Lifepro Sonic Lx Percussion Massage gun Review and Alternatives

Should you buy the Lifepro Sonic LX Percussion Massage gun? Find out in this detailed Review

LifePro® Sonic Lx Massage Gun Review + Alternatives.

Lifepro sonic Lx massage gun review


Hey Guys, In this Blog I am going to do a Detailed review of LifePro® Sonic LX Percussion Massage Gun For the Review. I will Try to be Honest throughout this Blog with the Aim that hopefully, it helps you find a good one if you’re in the market for a massage gun.

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What is a Massage gun used for?

A Massage gun is a pain-relieving machine that is typically designed for Gym Professionals, athletes, home workout sessions, and basically everyone who wants a fast Recovery from Muscle Pain.

The Purpose of a Massage Gun is to create intense vibrations on the Deep Tissues, awakening Sore muscles throughout the body and Triggering soft tissues that support the bones and Muscles.

This process helps in enhancing the body’s ability to regenerate Cells and Repair itself which can improve health that lead to Low downtime in WORKOUTS. And So is designed the LifePro Fitness Sonic LX Percussion Massage Gun to help you Achieve your fitness Goals.

LifePro Fitness:

Just for Information, LifePro Fitness is a Family owned Business based in Eatontown, New Jersey, United States. They Specialize In Sports Recovery, vibration Therapy, Modern Exercise Equipment, Strength training, and Many more things. Visit the LifePro fitness Official Store Here. 

Visit the Lifepro Amazon Store Here.

Sonic lx professional percussion massage gun:

The LifePro Sonic Lx Professional Massage Gun is a Professional Robust Massage Gun, a Deep tissue tool for Professional Trainers, Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Home Working Professionals. This Particular massage gun is Priced at around $179 Bucks and comes in three different colors namely Red, Black, and Blue.

The Box comes with the LifePro Sonic Lx Percussion Massage gun, and AC charging adaptor to keep it charged up. It is important to note that The Sonic Lx Massage gun is one of those massage equipment that offers 10 massage gun heads.

Most of the Massage guns come with either 4 or 6 massage guns.  Lastly, you’ll find USB C charging cable for heated tip Massage Attachment. You’ll find all the attachment details below.

Salient Features: Lifepro Sonic Lx massage gun

The Sonic Lx Massage gun is made up of Metal with a brushless 2000mAh silent Motor which can rotate at a speed of 1800 Rpms to 3400 RPMs. The weight of this massage gun is 2.3 pounds with a 12mm amplitude. This battery Operated Massage gun can operate at Sound intensity levels from 25 dB to 85 dB.

Intensity Levels at which the Massage gun Operates:

Intensity Levels: The LifePro Sonic Lx Percussion massage Gun is Really Quiet. Here is how different Sound levels sound when it operates:

  1. 25 dB: Whisper mode
  2. 35dB: Rustling Levels
  3. 45dB: Bird calls
  4. 55 dB: Refrigerator Hum
  5. 65 dB: Vacuum Cleaner
  6. 75 dB: Power Lawn Mover
  7. 85 dB: Motorcycle

Attachment Details:

You’ll find 10 different interchangeable Massage gun heads including the round shape head, the bullet head, the flat metal head, the heated tip massage attachment, and many more.

Attachment Details:

Here are the 10 different Attachments provided with the LifePro Sonic Lx Massage Gun:

Round Head: The most common massage gun attachment you will find with every massage gun is the round head. This head is one of the most widely used attachments and is considered Best for Recovery and Improving Muscle Soreness.

Flathead: A common problem while working out is the stiffness of Deep tissues. The flat head attachment can do pretty good work repairing those stiff tissues.

Shovel Head: Recover from soreness and stiffness of back muscles with the alluring Shovel head attachment. This head is also considered best for areas surrounding the Spinal Cord.

Rounded Foam Soft Head: Another attachment you will find in the Sonic Lx Percussion massage gun is the Rounded foam Soft head attachment. This Soft head can be Used to Relive Muscle Pain in Tinder Areas.

How to Use Massage gun Heads? Click Here

Metal Cone Head: For a full body massage, Use the metal cone head with Oil for a best experience. This can prove very effective after workout sessions.

Spinal Head: A little use of this Spinal Head attachment before a Workout can effectively improve Flexibility. This head can also be used for Spinal Tissues.

Bullet Head: Remember working out for the First time or a gap of certain days and ending up with Muscles knots? Every does! But the Bullet head attachment is considered best for Releasing those Muscle knots.

