Royal Mirage Perfume Price in Pakistan: Details and Best Alternatives

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A man’s appearance is characterized by his attire sense. Impeccable dress, whether casual or formal, is the most important factor to make you look irresistible. Make your choices of color and fabrics speak for yourself. Make sure your accessories match your personal style.

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Royal Mirage Perfume Price in Pakistan:

Royal Mirage is an Indian perfume brand launched in the autumn of 1980 by the owner Mahender M. Sabhnani. After the initial launch of the famous Royal Mirage Original fragrance, the company quickly established its position as the market leader.

 With a reputation for ingenuity research, quality, and innovation and innovation, the company has introduced numerous products in the past three decades. The brand was initially acknowledged by just four popular fragrances within the Royal Mirage brand, Namely Classic, Original II, Night and Sport.

Now a days the company is located in SOYESST , NEW YORK. The Price of Royal Mirage Perfume for men varies from PKR 1200-2000 depending on the Size, Quality and Website you are buying from.

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List of Royal Mirage Perfumes available in Pakistan:

Over the years, The Royal Mirage Perfumes has launched different fragrances for men and women with the brand name of Royal Mirage. These include The Classic, Bold, Club and Floral Scents. Here is a list of some the best Royal Mirage Perfumes available in Pakistan:

  • Romantic Perfume: Royal Mirage Night Perfume
  • Best Oud: Royal Mirage Just Oud
  • Royal Mirage Club 77 Perfume
  • Royal Mirage II Perfume
  • Best Perfume for Women: Royal Mirage Jasmine Perfume
  • Royal Mirage Sport Perfume
  • Royal Mirage Platinum Perfume
  • Classic Scent: Royal Mirage Gold Perfume
  • Royal Mirage Original Perfume

Royal Mirage Perfume Price in Pakistan:

Let get in to the Details and Price of the Different Royal Mirage Perfumes in Pakistan:

Royal Mirage: Night Perfume

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Royal Mirage Price in Pakistan

A classic unisex scent. Nightfall’s essence is captured in a captivating mix of night rose, seductive iris and delicate jasmine infused with exquisite sandalwood and whispers of sweet musky.

Top Notes:  Floral, Soft Greens

Middle Notes: Jasmine ,Rose, Carnation, Iris, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood

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Royal Mirage: Just Oud (For her)

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Royal Mirage Just Oud Price in Pakistan

Royal Mirage Just Oud, a fresh and vibrant scent that is care-free and energetic. This scent is a blend of bright scents of citrus like orange mandarin and bergamot , with the warm sun of mimosa as well as sweet magnolia. The drydown is full of thin woods that provide the texture and add a freshness.

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Royal Mirage: Pure Oud (for Him)

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Just Oud for him

The Pure Oud is a Sweet and Vibrant Scent by Royal Mirage for Men. 

The Top Notes include Orange Mandarin and Bergamot with Middle notes of Mimosa, Rose and Sandalwood. 

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Royal Mirage: Club 77 for Men

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Royal Mirage club 77 Price in pakistan

Type: Eua de Parfum

The Royal Mirage Club fragrance are sure to make a long lasting impression. The masculine essence is revealed in an herbaceous top , blending fresh basil, anise, and lemon zest to create an ethereal floral scent of exotic jasmine, ylang-ylang and spicy Geranium. The earthy and fresh oakmoss blended with subtle hints the vetiver adds a touch of excitement and vibrancy.

Best Perfume for Parties.

Top: Anise, Basil, Lemon, Lavender
Middle: Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood
Base: Oakmoss, Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Patchouli

Royal Mirage II Perfume for men

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Type: Eua de toilette

Royal Mirage II

A truly Elegant Perfume for men but with a  very nice and sensual scent.

Top notes of Floral, Orange with Sweet middle Notes of Jasmine, Rose, Honey and Amber, Musk, Leather, Sandalwood at base, This Perfume is Smooth, long lasting and Perhaps the Best of the Lot!! 

Best Perfume for Casual Use. 


Royal Mirage: Jasmine Perfume for Her.

