Golden Pearl Cream Side Effects Plus 4 great Alternatives

Golden Pearl Cream Side Effects Plus 4 great Alternatives

Are there any side effects of the Golden pearl Cream? Find out in this Golden Pearl Cream review 4 trendy and effective alternatives to the golden pearl cream. visit more 


Most Elegant women in Pakistan use beauty creams for their appearance. As you look at the Fashion Markets, you can find a countless range of products, including but not limited to Beauty creams, Serums, Sunblocks, Perfumes, etc, that have the benefits of providing the customer with outstanding service.

These days, Golden Pearl beauty cream is incredibly popular because of its link to women’s beauty secrets. Some people believe that this beauty gel is a good product, but this is not true. But before we talk about that and its side effects, first, let’s have a look at the Golden Pearl Cream composition, uses, benefits, and most important of all the pricing.

Original Golden Pearl Cream: Benefits, Uses, and Price in Pakistan:

Being advertised as the Pioneer Beauty and whitening cream for women in Pakistan, The Golden Pearl Beauty cream is quite famous these days and can be found in most houses in the country. Golden Pearl Cosmetics claims that the golden pearl cream can make your skin complexion white, shining, and glowing within a few days.

I think that might be true. Most of the users found this skincare cream effective and they started getting results really soon. Here are some more details:

Cream Composition and Ingredients

Following are the active elements that make this cream effective:

Active whitening arbutin● kojic acid dipalmitate● active sunscreen avobenzone● benzophenone-3● octyl methoxy cinnamate in creamy base● methyl paraben● propyl paraben● bht● allantoin● vitamin e● perfume.

Golden Pearl Cream Benefits:

Here are the benefits your skin can get when you use this beauty cream:

1. A Good Cream for skin? Yes!

One active ingredient of golden pearl cream is the whitenig arbutin which evens out the skin tone, lightens dark spots, and can help with the appearance of scars. Also, vitamin E and active sunscreen protection make it good for the skin.

It’s important to say that this change in skin condition is only temporary and you have to use it again and again to maintain the skin tone. This leads to different side effects as well.

2. Will it remove your Dark spots?

The golden pearl cream is perfect for all conditions. Allantoin helps in recovering dead skin cells. Furthermore, it softens and separates the hard skin layers which can help in nourishing the dark skin and dark spots.

3. Can it remove Acne Scars?

Some websites claim that it can clean pimples, wrinkles, marks, hives even dark circles under the eyes and It removes the prominent pimples, gloom, and other acne problems. Keeping your look youthful and radiant, This is one of the best budget creams you can get in Pakistan if you are ready for the side effects.

4. A Good Anti-aging Cream?

This cream contains Kojic acid, which is a chemical produced by different fungi. Kojic acid is known for reducing the aging spots and hence can have an anti-aging effect on the skin.

Golden Pearl Cream Uses:

The alluring golden pearl beauty cream can be used for all kinds of skin and in any condition. This cream can be quite effective when used as a night cream with vitamin e capsules.

It can be used to:

  • Fight acne and reduce pimples on the skin.
  • Reduce the itchiness and remove spots on the skin.
  • lighten the skin color.
  • Reduces melanin.
  • Remove dead skin cells.
  • Improve your skin’s elasticity and condition.
  • Restore instant glow to your face. (for a short period of time).
  • Protects the skin from Ultra Violet rays and sunburn.
  • Protect your skin against harmful environmental elements.

Golden Pearl Cream Uses in Urdu:

:گولڈن پرل کریم کے استعمال:
دلکش گولڈن پرل بیوٹی کریم ہر قسم کی جلد اور کسی بھی حالت میں استعمال کی جا سکتی ہے۔ 
وٹامن ای کیپسول کے ساتھ نائٹ کریم کے طور پر استعمال کرنے پر یہ کریم کافی موثر ثابت ہو سکتی ہے۔

اسے استعمال کیا جا سکتا ہے:
مہاسوں سے لڑیں اور جلد سے مہاسوں کو کم کریں۔
خارش کو کم کریں اور جلد کے دھبوں کو دور کریں۔
جلد کا رنگ ہلکا کریں.
میلانین کو کم کرتا ہے۔
مردہ جلد کے خلیات کو ہٹا دیں.
اپنی جلد کی لچک اور حالت کو بہتر بنائیں۔
اپنے چہرے کی فوری چمک بحال کریں۔ (تھوڑے وقت کے لیے)۔
جلد کو الٹرا وائلنٹ شعاعوں اور سنبرن سے بچاتا ہے۔
نقصان دہ ماحولیاتی عناصر سے اپنی جلد کی حفاظت کریں۔

Golden Pearl Cream Price in Pakistan:

The best price for golden pearl whitening beauty cream is PKR 300. Beware while ordering online because some of the online stores are charging a price of PKR 450+ for this beauty cream.

