5 Common Conditions Chiropractors Treat and How They Can Help

5 Common Conditions Chiropractors Treat and How They Can Help

The human body combines thousands of nerves, muscles and bones that work together to sustain a healthy life. Any disruption in any body part or muscle can lead to excruciating pain, making bodies prone to multiple illnesses and disorders. If you’re experiencing neck, pelvis or back pain, it is best to look for chiropractors. 

Chiropractors are professionals who treat musculoskeletal system problems effectively. You can experience great relief in the least amount of time through hands-on and non-invasive procedures. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 common conditions that chiropractors treat. We will also highlight how they help you to revive and get better. 

So, if you’re experiencing pain in your neck, lower back, shoulder or other body parts, read this article till the end! 

Who are Chiropractors and What Do They Do? 

A chiropractor is a professional who possesses great expertise in treating different health conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Anyone dealing with back pain, headaches, shoulder pain or keen pain must visit a chiropractor for treatment as their it might help you in the long term. 

The primary goal of chiropractic care or adjustments is to establish normal muscle balance and joint function. These treatments also reduce stress on the body’s muscles and immune system, reducing the chance of any form of diseases. Parramatta chiropractic care treats a person’s body holistically, including their ability to think, perform, and even move. 

If you’re experiencing symptoms like back pain, muscle pain, neck issue, migraine, headaches and more, consult a Chiropractor in Parramatta today.

Chiropractors provide a therapeutic treatment or care where they use mild to high pressure to treat joints in your body by realigning your spine. This results in reduced pain and discomfort in the body. These adjustments are based on traditional medical care, where people believe body pain can be cured naturally with certain hands-on manipulations. 

Besides the spine, Chiropractic care also focuses on different body parts based on individual problems. If you’re going through neck or head pain, the adjustment procedure is different. However, these experts mostly use their hands to provide relief. 

Top 5 conditions chiropractor treats 

Here are the top 5 conditions that chiropractor in Parramatta treat: 

1. Lower back pain 

Lower back pain can affect your overall quality of life as it directly causes severe migraine or headaches. Since the spine controls the entire human body, any misalignment in the spine can result in bigger problems. 

However, back pain does not necessarily point towards spine issues. There are several other reasons, such as bad posture, any muscle or nerve causing the pain and others. Once you visit the chiropractor, do explain all the symptoms and let them assess. Post-assessment, they will perform some adjustments or manipulations like manual therapy, which provides exceptional results. 

2. Neck pain 

Neck pain is a common muscle problem that occurs due to various reasons such as sitting for long hours in one position, poor posture or blending your neck too much to use phones or other activities. A chiropractor is a professional who is trained to fully assess your condition and help ease out the pain by easing tension and relying on the spine. 

During the assessment process, the chiropractor checks how your neck is moving, where the actual problem lies if the nerves are affected and the muscle tightnesses. Once the situation is clearly assessed, some neck stretches or exercises are practiced for the best results.   

3. Sports Injury 

Basketball, swimming, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, mixed martial arts, volleyball and marathons are some popular sports that can lead to several sprains and strains due to extreme pressure, which tends to cause neck injuries, back pain and other muscular problems which chiropractors treat. Hence chiropractors are crucial to living an active and pain-free lifestyle. With regular chiropractic adjustments and care, athletes can perform exceptionally well. 

4. Migraine headaches 

Migraines are not ordinary headaches as they are more intense and occur for a longer period. Although the cause of migraine is not yet confirmed; however, it can be relieved by a chiropractor. One of the common causes of migraines is misalignment of the spine. With adequate parramatta chiropractic care, the severity and duration of the pain can be reduced. 

5. Knee pain 

If you’re experiencing knee pain, going to a chiropractor in Parramatta would be an ideal choice. The chiropractor will closely assess your knee, the pain and movements; they will recommend certain strengthening and stretching exercises. 

Who Can Go to Chiropractors? 

A chiropractic adjustment is an excellent treatment option for everyone, from kids to adults. Mostly, it is suggested for adults between the age of 45 to 65 who are suffering from muscle pain. It is the most common treatment for people suffering with any kind of muscle strain. Sportsmen consider chiropractic care at regular intervals to release pain and realign muscles or the spine.  

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care provides different benefits which are experienced by people all around the world. Here is the list of top benefits of chiropractic care:

  • Improves neck pain by easing tension in the neck muscles 
  • Reduces reliability of the opioid pain relievers 
  • Improves osteoarthritis symptoms 
  • Provides adequate relief to headache symptoms 
  • Chiropractic care promises a higher level of satisfaction 
  • Potentially treats poor posture caused due to too much sitting.
  • Chiropractic care provides great results in releasing pain post delivery 
  • In case of any sports injury, sports persons consider chiropractic care and adjustment.  

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for treatment alternatives or experiencing excruciating pain in different parts of the body, including the neck, head, shoulders, back and others, getting in touch with Parramatta Chiropractic is ideally recommended. They are qualified professionals who are experts in assessing the right reason behind the pain and suggesting effective solutions which might help you in the long run.

According to many types of research, people do experience immediate relief post Chiropractic adjustment; hence it is highly recommended. On the other hand, this treatment might not work exceptionally well for others due to various causes, such as underlying issues and more. We hope this article has educated you about Chiropractic adjustment and care in detail.