9 Things to Install in Your New Home

If you’re considering the prospect of relocating long distance to Tampa, you’ve made a good choice. You’re among the 850 people who make this life-changing decision daily! Moving to a city as dynamic and diverse as this one opens doors for exciting changes to adopt.

That means installing things in your new home that you have not considered in your old one. These installations will enhance your living experience and contribute to your overall well-being in the Tampa Bay area. Whether investing in a robust security system or a decked-out entertainment setup, these technologies can make your new home a haven of convenience and comfort! 

Let’s dive into the must-have installations for your new home in Florida. 

  • Security System

When moving to a big city like Tampa, a comprehensive security system offers protection and peace of mind in your new home. This system typically includes door and window sensors to detect unauthorized access, sending alerts to you or local authorities if needed. Motion detectors are another crucial aspect, using infrared technology to notify you of motion in your home. 

  • Kitchen Appliances

Of course, kitchen appliances are a crucial part of any home, but you’d be surprised at how much you can personalize the picks. Besides the regular microwave and oven, you can find kitchen appliances that truly enhance the culinary experience. That includes state-of-the-art toasters, which have varied settings for different types of bread. If you have a small kitchen, you can save space by opting for a fridge and water dispenser combo. These specialized appliances can be quite expensive, so look into professional Tampa long distance moving companies that’ll be extra careful with your belongings. While we’re still on the topic of kitchen technologies, it’s also wise to install an extra faucet above the stove to fill up big pots. 

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Safety isn’t just guaranteed with security systems; it’s also wise to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They’re your primary defense against fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. These detectors should be placed on every floor of your home, even your basement. They’ll alert you in the early stages of a fire so you can evacuate on time. Carbon monoxide is even more dangerous since it’s odorless and hard to detect while sleeping. Tampa’s extreme weather conditions can cause unforeseen risks, which is why these detectors can give you great peace of mind. 

  • Solar Panels

As we mentioned, Tampa can have unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather. During the summer, the best investment is to take advantage of the extra sunlight. You can install a few solar panels in your home, taking the first step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only will it reduce your dependence on traditional fossil fuels, but it’ll also help you save a ton on electricity bills. Plus, the excess energy generated will feed back into the grid and earn your credits or even income. Even more, installing solar panels can increase your home’s resale value in the long run. 

  • Home Theater

If your budget allows it, who wouldn’t want a personal theater in their home? This can be a special installment for those who love to kick back with a good movie and some popcorn after a long day. You can create a cinematic experience at home with a dedicated home theater room featuring a high-quality projector, screen, and comfortable seating. Make sure to look for a high-quality projector to ensure stunning visuals and sharp resolution. Plus, it would be incomplete without immersive audio. Install a surround sound system with multiple speakers to recreate the full range of movie soundtracks.

  • Vertical Garden or Living Wall

In an urban environment like Tampa, you may be motivated to improve the air quality of your property. What better way is there to do so than with some plants? To change things up, you can install a vertical garden or living wall. Not only can this be a great project to get busy with, but it can also be an eye-catching conversation piece for anyone who visits your new home. Plus, they save tons of space. Even those with smaller homes can enjoy the natural beauty and hobby of gardening without crowding their floor space. 

  • Hidden Rooms or Passages

This may seem like a strange recommendation to some, but hidden rooms and passageways in your new home can add the perfect touch of mystery and whimsy it needs. For example, you can install a hidden study behind a bookcase or concealed door. You’ll definitely enjoy this private and quiet retreat on workdays when you need extra focus. A secret safe room can also be installed for an added layer of security. Other than that, smart hidden room ideas include a children’s playroom, wine cellar, home theater, or secret garden entrance. 

  • Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can completely transform the way you entertain guests in your new home. You can cook and grill delicious food while mingling with your guests, and they can even join in on the culinary experience. An outdoor kitchen is a grill master’s dream, especially if you invest in a high-quality grill. It should also include a prep area, sink, workspace, storage, seating, and beverage center. You can amp up the space with a pizza oven and ambient lighting, such as string or pendant lights. Finally, add shade and shelter to protect from rain and Tampa’s harsh sun. 

  • Indoor Pool

If you have the budget for it, you can’t go wrong with an indoor pool. Besides increasing your home’s resale value, this aquatic oasis will also help you relax or stay in shape. You won’t have to search for a public beach or pool to cool down during Tampa’s harsh summers. Plus, you can offer enhanced entertainment for family and friends, hosting pool parties and teaching your kids how to swim. Of course, you can’t deny that an indoor pool contributes a lot to the home’s aesthetics, giving it an aura of luxury and relaxation. 


As you settle into your new home in Tampa, consider installing a few technologies that can make your daily life more comfortable in this vibrant city. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also to create a safe and efficient living environment.