Patient Verification – Measure to Enhance Medical Care Services

The healthcare sector is making efforts for transforming its operations and bringing convenience to patients’ disposal. While bringing in advancements such as virtual check-ups, online consultancy appointments, and telehealth, medicare service providers are encountering various challenges. Ranging from medical identity theft, false insurance claims, and prescription fraud to data breaches, healthcare sector is becoming a prime attraction for fraudsters. 


With over 4400 data breaches during the last few years, medical centers need to take precautionary measures for securing their online operations. The AI-powered Know Your Patient (KYP) services provide real-time identification that aids in drawing a line between imposters and legit entities. The blog covers ways digital identification solutions help healthcare sector combat fraud and enhance online medical assistance.   

Digital Identifying Patient Solutions – Strengthening Healthcare Sector’s Operations

In the fastly evolving era, healthcare sector is falling victim to numerous threats such as transaction fraud, medical identity theft, illegitimately applying for benefits, and false insurance claims. In the struggle to provide easy and secure assistance, medical care centers need to employ patient verification solutions. The AI-powered services identify imposters in real-time that mitigate the chances of legit individuals losing their rights. 


Therefore, healthcare sector requires robust solutions to better perform know your patient checks and stay put with global regulations. As per guidelines by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), it is a legal obligation for healthcare services providers to perform patient identity verification prior to their digital onboarding.


Moving on, the AI-powered patient verification solutions provide robust services such as cross-match against global medical records and real-time identification. This way healthcare sector can identify individuals belonging to any region. The digital verification solutions further provide the following benefits:


  • Remote patient verification and onboarding
  • Makes access to telemedicine easier
  • Ensure data privacy 
  • Minimizes the need for physical visits
  • Upholds sector’s reputation
  • Eliminate chances of inaccuracies and discrepancies
  • Restricts minors’ access
  • ID verification for pharmacies to combat prescription fraud

Real-Time Verification

Where innovations within healthcare sector are burning convenience for both patients and service providers, it is also increasing the risks of medical scams. Criminals use fake or stolen information to apply for insurance, buy medicines online, or pay for expensive treatments. This puts the data privacy of legit entities at stake. 


To overcome risks of fraud, regulatory bodies are mandating medical care providers to verify patient identity prior to providing any assistance. Similarly, in case of virtual check-ups, AI-powered solutions help doctors identify imposters by employing liveness detection checks. Moreover, identifying patient solutions provides extra accuracy by employing checks like facial features verification.

Validation of Documents 

Fraudsters use forged medical documents to apply for expensive treatments and other such benefits. With technologically advanced tools at their disposal imposters can easily bypass patient verification checks. Furthermore, they travel across different regions to hide their identities and avail health benefits. The lack of adequate know your patient checks further creates room for fraudsters. 


Hence, medicare service providers need to integrate efficient verification solutions to access global medical records and identify fraudsters in real-time. The AI-powered ID verification for pharmacies and medical care centers uses OCR to automatically extract required information from documents which eliminates the chances of inaccurate entries.

Automated Identification Checks 

Employing technologically advanced tools for patient verification is another advantage of IDV solutions. By using automated checks and instant dispatching of results, online services are readily replacing manual identification methods. Ultimately, the healthcare sector can ensure convenience without compromising the security of legit patients. 


Moving on, online solutions enable medicare service providers to cross-verify patients across global databases while consuming less time. With improved patient identity verification checks in place, the healthcare sector can better combat medical scams.

Patient’s Age Checks

AI-powered solutions also provide patient age verification which drives accuracy and security in pharmacies’ operations. With digitization taking over, stores are assisting patients online by delivering medicines to their homes. However, underaged buyers are exploiting these services to buy age-restricted drugs. 


Similarly, fraudsters perform prescription fraud to buy expensive medicines by using payment methods of some other patients. Hence, the healthcare sector and its subsidiaries require robust patient verification solutions to fight all types of scams.

Concluding Remarks

Since the advent of telemedicine, the cases of healthcare fraud are alarmingly increasing. This calls for medicare services providers to build efficient and hard-to-dodge know your patient mechanisms. In order to fight cybercriminals and real-world imposters, AI-powered services are providing robust, easy-to-integrate, cost-effective, and less time-consuming solutions. 


Ultimately, medical centers can identify patients by validating their records and cross-matching them within global databases. Digital solutions further leverage instant results while eliminating chances of inaccuracies. This makes online patient verification a liability for the healthcare sector.