6 Common Errors in Online Jewelry Shopping and How to Avoid Them

Are you interested in purchasing jewelry online but are concerned about making an error in your selection? After all, while you can touch and feel an item at a brick-and-mortar shop, you’re only using data when shopping online.

In truth, you can make wonderful purchases online. With the help of virtual shopping tips, you can improve the way you purchase the item you want.

Want to learn more? Then read on. This is the guide you need to shop in confidence and avoid errors in online jewelry shopping.

1. Ordering the Wrong Size

Ordering the wrong size is a standard error when considering an online jewelry store. This can be easily avoided by paying attention to the sizing information provided. Refer to the sizing charts for each product. Also ensure that the jewelry you are ordering comes in the desired length or diameter, since this can also affect the fit.

2. Lack of Communication With the Seller

A lack of communication with the seller about the transaction is a mistake you should watch out for. You should ask questions prior to committing to a purchase. It is wise to contact the seller directly with questions or any other concerns so if there are any unanswered questions or concerns, you can contact customer service to speak with a representative to get the answers they need.

3. Cheap Materials

A major obvious mistake is to purchase cheap materials or products from a seller. To ensure that you are getting the quality jewelry you deserve, always purchase jewelry from reputable platforms and sources.

Never purchase jewelry from a private individual or a site that is not safe or secure. Always ask for an appraisal for the item, especially if it is a valuable piece.

4. Neglecting to Read Online Customer Reviews

When shopping for jewelry online, it’s easy to neglect the importance of reading reviews as the most common error. So, it is important to check the photos posted in reviews and with the seller for accuracy and color. Often, the photos posted online don’t accurately represent what is being sold. Comparing photos from different sources can help you ensure the item will look like what you think it will

5. Forgot to Check the Return Policy

A common mistake is forgetting to ask about a return policy. This can be a critical error as if you can’t return a piece of jewelry, you’re stuck with it even if you don’t like it.

To prevent this, find a store with a decent return policy, and it’s essential to save the return policy in a secure place. If you’re interested in buying cremation jewelry, take advantage of a 30-day return policy provided by Urns.com’s online store.

6. Not Using Secure Payment Methods

Not using secure payment methods is a common error in online jewelry shopping. For your safety, use a payment gateway that encrypts your personal information. Use a credit card instead of a debit card when purchasing jewelry online as it gives you extra rights to dispute charges if needed. 

Watch Out for These Errors in Online Jewelry Shopping

Buying jewelry can be a wonderful and convenient experience, yet, it pays to be alert to possible errors in online jewelry shopping. Be sure to read the fine print, confirm the return policy, know the basics of gemstone grading, and shop from reliable sources.

If you’re careful, the perfect piece of jewelry is just a click away!

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