7 Benefits of Using LMS Portal for Grading School Students

We all know tests, exams and assignments are every student’s nightmare, but they might not know that the teacher’s nightmares are too. Yes, you read it right. Now, many of you might say how so? This is because of the number of hours teachers have to give for grading hundreds of copies. From facts checking to write feedback, teachers have to do this task for every copy while grading. However, as the educational world is changing and technology like LMS portals are being used for tasks like grading have become easy for teachers.

LMS Portal or Learning Management System is a web-based software which is used specifically to create online learning courses for students, distribute them digitally and track their learning progress. The tracking of learning progress involves how much students learned and it is done by marks scored by students in assignments and tests.

It’s at this tracking stage that the grading system of LMS helps the teachers grade students’ assignments and tests etc. In this article, you will get to know how LMS helps in grading students.

  • Keeps Things in One Place: Grading paper is not the only task, teachers need to keep all the answer sheets in place and document the marks. And suppose in-between this any answer sheet gets lost or all the documents are unorganized it creates more problems. To solve this problem LMS can be used, which keeps all the answer sheets & documents in one place. So whenever teachers need any document they can find it with a few simple clicks.


  • Automated Grading System: This is the biggest merit of using an online grading system, time and effort that teachers put in while grading papers offline, can be saved. The automated grading system of LMS grades all the assignments and tests of students automatically. It uses the answers already set in the system, matches them with the online answers submitted by the students, and then grades them according to their answers.


  • Unbiased Measurement: The sole purpose of taking exams and giving assignments to students is to check their actual knowledge and skills, and this task needs to be done without any bias. Yes, teachers aren’t biased, but sometimes while grading they may give their favorite or intelligent student the benefit of the doubt, even for his/her mistake; which they might not do for other students. This can affect the grading process and students’ performance and marks. That is why to maintain transparency and biased grading, the grading system of LMS can be used which marks all the students based on their answers submitted.


  • Multiple Grading Options: Writing long answers and lengthy assignments used to be the only way to measure students’ knowledge. However, with various online test formats, teachers can create exam tests in the form of quizzes, fill-ups, MCQs, and long and short-answer-type questions. This provides flexibility to teachers to measure students and introduce students to multiple ways to give exams. Some of these exam formats help in assessing students’ knowledge in lesser time, like MCQs and quizzes.


  • Give Personalized Assignments: No teacher wants any of their students to score less or get held back, however, such cases happen. In such cases, teachers have to take back papers for such students, and thus, this exam is only for a few special students; other students don’t need to see these. That is why teachers create personalized test papers for them and the LMS portal helps teachers to create these test papers and distribute them to only those students, who need to attempt back papers.


  • Personalized Feedback: Just deducting marks on the wrong answer is not the solution for improving students’ learning, providing feedback is crucial too. Writing offline feedback used to be time-consuming, but by using the feedback feature of LMS teachers can write personalized feedback in less time. This will not only save teachers time but will also help students improve themselves quickly.


  • Get Analytics Report: Teachers need to keep track of every growth and setback of students so that teachers can assist them. LMS Analytics Report helps them in this process, by providing insights into students’ learning, marks, course interaction etc.