Massage gun Price in Pakistan

Massage Gun Price in Pakistan: The Best Performing 3

How much does a Massage gun Cost?

The Muscle Massage gun Price in Pakistan varies from PKR 5000 or $27 to PKR 18000 to $97 in some stores. There are no local manufacturers of these Portable Massage devices and mostly you’ll find Chinese Devices.

Muscle massage gun Price in Pakistan

Affordable Massage gun Price in Pakistan:

Hello, In this blog you will find How to buy cheap and affordable muscle/body massage guns in Pakistan. Furthermore, you’ll see a comparison of different massage guns available in Pakistan, What are massage gun attachments and how can they benefit your health. Also, we’ll talk about whether you should buy a muscle massager or not?

So without wasting any time on this and that, let’s get to the topic.


Every year we have hot topics to gossip about. As the ongoing situation in Pakistan has given this country’s folk, probably the hottest topic of the Year i.e PRIME MINISTER IMRAN KHAN’s GAMES. Talking about hot topics, Massage gun is one hot topic around the world since the Covid-19 as Indoor workouts spiked.

Ever Since People have been using these portable devices for Muscle relief and a ton of more benefits. Although Massage guns were in use since the 1970s, these last few years saw huge improvements in design, quality, and Competition in the Muscle Massage Gun Industry.

What is a Massage gun? How do they work?

A Massage gun or Fascia Massage gun is a pain-relieving machine that is typically designed for Gym Professionals, athletes, home workout sessions, and basically, everyone who wants a fast Recovery from Muscle Pain. Massage guns work on the principles of Vibration therapy.

It doesn’t matter if you are a sports person or an office worker, A Muscle massage gun can equally help you. Massage gun are designed to create intense vibrations on the Deep Tissues, awakening Sore muscles throughout the body and Triggering soft tissues that support the Bones and Muscles.

This enables the body to regenerate cells and repair dead and sore tissues.

The young man at physical therapy. Getting pulsating stimulation and massage to the painful parts of his body like arm, hand, leg, and neck.

Is a Massage gun Harmful?

A Massage gun can be harmful. Although Massages guns are used for muscle recovery, They can cause muscle injuries and skin burns as well. These sorts of injuries can be easily avoided with minimal care.

Here are some tips you can follow while using a massage gun:

  • Avoid Using a massage gun on any Desired part of the body for more than 3 minutes. This can traumatize tissues.
  • When placed next to the body, do not push the massage gun towards the body. Just place it next to the desired muscles and let it do the job.
  • If the massage gun feels more heated, place a towel or a piece of cloth between the massage gun head and the body to reduce the heat.
  • Do not operate the massage gun for more than 20 minutes continuously. Allow the unit to cool down for 5 minutes after using it for 20 minutes.

3 Affordable Massage Guns You can buy today in Pakistan:

Let’s discover some of the affordable massage guns that you can buy online in Pakistan. Remember that the following deep tissue massage gun Price in Pakistan is less than PKR 5000.

If you are in the market for an expensive deep tissue muscle massage gun, You can find it on different websites. To recommend a few would be and

1. Blue Idea Fascial Gun Muscle Massager price in Pakistan:

Massage gun Price in Pakistan: PKR 3200

Product Code: BLD 320

Medium in Size and Easy to use, The Blue Idea Fascial massage gun is one of the best choices for daily use. This amazing device is equipped with a silent brushless motor and comes with 6 different speed Variations.

Furthermore, this massage gun has a Rotation speed varying from 2100 Rpm being the lowest to 3600 Rpm being the highest. This device also comes with 4 different massage gun attachments. These include the Flat head, Bullet head, Round head, and Forkhead.

The Blue Idea Fascial is best suited for both males and females of regular body shape, Weight, and Height. This Massage gun work for up to 3 hours on a full charge. Some other features include:
• Ease soft tissue ache.
• Stimulate muscle growth.
• Promote blood circulation.
• Enhance the range of motion.
• 15 Minutes auto-off for safety.
 6 Speed levels, meet different levels of myofascial massage.
 4 Replaceable massage heads for different muscle ache relief.2. Cute X Mini Fascial Massage Gun Price in Pakistan:

Mini Fascial Massage gun Price in Pakistan: PKR 3500

Muscle Massage gun Price in Pakistan

Mini Portable Massage gun Price in Pakistan: PKR 3500

If you are a small person, you can Accelerate the deep relaxation of Sensitive tissues, relieve muscle stiffness and improve the pain after exercise with this mini but powerful massage gun. This small device comes with an Intelligent mute chip, craftsman core drive, and LCD display for speeds monitor.

