Vaping Weed is the Only Way to Go

Are you ready to try a new way to smoke weed? Why not? Your friends are probably vaping now and you can too. You won’t be alone either. Many people have made the switch.

We still can’t say how safe vaping is, but most people say it’s better than smoking. Buy a vape from and give it a try. Read more to learn why you should if you still aren’t convinced.

A Healthier Way to Enjoy Weed

The biggest potential benefit is that it may be way healthier than smoking joints or bowls. When you smoke, you’re combusting the plant matter and inhaling all sorts of crappy byproducts like tar, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens that can jack up your lungs over time. With vaping, you’re just heating the weed or cannabis concentrates enough to vaporize the good stuff like THC and CBD without catching the plant on fire. That means you’re not pulling all that harsh, toxic smoke into your lungs, and they will thank you for that.

Better Control

Another cool upside is being able to majorly control your dosing and experience. Every joint is different. You never know how much weed you’re going to get. With a quality vape, especially the ones where you can adjust the temperature, it’s easy to tweak your vapor to custom fit whether you want a mellow buzz or to get super faded. Vaping is also pretty dope for discretion since the vapor dissipates way faster than smelly smoke. You’ll be able to vape weed in places where you could never get away with smoking it.

Vapes are Convenient

Then there’s the convenience factor. Good vapes let you burn both dry herbs or concentrates like wax or shatter. You can easily load up exactly how much you want without rolling joints and dealing with trashed stems and shakes. Why waste time doing that when you could be enjoying the weed instead? Since lots of vapes are tiny and portable, it makes vaping a nice grab-and-go option when you’re on the move. Nobody will even know you have it unless you show them.

Medical Marijuana

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, vaping could be an excellent way to dose and medicate without smoking harsh smoke. Some research suggests vaping allows more of the helpful cannabinoids to hit your system efficiently, so you may be able to pull symptom relief from lower doses. The discreteness is clutch too if you need to medicate low-key in public. Grab a vape if you want a long-lasting high that is more potent. What a relief as your symptoms back off.

Vaping Risks

Now vaping still has some risks we can’t fully shrug off yet. Inhaling any sort of hot vapor could potentially do a number on your lungs long-term. We don’t have complete data on whether sketchy contaminants could potentially get vaporized from certain cannabis extracts or vape oils like propylene glycol. You’ll def want to stick to legit, tested products. You don’t want to be like those kids who buy weed off the street, vaped it, and got sick!

All in all, if you’re going to consume anyway, vaping seems like a pretty dope way to cut down on combusting harsh smoke. You get solid dosage control, discretion, convenience, and potentially lower health risks compared to traditional smoking methods. Just be chill about it and do your research on quality vapes and clean products from trusted sources.