Get to Experience a London Nuru Massage

Get to Experience a London Nuru Massage

The best way to end your day? A soothing nuru massage. Book an appointment today! Nuru gel massage is a full-body nude massage to promote physical and emotional harmony, using the slippery and sensual sensations of a nuru gel. While in a state of complete relaxation, your body will be stimulated by gentle strokes, squeezes, and caressing movements by the woman who applies the gel. Nuru gel massage is great for reducing stress and tension in any part of your body, as well as softening skin.

A London Nuru Massage is a form of bodywork that uses a combination of massage and slippery body to create an intimate feeling between the client and the NURU masseuse. The goal is not just to relieve stress but also to connect you with yourself and your partner. Start with a foot soak, followed by a gentle body scrub and full-body massage. This relaxes the muscles, gets you ready for more intimate attention. Then the real fun begins: your Nuru massage specialist will glide their way across your body, using their own body as a tool of pleasure. This unique experience combines traditional NURU gel with the sensual & erotic benefits of a professional Swedish massage!

The experience of a nuru massage is like nothing else. As a professional, you can’t wait to share your gift with others. Nuru massage is the most sensual experience. The softness of the nuru gel will help you and your partner to glide together smoothly, with perfect rhythm and slow movements. You will feel like you’re floating in space! Nuru Massage is an erotic massage that involves a sensual, slippery body to body massage. The Nuru Massage is an exciting experience, in which the client has full control of the movement, frequency and pressure in order to maximize relaxation and pleasure.

A One of a Kind Massage

Nuru massage is a form of bodywork in which one partner massages the other, who is naked. The term nuru is derived from the Japanese word nurui, which means “slippery”. It is a very sensual, non-sexual massage practice that originated in Japan. This exciting new sensation involves getting totally naked and basically rubbing together like two pieces of wet silk. Nuru is a Japanese word that refers to an Asian body slide.  Nuru massages are performed in a bed with the masseuse using her entire body for sensual sliding and grinding, instead of simply using her hands and arms.

It is a Japanese erotic body-on-body massage. A naked person, usually a woman, lies on her stomach and is covered with a sheet of plastic, followed by a towel. The person giving the massage oils their body (usually while wearing special gloves), then eases the sheet and towel off their client. Do you want to experience the ultimate massage? Nuru Massage is a sensual full body-on-body massage. This erotic massage involves intimate and pleasurable body slides, using a variety of ingredients including tantric oils or silicone gel. It leaves skin feeling moisturized, rejuvenated and softer across all areas of your body.

The ultimate in Nuru massage, this 2 hour session will give you the full nuru experience. Tickling and teasing, followed by a sensual Nuru massage with lots of fun! Nuru massage is the ultimate in sensual, erotic body-to-body pleasure. With a combination of massage and gel, there’s no better way to get you closer than this! Nuru massage is a new sexual experience that combines slick massage strokes with erotic female nudity. A candlelit table heightens the mood as you and your partner slide into the warm, silky NURU gel, slippery body to body.

One Massage Session Will Never Be Enough

Experience a mind-blowing massage like nothing else you have ever known …  NURU MASSAGE is the most sensual, erotic and exciting way to experience erotic body to body contact. It is a true sensual experience. The masseuse will glide their body across yours and the combination of their silky smooth skin and massage oil provides a slippery sliding sensation that you have to feel to believe! It is a sensual, full body massage that uses an exotic blend of organic body glide and the nuru gel to bring you the ultimate in pleasure.

Nuru massage is a full body massage technique that uses warm, slippery nuru gel to glide bodies together. The aim of the massage is to give you an unforgettable experience and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Add spice to your life with a Nuru Massage! Apply lotion to the client, who will lay naked on the masseuse. The masseuse will glide their body across the client, which provides an incredible feeling of sensuality and pleasure.

Enjoy a nuru massage, also known as body slide or slippery massage. The nuru gel is safe, non-staining and easy to wash off. Experience the most sensual and erotic form of massage. A masseuse will glide their body against yours, communicating through touch – as you bask in each moment of pleasure. Nuru massage is a Japanese body to body massage technique using wet slippery gel. It is a sensual and erotic full body massage that begins with the client laid fully clothed on a massage table.

Getting Your Body Relaxed and Satisfied

Nuru is a Japanese word for slippery. Nuru massage is where the masseuse uses their body and a lubricating gel to give you a sensual full-body massage experience that will leave you naked, aroused and completely satisfied. It is a sensual massage that uses a water-based lubricant to create a slippery, gliding massage that allows the masseuse to move smoothly. It can be used on your whole body, but is often focused on those areas of the body that respond most easily to touch and pressure, such as the neck and shoulders, lower back and thighs.

It is a sensual experience involving the use of body slides and oils. The masseuse uses their own body. Nuru Massage has gained popularity but has not been widely accepted as a form of massage therapy; it is considered a novelty or entertainment. Nuru mud massage is a combination of ancient Asian massage techniques and the sensual properties of a special body lubricant known as nuru. Nuru is obtained from a plant in Japan, which when applied to the body creates a unique sensation that tingles, slightly numbs and then heats up. The masseuse will begin her journey with the client by performing a thorough full body scrub to exfoliate your skin and remove any dead cells. After this you will be covered in the beautiful white glow of Nuru before fully enjoying the massage.