Absorber Head: When pumped up for a workout, a little overuse of Workout equipment can cause huge sensitivity in Certain fibers of muscles. The Absorber head attachment is used for those sensitive muscles and soreness.

Lifepro Sonic Lx massage gun review and alternatives

Heated Tip Head:  This attachment is a super luxury to have. We all know that a little warm-up before a workout is very crucial for the body. The heated tip attachment heats up to 131 Degree Fahrenheit and is specifically designed to improve the Blood flow before a workout.

Metal Flat Head: The Last you will get with the Sonic Lx Percussion massage gun is the Flat Metal Head. This Particular massage gun head is Best for Large Muscles Groups and areas that need more help.

What to Expect from the Sonic LX Percussion massage Gun:

Here are the Salient features of this Extraordinary massage Gun:

  • Increase workout effectiveness: reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery; prevent injury; improve muscle flexibility and performance.
  • Recover from injury: decrease pain and inflammation; break down scar tissue; loosen stiff joints.
  • Find pain relief: loosen knots, trigger points, and tightness in your muscles and fascia; boost circulation; manage chronic pain caused by tendinitis, bursitis, carpel tunnel, and more.
  • Boost immune system: improve sleep; reduce stress; increase serotonin and decrease cortisol.
  • Elite quiet muscle massage gun with charging base
  • Lithium-ion battery for long-lasting power, charge after charge. Up to 4 hours of battery Life Depends on speed.
  • Built-in Repair & muscle recovery Mechanism.
  • Is designed to give you a deep, powerful, and precise message.
  • Designed to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body’s joints and muscles, promoting mobility and flexibility via trigger-point massage therapy.
  • Choose from 5 levels of intensity to suit your rapid recovery routine
  • Super quiet & portable making it easy to carry to the gym and back
  • A convenient single-button control, comfortable grip, and almost soundless brushless motor make pre-workout and warm-ups, and post-workout cool-downs a breeze.
  • Protective Case Included for the Safety of Massage gun and all its attachments.
  • Best for Athletes and Gym Professionals.
  • 9 adjustable Intensity levels and a Professional LED Display.

The targeted group of Muscles:

The LifePro Massage Gun Is the Best for applying pressure on all muscles of the body. It is best used on Spine, Biceps, Gluts IT bands, and Hamstring. You can easily target the sensitive and sore Upper/lower back Muscles and Spinal Tissues. 

 Keep in mind: A massage can also be used on stomach and stomach Fats. But Caution needs to be exercised and should to be used at a lower speed and frequency to avoid damage to sensitive tissues.

Tips and Information on Massage gun:

Here are some tips and additional Information on using Massage guns.

  1. Before Using the Lifepro Massage gun, Do charge it for at least 3 hours. (First-time Use).
  2. Charge the Heated Tip Attachment.
  3. While Using Move the Tip over the Desired Muscle Group, for about 60 seconds. Use it 3 times a day, 15-20 minutes per Session for Best results.
  4. Use 1800 RPMs for Warm-ups, 2400 RPMs for Relaxation, and 3200 rpm for Deep Tissue Massage.

Click here to download a free massage user guide PDF.

Can Massage Gun Cause Damage?

Yes but if you Avoid the Following, You may reduce the Risks of Injury.

  1. Prolonged use in any one area to avoid burning your skin.
  2. If the heated tip attachment or a metal attachment begins to feel too hot during use, place a towel or cloth between your skin and the massage head to reduce the heat.
  3. Avoid keeping the massage head in one area for more than 3 minutes. The prolonged application can traumatize tissues.
  4. Do not operate continuously for more than 30 minutes. After 20 minutes of use, allow the unit to rest for 5 minutes before re-using.
  5. Use the Massage gun over Clothing that is athletic wear or Leggings.

Massage gun VS Foam Roller: Is a massage Gun Really worth it?

Both Massage guns and Foam rollers are the most popular Exercise tools for Boast Workout Sessions, Mobility, Relieve Sore Muscles, and Many more Benefits. Here is a Brief Comparison of Massage Guns and Foam Rollers:

Massage GunsFoam Rollers
New and Advanced TechnologyRelatively older than Massage guns
A bit Expensive. $50 and AboveCheap: $10 and above
Portable, Easy to Use: Just Place the head of the gun at the Desired body part.Often Uncomfortable, Hard to Use: You May have to roll the Whole Body over the Roller!
Best known for Long term Health Improvements.Can Improve Mobility But Studied have found that the effects are short-lived, Long-lasting changes Require more active and Regular Exercises with the Roller.
Massage guns are usually handheld, Small, and portable. They can be used anywhere.Foam Rollers are big and Bulky in Size and Require large open floor space to Use them Properly.