This massage gun weighs only 0.46 kg, has a 2000 mAh battery, and can rotate at different RPMs from 1800 RPMs to 3200 RPMs. Some other features can be stated as:

  1. There are 32 vibration modes to relieve muscle pain
  2. Intelligent type automatic pressurization
  3. Wireless compact, easy to carry.
  4. Equipped with 4 types of interchangeable massage heads (Spherical / U Shape / Cylindrical / Flat )
  5. Large capacity battery, long service life works up to 2 hrs.
  6. Integrated closed design, antiskid and non-waterproof.
  7. Use environment: -5 to 40-degree Celsius.
  8. Low noise and stable vibration.

3. Blue Idea 5 Gears Rechargeable Muscle Massager Machine

Muscle Massage Gun Price in Pakistan: PKR 3700

Moving on, We have another Mini Massage gun device from the Blue Idea brand. This massage gun resembles the Theragun Massage gun device which is pretty popular in the US and Europe.

This device can be controlled with a single button and it has 5 gears. Every minute sends a high-speed pulse of pressure to your muscle tissue, This massage gun helps for relieves tight muscles, and soreness and promotes blood and lymph circulation. The LCD touch screen allows you easily change the speed as you wish.

 Comes with 4 customized massager heads that allow you to reach every muscle, providing a targeted massage head for each muscle, which will provide you a different relaxing massage experience. Brushless motor and unique quiet glide noise reduction technology that brings high power but low noise (35dB – 55dB) experience. you can use it at home, gym, office, etc

Fascia Massage gun Price in Pakistan

A Fascia is a band of connected tissues, beneath the skin that attaches to, encloses, stabilizes and separates muscles and other internal Organs. Simply put, A Fascia is a group of tissues that surround every organ of the body and has nerves that make these tissues as sensitive as skin.

Since these tissues are sensitive, we feel soreness in muscles and tissues even after a light exercise or workout. Or perhaps sitting in a position for some time.

A Fascial Massage gun is a Muscle massage gun that put enough pressure on these sensitive tissues. People also use other equipment such as a Foam Roller or Muscle massage balls. Massage guns prevail over these other methods of muscle relation with tons of benefits.

What are the Benefits of a Fascia Massage Gun?

Following are some of the benefits associated with a massage gun:

For a detailed review on Massage guns, Please Click Here.

  • Increase workout effectiveness: reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery; prevent injury; improve muscle flexibility and performance.
  • Recover from injury: decrease pain and inflammation; break down scar tissue; loosen stiff joints.
  • Find pain relief: loosen knots, trigger points, and tightness in your muscles and fascia; boost circulation; manage chronic pain caused by tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, and more.
  • Boost immune system: improve sleep; reduce stress; increase serotonin and decrease cortisol.

And many more.

Is Buying a Massage gun Worth It? Should you Buy One?

After looking at the massage gun prices in Pakistan, now let’s discuss the real question. Is Buying a Massage gun Worth it? In my opinion, Massage guns are cheap, can be used as an alternative to Your Physiotherapist, and definitely worth Buying. A massage gun can be a beautiful gift to someone really in need of Physiotherapy.

Did you know that most Physiotherapists use massage guns for patients suffering from muscle injury? They Use a massage gun to Help remove muscle knots, Improve blood flow, Treat trigger points and Ease tense and sore muscles.

All these processes might be done effectively with the use of a good massage gun. Although Physiotherapists will mix it up with manual therapy, massage guns make the job easier.

Final Words

To conclude my blog post about Massage gun prices in Pakistan, I’d say that Massage guns are worth buying keeping in mind all the health benefits they can deliver at a minimal effort. However, before buying a massage gun, it is recommended that you analyze your activities and figure out for what purpose you will be using the Massage gun.

As Always, It is essential to consult a physiotherapist for advice.

Stay healthy, Stay Fresh, and do share this information. Thanks.

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