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Can BIM Help Ensure Energy Efficiency In Construction Projects?

Most industries are trying to be more energy-efficient. The construction industry is no different. Improving energy efficiency is not just fruitful for construction companies, but also for the clients who hire these construction companies to turn their projects into reality in life. So energy conservation is a win-win for all. In this, BIM can help immensely. 

BIM or Building Information Technology optimizes the building process and can make a lot of the construction processes easier and more effective. It will help a project be more energy-efficient too.

Building the Model

At its heart, BIM technology is about planning in construction. From Day 1 of the planning stage, BIM ensures that contractors account for the energy usage and sustainability each project will have. The plan that conserves energy the most gets chosen if the goal is to build a highly energy-efficient building.

When planning, just the building is not taken into account, but also the way the construction is going to affect the local area and the surrounding environment.

More Renewable Energy Sources

BIM companies in dubai will also build with more renewable energy sources. Renewable energy comes in a variety of forms but the most common is the sun and using solar power. UAE gets a lot of sunlight and using solar power certainly keeps energy consumption down.

Many energy-saving products also are built into the plan with BIM technology, such as energy-efficient refrigerators and energy-efficient ovens. 

Using Better Quality Materials

Being energy efficient does not just mean using energy-efficient materials, but it can also mean using better quality raw materials. Why is this? This is because when better quality raw materials are chosen, they last long and one is better able to make use of them. This means they don’t have to be replaced as often. So when choosing energy efficiency, things that last optimally are the best choice.

See a Project from Start to Finish

BIM technology lets a construction company see a project right from start to the finish. There are lots of things that come into play during a construction project and the ability to witness everything makes planning for delays and overruns easy.

For instance, BIM allows a construction company to see every part of the project and every step that has been taken in it. If any changes were made to the design, it shows. Contractors themselves can put in information about what has been done every single day and all this information is accessible to project managers and the like. This kind of information is great and brings down energy costs.

Control Cost of Waste

Controlling the cost of waste is super crucial because a lot of money gets wasted otherwise. Did you know that traditional construction companies often have to throw away stuff they did not use or which could not be used anymore? Yes, and this can mean a lot of waste for every construction project.

What BIM technology does is put everything into the software which helps reduce the cost of waste by a big margin.

Anticipation of Construction Behaviour

Another amazing thing about this technology which helps in the conservation of energy is the anticipation of construction behavior. When a step in the construction process is in the planning, the software can pull up data to find out what this can lead to. For example, a staircase has been planned for building the next day. The software can find out if the staircase will lessen the strength of the roof right over it. This helps a project manager change the plan by a little so that the strength of the roof will not be compromised.

What this means is that resources are not spent on building a staircase that may have to be dismantled later on. This leads to fewer resources being used and ultimately energy efficiency for the building as a whole.

Collaborate More Easily

Energy efficiency also becomes a reality when construction projects are done with a higher level of collaboration. When everyone has all the information they need to get the job done, they do things more effectively and in lesser time. 

Final Words

It is truly amazing what BIM can do for the construction industry and energy efficiency for building projects. There are many aspects involved but perhaps the most important thing that matters is that it puts the control back in the hands of the construction companies. There are lesser chances of being delayed and things happen on schedule, give or take. This keeps energy usage under control.

At Signax, get yourself an excellent BIM company with a whole lot of experience and expertise. Smart building technology is in use at the moment and the construction industry will see a huge future with it and so jumping on the bandwagon now is a smart idea.