Both Massage Guns and foam rollers use the same technique for the Recovery of Muscles i.e applying pressure on sensitive and sore Tissues and muscles. In my opinion, Massage Gun is a Little Easy to use than Foam Rollers.

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Which is the Number one massage Gun?

Here are 6 Alternatives to LifePro Fitness sonic Lx Massage gun. Check out each and Figure out which is the best brand for massage guns.

Flyby Massage Gun: F1 Pro Handheld Neck and Back massager:

Talking about Massage Gun Brands, First, we have the FLYBY F1 Pro Massage gun. The reason I have picked it as the number 1 Massage Gun brand and Alternative is that this Gun is Really Light Weight, and Works the best. This is probably one of the best massage guns under $100.

Price: $80

Fly by massage gun review

Here are some features:

  • Light Weight: 1.8 lbs.
  • 6 interchangeable heads
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • 40 dB quite high impact quiet motor.
  • Perfect valentine gift.

Click here for more details.

HoMedics massage gun:

Next in Line we have the HoMedics Therapist select the Pro Deep tissue Massage Gun. This Particular Massage Gun is ranked #243 in Electric back Massager and is One of the Favorites. The other favorite is obviously The LIFEPRO Sonic LX Percussion Massage Gun.


Salient Features:

  • 3 Massage Programs: Restore, Revitalize and Pressure Sensing Technology.
  • 4 interchangeable Heads: Round, U-shaped, Trigger Point, and Flat
  • Powerful, high torque brushless motor. Portable.
  • 82% 5-star Ratings.

Click here for more details.

Pretihom percussion massage gun:

Moving on, we have the Pretihom O CONN Professional Percussion massage Gun. The O conn Handheld massager provides a stronger and non–slippery grip as it is made up of silicon. This Epic massage gun comes with 8 interchangeable heads, a new and modern AI chip, and many more Features. Also, it can be adjusted according to the size of the force vibration frequency, to avoid the system crashing. 1-2: Muscle Awakening; 3-4: Breaking Lactic Acid; 5-6: Deep Massage


Exciting Features:

  • Brushless Silent Motor
  • Ultra-Low noise
  • Long lasting battery
  • Ventilation design and Soft handle
  • LED battery indicator
  • Infinitely Variable Speed adjustment.

Click here for all the Features.

Aduro Sport Elite Percussion Massager:

If you are a Sports person, The Aduro Sports Percussion Massage Gun is the one to go for. This brilliant low Price massage gun is known for numerous benefits such as restoring the body faster, Promoting blood flow, and relieving lactic acid. This Massage gun is known as the Elite Recovery Massage Gun.


Other awesome Features:

  • 6 unique and distant massage intensity levels
  • 4 different massage head attachments: Ball head, Dual Point Head, High Impact head, and Deep tissue Head.
  • 3 hours battery time.
  • 6-speed high torque motor

Click here for all the Features.

Ztech percussion massage gun:

Another Alternative is the Ztech Deep tissue Percussion massage gun. Intended for both pre-workout and post-workout, the ZTECH Massage Gun will improve your fitness regimen by warming up your muscles prior to exercise to avoid injury and after exercise for deep muscle recovery.


Quality Features:

  • Adopts high-quality motor providing you with 3 massage speed levels to choose from.
  • Comes with 6 interchangeable heads to target specific muscle areas for better results
  • Cordless with a rechargeable base
  • Gives you up to 1.5 hours of muscle relief and conditioning.

Click here for more details.

X3pro massage gun:

Winding up the alternatives to the Sonic LX Professional Percussion massage gun, here we have a Massage gun with up to 6 hours of battery Life. That right. The X3 Pro Massage Guns comes with a massive 2600mAh battery. This professional massage gun is offered by DACORM with tons of features at a reasonable price mentioned below.

Best Features:

  • Brushless, Super quiet motor. Can operate at less than 25 dB sound level.
  • Equipped with self-lubricating property and advanced AI technology.
  • 2600mAh massive battery can work for up to 6 days when used properly.
  • 3500 Rpms and 30-speed levels.
  • Comes with 7 different attachment heads to every muscle group.
  • Ranked 644 in electric handheld massagers on Amazon.
  • Recommended Massager under 100 bucks.

Final Words:

If you are a professional sportsman, massage therapist, or athlete, The lifepro sonic LX percussion massage gun is a really good option for you. As we have seen the features that it offers at an affordable range, the Sonic LX massage gun is way above its competitors.

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