Ehlers Danlos:  Biomagnetism Therapy And Alternative Methods For Treatment

Ehlers Danlos: Biomagnetism Therapy And Alternative Methods For Treatment

Ehlers danlos treatment is a form of rare genetic disorder. This affects the connective tissue, resulting in hypermobility and fragile skin. The traditional Ehlers danlos treatment focuses on stabilizing joints and managing other such symptoms.

Medications can alleviate joint pain and provide additional support to the body. However, these medications do pack a lot of power, which can bring other side effects with it. Alternative treatments can help patients deal with the painful symptoms with minimum side effects. 

Most of the alternative treatments for Ehler’s danlos are very gentle and calming. You Can easily couple them up with your everyday meds. Do you want to know about these alternative ehlers danlos treatment?

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Well, we can discuss them. First, let’s go through the symptoms of Ehlers danlos.

Symptoms of ehlers danlos disease 

The symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos are very painful. Getting treated at the right time can make a huge difference. Here are the symptoms-

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome can make the joint extend beyond its normal range of motion. This is called joint hypermobility.
  • EDS can make the connective tissue of the skin too elastic and fragile. So you bruise easily.
  • Chronic joint pain is one of the tell-tale symptoms of EDS. This is caused by the hypermobility of joints.
  • EDS can make you feel fatigued all the time. You also might have a hard time eating and digesting food.
  • In some EDS cases, patients suffer from cardiovascular issues such as valve problems, aneurysms, etc.
  • Weakening of the connective tissue can also affect your teeth and gums. So you face dental problems such as tooth loss, gum bleeding, etc.

The symptoms might vary from one patient to another. Do you want to know about ehlers danlos treatment procedures? Read on to know about it.

Traditional treatments for EDS

Traditional treatments for EDS mostly involve physical therapy to strengthen the muscles and joints. Painkillers are used to calm the pain due to the weakening of different organs in the body. Sadly, there is no such cure for EDS, as this is a genetic disease. The various traditional ehlers danlos treatment methods can only keep the symptoms at bay.

However, sometimes, these traditional treatments are not enough by themselves. Adding a little something to those methods can provide more relief to EDS patients. That little something is alternative treatment methods.

Alternative treatments can join hands with therapies and medicines for EDS. Are you curious about what alternative treatment options are there? Well let’s begin our discussion with a new magnet-based therapy in the market. Read on to know in more detail.

Biomagnetism Therapy for EDS symptoms

Biomagnetism Therapy is an alternative ehlers danlos treatment. The practitioner, with the help of an opposing pair of magnets, diagnose and treat various ailments. This therapy has shown some promising results in some EDS patients.

In EDS patients, Biomagnetism Therapist will first target the underlying magnetic imbalance of the body. The magnetic field created by the therapy magnets will interact with your body’s magnetic field. This will balance the latter. With better magnetic balance, your body will release more endorphins. So your joint pain, body aches, etc, will go away without painkillers.

This therapy also enhances your blood circulation. With better circulation, more nutrients will reach your muscles and tissues. This can help you with skin fragility and muscle inflammation. You can also improve your digestive capabilities with this therapy.

Biomagnetism Therapy will also balance the Ph level of the body. EDS can take the Ph level above 7( The average Ph balance). This makes the body acidic. An acidic body is the perfect breeding ground for infectious germs. This therapy will bring the pH level back to normal. So, the fragile body of EDS patients will be protected from infections.

Wondering what’s so special about Biomagnetism Therapy? Well, you can get all these benefits without any pain or medications.

Let’s talk about some more alternative treatment options apart from this. You can then make your choice.

More alternative treatments for EDS

There are more alternative ehlers danlos treatment methods that you can try. Here they are –

Mind and body techniques 

Different mind-body techniques, such as Yoga, meditation, etc, can help EDS patients manage pain. The gentle poses and stretching involved in this treatment can relax the joints and muscles. With better flexibility, your blood circulation will improve, strengthening your connective tissues. Body movement will also help you digest your food.


Some EDS patients may benefit from the consumption of supplements. Various supplements such as Vitamin C, Omega-3, etc can help with EDS symptoms. These supplements can boost collagen production to repair your skin. Omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties. So it will reduce your muscle aches and swelling.

Do remember that none of these alternative treatments are supposed to be used on their own. Coupling them with traditional EDS treatment can do wonders for your body.

Precautionary measures to be noted 

EDS can severely affect your overall well-being. So before trying any alternative treatment you do need to consult a medical expert. They can help you choose a good alternative method.

Biomagnetism Therapy is extremely safe and gentle in general. However, in people with implanted pacemakers and pregnant women, the magnets can harm the patient. This therapy needs to be practiced in hygienic conditions to avoid infections. 

Mind and body techniques can help with joint stiffness in EDS. However, without proper guidance, you can harm yourself. The routine needs to be tailored according to your bodily needs. Supplements and their effects on EDS do vary from person to person. While it might make a big difference for some, for others, it might not work at all. 

FAQs About Alternative Treatment Methods For EDS Management

Q1: Is Ehlers-Danlos syndrome treatable?

This is a genetic disorder in which your joints, connective tissue, and skin gets severely affected. No form of treatment can completely cure this disease. They only help patients manage the symptoms.

Q2: Can Biomagnetism help EDS patients?

Biomagnetism Therapy can help EDS patients by releasing natural painkilling hormones into the body and strengthening joints through boosted blood flow. This therapy is completely non-invasive and gentle.

Q3: Are supplements safe for EDS patients?

Supplements such as Omega-3, Vitamin C, etc, can help patients with EDS. However, the effects and results do vary from one person to the other. 

Get Treatment for Your Condition Today  

This article gave information about treatment options for ehlers danlos syndrome (EDS). EDS causes various symptoms that can be hard to live with.  

Talk to a health professional about treatments that can help your symptoms. Work with them to make a complete treatment plan. The right treatments can better control your EDS.

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