Things to Do with Kids in Haridwar

Things to Do with Kids in Haridwar

Haridwar is a destination of beauty, culture and exciting experiences. The best thing about the city is that it offers something unique and special for travellers from all walks of life. Whether travelling with your friends or family, you can always find interesting things to do here. 

However, if you are travelling with kids, it becomes a tricky part to find something that entertains them throughout the vacation. Thats is why this guide is all that you need for your next trip to Haridwar with little ones! It is time to play the role of a guide to explain the beauty of Haridwar city and broaden their horizons with these experiences.

5 Amazing Things to Do with Kids in Haridwar are – 

  1. Attend the Ganga Aarti

Kids definitely love to explore different places. If you are in Haridwar, you definitely have to take these little munchkins to attend the sacred aarti of river Ganga. It gives them an opportunity to understand how India respects different forms of nature along with its cultural significance. 

It also allows them to understand a lot about rituals, traditions and how the country takes pride in all of it! As they understand mythologies and stories, know that you’re doing the right thing by offering unbelievable experiences. It helps them develop respect towards nature. 

  1. Visit Rajaji National Park 

Haridwar surprises you in various ways and it is not just limited to religious places. Your kids can be fascinated by even the little things of life. So, it is time to make them witness wildlife just how they have seen in their story books. Rajaji National Park is one of the best places where kids would love to explore the thick green forests, learn about different flowers and watch exotic animals.

Such an experience also helps little ones understand how elephants are friendly creatures and tigers are strong in nature. Apart from this, you can always carry binoculars and give children the much awaited chance to watch migratory and different coloured birds thereby broadening their intellect. It is best to look for affordable Haridwar hotels nearby for a comfortable stamp after the crazy jungle safari.

  1. Plan a Picnic at Swami Vivekananda Park 

During your holidays to Haridwar, make sure that you take some time to observe nature and soak in the tranquility of the park. Swami Vivekananda Park is a top-rated top tourist destination which attracts travellers of all age groups. There is a divine Statue of Swami Vivekananda and even Lord Shiva offering great backgrounds for photography. 

It is very easy to look for luxurious Haridwar hotels with a common kitchen to prepare your meals and then enjoy in the park. The park also has jogging pathways and a kid’s play so the job of entertaining them is not your responsibility for the day! Additionally, it offers an excellent opportunity to connect with the other kids, make new friends and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset.

  1. Watch Exotic Animals at Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary 

Imagine the thrill of watching the Ganga river and Himalayas right from one wildlife sanctuary. The Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary is located a few kilometres away from the main city of Haridwar. It is one of the best kid friendly places where your munchkins would love to watch tigers, small cats and giant elephants. The other animals that attract tourists include deer, sambars and wild boars. 

Along with this, you can teach kids a lot about migration of birds and different exotic birds that survive only in specific conditions. It has unique species of birds including hornbill, falcon, quail and hawk. Interestingly, the sanctuary also  offers fun elephant rides so kids are sure to love the butterflies in the stomach as elephant walks. 

  1. Have Fun at Crystal World

Know a place which includes gaming and endless physical exertion? Because that is where kids love to be! Crystal World in Haridwar is your go-to destination when travelling with children. Built with colourful structures, this amusement park has many rides and thrilling activities for younglings. For all your cravings, it has a great food court inside the premises.

It just doesn’t end here. The amusement park also has a waterpark with a special pool for kids. Some of the adventurous water rides include 60ft Madness Tower and Aqua Dive. Moreover, there are so many spots of photography with blooming nature and water fountains in the background. To add to the thrilling experience, the park has 2 different museums where kids can learn about celebrities and art forms respectively. 

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As children witness, question and learn many new things, make sure to turn their imaginations into the feeling of endless knowledge and exploration. That is exactly how you allow them to think of travel as a beautiful experience filled with moments of joy!


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