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Type: Eua de Toilette

Royal Mirage- Jasmine

The freshness of flowers and the feminine sensuality. The Royal Mirage Florals are enticing and exciting but also traditional and sophisticated. Awe-inspiring and fragrant. 

Grapefruit’s uplifting aroma and crisp green apple add the freshness of a bouquet of jasmine sambac as top notes.Middle notes include rose along with fresh muguet. Jasmine Absolute notes in the base create lasting impressions.

Best Perfume for Elegant Ladies

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Royal Mirage Perfume: The Classic Series

Royal Mirage: Sports perfume for men

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Royal Mirage Sports

A truly classic, unisex fragrance. Invigorating bergamot mingles with a leafy green accord to energize middle notes of iris, tuberose and dewy muguet. A dry down of warming amber, cedar wood and musk adds tenacity. 

Best Perfume for Athletes and Sportsmen. 

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Royal Mirage: Platinum perfume for men

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Royal Mirage- Platinum

A truly classic, unisex fragrance. Succulent peach and exotic plum drizzled in golden nectar blend with hints of fragrant jasmine and orange flower resting on a base of cedar wood accented with vanilla and warm musk.

Best Perfume for CEOs and Managers 

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Royal Mirage: Gold perfume for men

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Royal Mirage- Gold

Unisex and classic scent. Elegant and distinct. A heart of violet and lavender leaves, seasoned with a touch of black pepper. The leaves are bathed in a rush of citrus mango and orange. Vanilla notes at the bottom swirled in the golden amber and rich leather enhance the complexity and sophistication of.

Best Perfume for Casual Use. 

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4 Best Alternatives to the Royal Mirage Perfume in Pakistan:

1. Denim Gold Eau de Toilette For Men

Gold by Denim perfume price is PKR 2300 in Pakistan.

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Gold comes from Denim it’s fresh and top notes that has the freshness of bergamot, lavender as well as green accents.

The heart is decorated with contemporary fashion and includes the finest fougere patchouli and water flowers. The primary note is delicate and subtle vanilla notes as well as musk and cedar. 

Tested dermatologically. This Perfume is a little bit expensive than the Royal Mirage but it’s the best alternative to the Royal Mirage Gold.

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2. Shalis Perfume by Remy Marquis

Best Price in Pakistan: PKR 2500

Shalis Perfume price in Pakistan

Another Expensive but Luxury Perfume as an alternative to the Royal Mirage Perfume is the Shalis Perfume. This Sweet scented fragrance is priced at PKR 2500.

This perfume has been around in the industry for about 23 years now and is considered one of the best. Top notes are GrapefruitApple, and Mandarin Orange; middle notes are Basil and Lavender; base notes are Sandalwood, Nutmeg, and Oakmoss.

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3. Original Rasasi Chastity Perfume for Men Price in Pakistan

The Original Rasasi Chastity for Men is another Luxury Perfume for men. This Perfume is available in Pakistan at PKR 2300.

Chastity Men by Rasasi is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. Top notes are Tangerine and Lime; middle note is Pepper; base notes are Patchouli and Musk. The masculine fragrance is suitable for modern man’s daily wear and also a good choice during warm weather.

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4. Oriflame GIORDANI MAN Price in Pakistan:

Price= PKR 5200

Last but not the Least, We have the Swiss Brand Oriflame Giordani Man. Truly a class apart, This luxury perfume is one of my Favorites. Giordani Gold Man by Oriflame is an Woody Floral Musk fragrance for males. Giordani Gold Man was introduced in the year 2016.

 The scent’s designer is Nathalie Feisthauer. The top notes include Black Pepper, Cardamom, Mandarin Orange, Italian Lemon and Petitgrain Paraguay Middle notes include Absinthe, Jasmine and Neroli and the base notes include Haitian Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, and Musk.

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Final Words:

Royal Mirage perfume is loved by many in Pakistan and India. These perfumes has sweet scents and the Price is Fair looking at the quality. I have picked up these Perfumes according to my choice.

If you buy one form any of the links given in the blog, I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also it is always recommended to do your research before buying and your difference of opinion is appreciated as it helps me Grow. Thanks.

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