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Side Effects of Golden Pearl Cream:

Now that you know about the uses and benefits of Golden Pearl beauty cream, let’s talk about the side effects.

Recent Laboratory tests by the New Zealand Ministry of health confirmed the side effects of Golden Pearl beauty cream and warned its users across the country. The tests found that the product has traces of mercury which is dangerous for the skin. Mercury can cause irritability, and tingling in the hands, feet, or around the mouth.

Other than that they have also found traces of lead. Which is known to affect the gastrointestinal and nervous systems if absorbed into the skin. And you need to be more conscious if you bought a fake one as there are many in the market.

Some other side effects may include:

  • If you have sensitive skin, The golden pearl cream can fill your face with pimples rather than curing them. That is because of the chemical compounds like Ethyl and Propyl Paraben, which have more side effects than uses.
  • These parabens can also cause several different types of inflammations, cracks, skin burns, and develop rashes as well.
  • Since this cream contains mercury, Exposure to heat and sun can cause serious damage to the skin. Also, recurring use of this beauty cream can result in thinning the upper skin layer. This may lead to serious skin problems including dark spots in the long run.
  • The Golden pear Beauty cream has been to leaves extra oil on the skin and makes skin a little more oily. This leads to large open pores on the skin and those pores can be home to blackheads.
  • Another side effect of this cream is that when you stop using it, there is an increased chance of growth of useless hair on the skin. This can create hardships for you and can even cause you more money as you’ll look for hair removal options.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that the Golden Pearl beauty and whitening cream is a good and effective night cream on a tight budget. But since cheap things have cheap ingredients and hence have tons of side effects as well. It’s always recommended to look for the long-term effects of such cosmetics rather than the short-term benefits.

And now let’s have a look at some better and more elegant alternatives to the golden pearl beauty cream:

4 Best Alternatives That you can use instead of Golden Pearl Beauty Cream:

Now that you know about the side effects and other details about the golden pearl beauty cream, it’s time to talk about other beauty creams which are effective, have long-lasting effects, and have low side effects. Here are 4 such beauty creams for your elegant skin:

1. Dove Beauty Cream:

First we have the Dove beauty cream. Dove Nourishing Body Care Beauty Cream provides 24 hours of moisturization with no greasy feel. It deeply nourishes any dry or rough patches leaving your skin feeling healthy and moisturized.

Enriched with Nutrition, our unique dual-action moisturizing complex combines natural skin nutrients and essential oil goodness to nourish the deeper layers of skin while preventing moisture loss from the surface.

Take one with you wherever you go! Keep one in your bag, at work, or at home for on-the-go moisturization when you need it most.

Dove beauty cream 250ml price in Pakistan is PKR 850.

2. Pond’s Night Beauty Cream 

Ponds cream price in Pakistan:

The Price of Ponds beauty cream in Pakistan is PKR 800.

Since the Golden Pearl beauty cream is effective when used as a night cream, the Pond’s Night Beauty Cream is the best alternative to it. Widely known for its beauty properties, the Ponds beauty cream has a texture that blends well and has a non-oily and non-greasy finish. This cream supplies moisture to your skin so that your skin stays hydrated.

3. Bio aqua V7  Deep Hydration Face Cream:

Next, we have the toning light instant Deep Hydration Face Cream by Bio Aqua. This beauty cream has mild skin touch and is easily absorbed. The Bio aqua beauty cream has many vitamins which make the skin soft, tinder, and hydrated.

Bio Aqua Beauty Cream Price in Pakistan is PKR 730.

Here are other benefits of this cream:

  • It can reduce skin melanin, and brighten skin tone If used for a longer period of time.
  • It has high moisturizing and 100% pure collagen, which helps against wrinkles.
  • Help skin elasticity to tighten the skin, which may help you become younger than your actual age.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing, repairing skin, firming oil control, and shrinking pores make the skin white and beautiful.


4. Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

If you are looking for a quality and luxury skincare beauty cream, the Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream is the perfect option for you. Priced at PKR 1700, This cream Pampers your skin with an ultra-indulgent, nourishing cream that will reveal a smoother, more supple skin that you can’t keep your hands off.

  • Intensively nourishes hands and body to leave skin soft, supple, fragrant, and hydrated all-day
  • Milk is rich in moisturizing and conditioning vitamins, minerals, and proteins for soft, supple skin
  • Honey is a sugar-rich ingredient containing vitamins, minerals, and folic acid. Gently exfoliates, revitalizes, and locks in moisture for soft, supple, radiant skin.

So this was my thoughts and research on the Golden Pearl Beauty cream side effects and a list of the best beauty creams to buy in Pakistan. Do share and mention if I missed a few ones. Thanks and Stay Elegant!!

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