Padel and Tennis

The Role of Court Surroundings in Padel and Tennis

When it comes to playing padel or tennis, the court surroundings can have a significant impact on the game. The surroundings include everything from the type of fencing or walls surrounding the court to the spectator seating and facilities available. In this article, we’ll explore the different aspects of court surroundings and how they can affect the game.spanish padel academy understand the role of court surroundings in padel and tennis book padel tennis and visit us.

Fencing or Walls

The most important aspect of court surroundings is the fencing or walls that surround the court. In padel, the walls are an integral part of the game as the ball can be played off them, making for some exciting rallies. The walls should be made of a hard material that allows the ball to rebound well, such as concrete or wood. They should also be high enough to prevent the ball from going over them.

In tennis, the fencing around the court is mostly for safety and to keep the ball within the playing area. The fencing should be high enough to prevent the ball from going over, and the material should be durable enough to withstand repeated impacts from tennis balls.

Spectator Seating

The seating available for spectators is an important part of the court surroundings. In both padel and tennis, spectators need a clear view of the court to fully appreciate the game. The seating should be comfortable and ideally positioned to provide an unobstructed view of the court. It’s also important to provide sufficient seating for the number of people expected to attend.


The facilities available at the court can also have an impact on the game. In padel, players may require access to a shower or changing room, especially if they’re playing in a tournament. In tennis, players may require access to a practice court, hitting wall or ball machine to warm up before a match. It’s also important to provide toilets and drinking water facilities for players and spectators.

Weather Protection

Weather protection is another important aspect of court surroundings. In areas with hot sun, shade structures or covered seating can provide relief for spectators and players. In areas with frequent rain, a covered court or an indoor facility can ensure that games aren’t disrupted due to inclement weather.


The surroundings of a padel or tennis court can have a significant impact on the game. Fencing or walls that allow for the ball to rebound well are crucial for padel, while fencing that ensures the ball remains within the playing area is important for tennis. Comfortable seating with an unobstructed view, adequate facilities and weather protection are also important considerations when designing court surroundings. By taking these factors into account, the court surroundings can help enhance the playing experience for players and spectators alike.