facial skin for spring

Prepare your facial skin for spring

In winter, the skin is exposed to constant negative influences, which is detrimental not only to the appearance but also to the general condition. Therefore, closer to spring, a complex of anti-stress procedures is necessary, which will allow for achieving maximum recovery. Today, cosmetologists recommend using dermal fillers, and also give important recommendations on how to properly prepare the skin of the face for spring!

Skin problems after winter

We recommend paying attention to skin problems that appear during the winter period. Their cause is directly the cold, gusts of wind, and the complex effect of frost and wind, when the skin of the face practically burns. Also, sudden changes in temperature when you enter a warm room from the cold and quickly leave it. The lack of vitamins in the body must be included in this list, but also standard irritants, including improper nutrition, bad habits, stress at home and at work, lack of sleep, and others.

  • Dry skin is one of the classic problems. The negative impact of a whole set of irritants leads to dryness and accompanying symptoms, including itching, peeling, and even microcracks;
  • Loss of tone – color, elasticity, as well as general personal sensations in this case is not the best. And the problem speaks of a lack of moisture and oxygen and poor blood circulation. Irritation, swelling, and even allergic reactions may occur when you try to quickly put your skin in order before spring;
  • Peeling of the skin is a standard spring reaction, which is caused by a change in temperature and humidity, an increase in the amount of sunlight in the first warm days, and vitamin deficiency. A rather unpleasant symptom that can mean not only a cold allergy or a seasonal reaction but also a more serious problem!

Please note that all the previously mentioned negatives affect not only the skin of the face, but also the skin of the hands, and most importantly, your hair. If you notice sudden changes in their condition, increased fragility, and hair loss, we recommend that you also make an appointment with a trichologist!

Diagnosis of problems

It is very difficult to determine on your own why the skin of the face peels and itches, turns red, or becomes flabby. Maybe it’s an allergy to food or cosmetics, or medicines. And, probably, a long stay in the sun during the last walk outside. It can be a classic spring reaction, or an exacerbation of chronic diseases, which thus make themselves felt once again!

Therefore, you should not immediately run to the pharmacy or order cosmetics in online stores. It is far from a fact that the creams, gels, balms, and scrubs you have chosen, as well as medicinal products, will be beneficial. To solve any problem, it is necessary to understand what it is and to treat not the symptoms, but the disease itself. Therefore, in this period, it is necessary to visit a cosmetologist, as well as a dermatologist and other specialized specialists, if necessary, to diagnose the skin!

Spring cosmetology: facial skin preparation procedures

As a result of the first trip to the clinic, you will be able to establish the causes of unpleasant symptoms that appear on the skin of the face. More often than not, these are precisely the cosmetology problems that we can solve quickly!

  • Peeling is a classic procedure for removing keratinized skin in gentle ways using special means;
  • Ultrasonic face cleaning – a professional hardware procedure for removing dead cells and deep cleaning of pores with stimulation of collagen production;
  • Biorevitalization – a contour plastic procedure for high-quality restoration and rejuvenation of the skin by injecting hyaluronic acid;
  • Biostimulation with microcurrents – preventive and restorative measures to relieve puffiness, fight skin laxity and fine wrinkles, as well as dark circles under the eyes;
  • Classic facial massage to restore the natural color and elasticity of the skin, stabilize blood flow and microcirculation processes!

Self-care is always very important! So stay beautiful and healthy at any time of the year!