Weekend Bags

Chic Weekend Getaways: Fashion Inspiration From Weekend Bags

A weekend bag doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there are a wide range of chic designs to choose from. When you purchase your next tote, use the following tips to find a style that embodies your personality.

Selecting the Right Weekender Bag

Before you start scrolling through pages of luggage, make a list of what you typically need on an overnight trip. Most people need at least the following:

  • Changes of clothing and pajamas
  • Toiletries, skin care, hair care and makeup
  • Electronics, chargers and cables
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications

Don’t forget to include little items that make traveling more convenient, such as chapstick and wet wipes. As you create your list, note the size of each item, as that will play a significant role in your decision.

Additionally, think about how you like to organize your luggage. Do you prefer to pack cosmetic bags or utilize inner pouches? Do you feel comfortable storing items in exterior pockets? Answering these questions will help you narrow down the search.


Traveling is always tough, even if you only go for the weekend. You never know what you might encounter, so it’s essential your weekender bag can handle anything. After all, there’s nothing less convenient than tote shopping during your vacation.

Fortunately, most brands design their luggage with durability in mind. Many bags boast thick materials, ensuring your valuables remain safe. You should pay special attention to the straps, as they endure a lot of wear and tear. There’s also a risk of thieves slicing straps as they walk by; reinforced material is more likely to withstand such abuse.


Weekender bags have a variety of features to help you stay organized. For example, some styles have a bottom compartment for hair-styling tools, electronics and shoes. Designed with stiffer material, this compartment can withstand a fully packed bag and protects contents from dents.

Inside the main compartment, you’ll find a variety of pockets and zippered pouches. These allow you to stash smaller items, so you don’t have to dig for them.

Finally, some bags have special pouches for laptops. These large compartments contain ample cushioning to keep your expensive electronics safe.


A weekender bag should be easy to carry yet offer enough room for necessities. Size is especially important if you plan to use your tote as a carry-on since airlines restrict the dimensions of such luggage. To ensure you can utilize your weekender bag this way, look for a style with the following measurements:

  • Height of 9 inches or less
  • Width of 14 inches or less
  • Length of 22 inches or less

Versatility in Styling

Many weekender bags come with several straps: two short ones for over the shoulder and a longer one for across the body. If your tote is heavier, it’s better to use the one strap to disperse the weight evenly. If your bag is fairly light, you can wear it like a purse without worrying about muscle strain.

While the black weekender bag is a classic for a reason, don’t be afraid to take risks with your luggage’s aesthetic. If you love bright colors or eye-catching patterns, go for it! You should feel stylish when hauling your tote, so follow your heart and choose a design you adore.