

You must understand that when our parents get old, they do not just need proper care to have good health. They need your moral and emotional support, which strangers can not provide. 

Therefore, even after sending elders to a nursing home, you have to act as their primary caregiver. Visiting them regularly can give them peace of mind. More importantly, you will be able to check whether they are given the proper care in the nursing home or not. 

Let’s find out how you can ensure your elderly are comfortable in a nursing home. 

  • Beware of Nursing Home Abuse

One of the most important things that families must be aware of is nursing home abuse. Many cases have occurred in the recent past where some sort of abuse is reported with older adults. Therefore, you need to stay vigilant to identify any signs of abuse with your family member.

If you are sure that your loved one is abused in any way, then you must take legal action right away. Look for a reliable nursing home abuse lawyer with a proven track record of handling relevant cases. 

You may also look for online recommendations to hire the best attorney. It will help you take the right steps against the authorities of the nursing home. 

One of the most common forms of abuse that occurs in nursing homes is emotional abuse. It is also known as psychological or verbal abuse, where nurses or any other staff member insults the residents verbally. 

  • Monitor Everything in the Facility 

It is essential to thoroughly assess the nursing home where you intend to send your family member. You are supposed to keep your ears and eyes open while inspecting the place to notice anything unusual. 

You may visit the place at least once a week. Try to visit the facility when someone is least expecting you.

For example, you can visit on Saturday evenings when residents have finished their dinner, and there are typically few staff members there. In such timing, no one expects a visit from family or friends, so it will give you an actual idea of how things are going there. 

You should examine the place properly to ensure that it is properly cleaned and there are no signs of poor hygiene. If you feel any unpleasant smell, then it is not a good sign. Also, observe how nurses are talking with residents to see whether their behavior is respectful or not.

  • Notice Red Flags

If you see any change in mood, eating, or sleeping patterns in your family member, then you must investigate the matter. It is not necessary that every sign of abuse will appear as bedsores or bruises. 

Try to notice the behavior of your loved one, and if they seem fearful or stressed, then it could be a major red flag. Ask them politely to share what is wrong with them. You have to win their trust that no matter what happens, you are always there for them.

If you discover any form of abuse or ill-treatment, you must move your family member immediately and take the right legal action.

  • Visit Them Regularly

To ensure that your family member is receiving good care, you must visit the facility regularly. If you can not go there daily, then try to see them several times a week.

Again, you have to keep your visits unannounced at different times of every day. It will not only help you know how the staff actually behaves with residents but also be the bright spot in your family member’s day.

While visiting your loved ones, you may bring their favorite meal, photos, or books. It will help you to make their time more cheerful, so you can have a great time with them. 

  • Make the Most Out of Technology

It is not possible to keep an eye on your parents 24/7 when they are in the nursing care facility. In such a situation, you have to smartly use available technology which can keep you updated about the condition of your loved one.

For example, you can use a wireless camera with continuous recording. It will help you to check the video footage at any time. However, it is against the law in most states to put the camera in nursing homes. But there are still some states like Oklahoma, New Mexico, Illinois, and Texas that allows families to keep cameras in nursing homes. Additionally, you must get the consent of your loved one to do this. 

Another way to check on your family member’s condition is through video calling. It helps you analyze their body language and also gives you a clear idea of their surroundings.

By talking to your loved one on video calls, they will also feel comfortable seeing your face. It is something that any security camera can not provide.

You have to ensure that your family member knows how to use the gadget and video calling app properly. It will help them to contact you anytime in case they want to show you something. Ensure that the gadget and apps your elderly uses are user-friendly. 


There are different factors that you need to consider to ensure your loved one is having a good time in a nursing home. You have to constantly look for red flags that could indicate potential abuse in the nursing home. If you notice any such thing, then you have to take the required legal step right away. Consulting an attorney with relevant expertise can guide you in this regard. Making good use of technology can also keep you updated about the state of your family member.