Common Mistakes Made When Shaving Arms

How do you get an unbelievable, smooth shave when shaving arms? While any form of shaving is a good opportunity to pamper yourself a bit, shaving your arms can be a bit more involved than other parts of your body.

Shaving your arms should be a happy time, not a fearful one full of pockmarks and scabbed-over blemishes. There might be some common shaving mistakes that you may be making. Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about shaving your arms the right way.

Not Prepping With Cold Water

One of the most common mistakes made when shaving arm hair is not prepping with cold water. Cold water has the ability to shrink pores, which makes them less likely to get clogged with the cream, foam, soap, or gel used for shaving.

Prepping with cold water can help provide a smoother and closer shave with less irritation. It also helps prevent ingrown hair by keeping the follicle open.

Using Canned Foam

Canned foam creates an inconsistent surface which can prevent the razor from gently and evenly slicing the hairs. This causes the blades to quickly become clogged with residue, reducing the razor’s effectiveness and requiring frequent blade changes.

In addition, the chemicals used in the canned foam can cause sensitivity and irritation to the skin.

Overusing Your Blade

When it comes to shaving arms, an often overlooked mistake is overusing a blade. Overuse of blades can lead to razor burns, bumps, and ingrown hair – all of which can be painful and itchy.

Not only that, but it can also cause cuts that may lead to infection.  Make sure to use plenty of water, as well as a shaving cream or gel, to soften the hair as much as possible before you use the razor. 

Aftershaving With Alcohol

Aftershaving with alcohol can cause the skin to become dry and irritated after shaving, resulting in redness and irritation. Alcohol in the aftershave can also burn the skin, causing pain.

This can be detrimental to the skin and can result in further damage, such as ingrown hair and infection. By using a moisturizer, the effects of the alcohol in the aftershave can be minimized while protecting the skin.

Skipping the Post-Shave Step

One common mistake made when shaving your arms is skipping the post-shave step. It’s an important step that can prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. Without a moisturizing, nourishing shave balm, the skin can become damaged, dry, and irritated.

A mild moisturizing shave gel can also help protect the skin before and after shaving. Taking a few extra moments to apply a quality post-shave balm can go a long way in helping keep your arms smooth and happy.

To prevent these mistakes while shaving, many people opt to look into laser hair removal as an alternative. Laser hair removal can reduce or even eliminate the need to shave and can also deliver more consistent results over time.

So, be sure to check out the laser hair removal found here and see amazing results!

Avoid These Mistakes When Shaving Arms Starting Today

When it comes to shaving arms, it is important to remember to be careful and take extra precautions. To avoid these types of mistakes, it’s best to take your time and use a good shaving product.

So, don’t delay. Follow these tips today!

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