Ideas for Custom Diamond Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings in Canada

If you want a one-of-a-kind ring that only she’ll have, custom design is the way to go because it gives you the power to bring an idea to life and create a ring that will be a conversation starter for years to come.


You can get started by trying on a few different styles and taking some inspiration from a few jewelers you know and love. Once you’re comfortable with your design direction, start talking to designers and jewelers about how they can help you create your dream ring, otherwise read on for even more options and ideas.

One-of-a-Kind Ring Settings

The setting is the heart of any custom wedding or engagement ring, and selecting the right one is crucial, so whether you’re going for a vintage style or something more modern, there are tons of options so it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the variety, but it’s important to focus on your personal style and preferences, as well as what you can realistically maintain.


The most traditional and popular setting is the prong set, which uses precisely arranged prongs to hold your stone in place and is often paired with a classic metal engagement band.


Another classic is the solitaire setting, which highlights a single stone and is ideal for round brilliant diamonds or any other diamond shape. A diamond halo setting, on the other hand, features a circle of small diamonds surrounding a larger center stone to maximize the visual impact of your center diamond and is typically a pretty popular choice for center diamonds with smaller carat weights as it can be used in men’s rings.


For a unique twist on this classic design, you can choose an east-west setting, which flips your diamond on its “side” which is a more unusual choice and it adds an extra dimension of style to the ring, but you can also pair this setting with a three-stone design, which consists of two additional stones on each side of your center diamond. These rings are becoming more popular, especially for couples who want to add a little sparkle without going overboard.


Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional diamond because they can give your ring a fun and unique look, and are perfect for women who love to stand out from the crowd. For instance, peridot is a fun and eccentric hue that is perfect for the fashionable bride-to-be who wants to make a statement with her engagement ring as this beautiful stone pairs beautifully with white gold and smaller diamonds for a ring that’s a true showstopper.


Another gem that has become a popular choice for colored engagement rings is citrine, which is a gemstone that you can learn about here, can come in a variety of shades from light, lemony yellow to golden and champagne browns. Like quartz, citrine is durable and does not cleave which makes it a great option for engagement rings and is also incredibly affordable, especially when purchased in a lab-grown version that displays the same physical makeup as the natural gemstones you would find in the ground.


In addition to peridot, pink sapphire is another beautiful gemstone that can be used as an alternative to a diamond as it’s a stunning gem that’s finished in a pear-shaped setting and is easy to change up the style of your ring when you get bored of it.


Sapphire is another classic gem that is often paired with diamonds ( but for a more unique look; opt for a sapphire with blue tones. It’s a traditional choice for royalty and celebrities, but there are plenty of different styles and cuts available to match any type of dress or jewelry design you have in mind!


If you’re looking for a more sustainable, ethically sourced gemstone for your ring, consider opting for an aquamarine because it’s almost exclusively sourced from conflict-free areas. These ethical colored gemstones are an excellent option for any type of fashion-forward bride who wants to stand out from the crowd, but they’re also perfect for the eco-conscious bride who wants to show her support for the planet.

Stacking Rings

A ring stack is an ideal way to express your personal style because it allows you to mix and match different jewelry, and it is an eye-catching look that can be worn all day long. You can even stack your engagement ring and wedding band for a more dramatic look or you can space your rings to symbolize special occasions.


Stacking rings is an increasingly popular style among brides and women of all ages and is a great way to add variety and texture to your jewelry collection without spending a fortune.

When choosing a stack, I recommend choosing pieces that you like both separately and together because stacking rings that you don’t care for can be boring and won’t look good on your finger.


You can also consider adding a piece of jewelry that is engraved with your initials or a quote on one or both of the stacks as this will be a constant reminder of your special moment.


Some people like to include a gemstone in their rings, whether it is a diamond or a colored stone, such as sapphires or rubies. Sellers like engagement rings specialize in things like this. It can be an excellent way to make your ring stack more colorful and eye-catching, especially when you choose multiple rings that have different stones.


Another great idea is to incorporate bands that are textured in some way, such as the twisted or bubble eternity band which can add a modern and fun touch to your ring stack, and they are available in a range of prices that you can easily afford.


Adding a ring to your stack is a great way to honor a significant event in your life, such as an anniversary or the birth of your children as they can be engraved with your initials, quotes or dates to make them extra meaningful.


The main rule to keep in mind when creating a stack is that you should not wear a ring that can scratch or damage the other rings, which is particularly important for diamonds or elongated shapes such as pear or marquise-shaped rings.