Troubleshooting Your Device – Things to Remember When You Experience Certain Issues

You just got your first vape device from the vape shop recently, and now you’re having issues with it, what do you do?

This article will attempt to answer that question for you by explaining the top issues you can fix. 

Read on to find out how to care for your battery, coils, power level, and e-juice.

Power and battery issues

One of the most important parts of your vape device is the battery, without it your device will not work. 

If you find that your device is not powering up, your first thing to check should be that you are doing it properly. 

Some devices have a safety feature, which requires you to quickly press the draw or fire button a certain amount of times to turn it on — around 3 to 5 times is normal. 

If this is not the problem, ensure you are charging it properly, that all the connections are secure, and your charge port is clean. 

Make sure the cable you are using to charge your device is the proper type — using the one that came with your device is recommended.

Problems drawing 

If the device is powered on, has a good charge, and still is not allowing you to draw, ensure that you are drawing correctly.

Most devices need to have the draw or fire button held as you draw for 3-5 seconds.

Check all the connections to your tank or pod, and the rest of your device.

Are the connection pins on the bottom of your tank or pod dirty, broken, or sunk in?

You can also check the coils or atomiser to ensure they have not gone bad and are placed in the device properly. 

Smells, taste, and vape juice issues

Over time, you may notice leaking, spitting, gurgling, clogged or thick e-juice, or a burnt taste and smell. 

If you notice any of these issues, first ensure your tank or pod is not overfilled or almost empty.

Also check the coils to ensure they have not worn out, flooded, or gotten damaged. 

If these are not the issue, you should check your tank for defects or cracks. 

Check the VG and PG ratio of your e-juice to ensure it is appropriate for your device’s coils, and also ensure the e-juice hasn’t thickened up or thinned out. 

You can also ensure your O-rings are not damaged and turn up the wattage on your device. 

Vaping is a lot cheaper and healthier for you than smoking cigarettes, even with the frequent purchase of vape juice, batteries, and coils. 

Batteries can be internal or external.

Keep internal batteries charged for optimum performance, and replace external ones frequently — don’t allow your device to get too close to dying. 

When it comes to coil care, you will know it’s time to replace it if you smell or taste a burnt sensation when you draw on your device. 

Coils and vape juice should be replaced weekly to prevent damage. 

To save yourself time and money, stock up on batteries and coils the next time you visit your local vape shop.