5 Pieces of Modern Decor to Add to Your Home ASAP

5 Pieces of Modern Decor to Add to Your Home ASAP

It’s funny how modern and contemporary can mean the same thing but refer to two distinct interior design styles.

If you’re going for modern decor, it’s critical to know the difference between the two.

You may look at the contemporary style as ongoing and lacking definite boundaries. The reason for that is that what’s considered contemporary is subject to changes over time. 

So, contemporary design is basically what’s trendy at the moment.

The modern style is reflective of a specific era. It’s a 20th-century design style with industrial elements but heavily influenced by Scandinavian architecture, characterized by bright, open, and minimalist spaces.

While the modern decor was always about simplicity and functionality, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in elements of other styles. If you stay away from fussy and unnecessary adornments, you can carve out a modern space unique to you.

Let’s look at some decor pieces you can add to your home now to give it a modern atmosphere. If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury and style to your home decor, be sure to visit nauradika.com. With an extensive collection of high-end decor items, you’ll find everything you need to transform your space into a sophisticated and inviting oasis.

1.Natural Wood

One of the key aspects of modern design is the use of materials in their simplest or natural forms. It’s an idea borrowed from the Scandinavian decor style that emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. 

Modern design often uses natural wood to highlight functionality rather than stylish detail.

The lack of embellishments doesn’t take away from the beauty of the modern design because the bareness is deliberate. Use natural wood for your larger pieces, like furniture. Sofas, beds, and cabinets are large pieces you can use to set the tone once you keep the wood natural.

2.Wall Art

The modern style encourages having items that serve a meaningful purpose rather than gratification. 

That said, the style recognizes the value of decorations in creating warmth and making a space attractive while still maintaining function over form. 

Wall art is one of the features that modern decor embraces to create a limited but undeniable presence of adornment. The result is an uncluttered space that has depth.

The ideal artwork for a modern home serves the purpose of art without being fussy. A plain mirror or sunburst in industrial colors makes great wall art for a modern home.

3.Subdued Rugs

A modern home is not devoid of the bare essentials, and in our times, an area rug is a bare essential. It’s one of the pieces that grounds, creates balance, and highlights the essence of your style.

Since rugs are not necessarily luxury or fluff, they fit right in with the modern decor. 

However, you’ll need to be particular with the rug you choose. Rugs that look subdued with fewer patterns and muted colors are best. You’ll always get it right with a single-colored rug like plain white, black, or gray.

While the use of patterned rugs in modern decor isn’t that popular, it’s not uncommon. How well you pair the rug with other pieces is what matters.

If you’d love to work with patterns, Lawrence of La Brea discusses how you can match patterned rugs in modern decor.

4.Plain Fabrics

The modern style revels in the ability to remain plain and beautiful. It’s a belief that there can be substance even in the absence of materialism. 

Plain fabrics represent this idea, creating a look that’s both functional and appealing and managing to achieve both purposes without the need to capture interest through embellishments.

When choosing fabrics, stick to a monochromatic and neutral color scheme for a cohesive look that evokes calmness rather than screaming out.

Plain white, grays, and chrome are perfect for a muted color scheme, which exemplifies the modern style.


Indoor plants are versatile accents that are never out of place, regardless of the interior design style you’re using. There’s always a houseplant that would blend and enhance your space.

From traditional styles to contemporary and everything in between, the use of plants always seems to work in favor of your decor. 

The modern style needs a dash of green to emphasize the vibe of being in tune with nature.

For your minimalist modern decor, bring in a large plant, preferably a tree. It may seem counterintuitive since you’re going for minimal detail, but that’s why a large plant is ideal.

With a large plant, you can emphasize a specific area in your space without resorting to other accents.

Final Thoughts

The modern style rose in response to styles that relied on plush and materialism to capture attention. A modern home focuses on working with only necessary pieces to create a desirable space. If these are your ideals, this post will come in handy when selecting items for your home.