Heavy Haulers

Essential Things That You Need To Know About Professional Heavy Haulers

Timely delivery of heavy equipment or cargo is crucial for keeping industrial projects on schedule. Nevertheless, transporting such commodities comes with logistics complications and restrictions that can cause hassles and delays for trucking companies in Calgary or where you live if not managed by someone knowledgeable with heavy haul shipping.

What to Consider when Hiring Professional Heavy Haulers?

Heavy haul shipment needs extensive planning, paperwork and, most crucially, expertise. Consider the following factors while hiring a heavy hauler for all your building supplies and tools.

  • Limitation Of Route

For legal compliance on all roads, the heavy hauler you employ must be familiar with the optimal route. Consider whether or not the height is appropriate. Passing beneath a bridge is possible or not. If you weigh too much, you can’t cross the bridge. If your vehicle is too broad, you may only be able to use particular routes between specific times. 

  • Essential Authorizations

There may be additional documentation requirements if you travel across states, counties, or cities. For instance, the load type is considered unique. For loads with a GVW of less than 120,000 pounds, such as steel or aluminum coils, they will issue mi osow permits valid for 90 days. No tunnel is suitable for vehicles that are either too large or too heavy to pass through safely. This information is essential for the heavy hauler.

  • Get a Quote

Obtain several price estimates. However, you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on cost. You may be sure there’s a trap whenever a price seems unusually low, like a newer company with questionable safety practices. In the long run, a lost or damaged package can cost you a lot of money. The project’s financial losses are not covered by insurance, but the object itself is.

Pick out five businesses you’re interested in finding out more about. The top two or three companies will provide you with price estimates. Connect and gain recommendations from people already working in your field.

  • Insurance

When it comes to insurance, take your time. Your financial loss would exceed the value of the damaged machinery and supplies in that cargo. Costs can quickly add up when a job is delayed.

  • Tracking Delivery

As your cargo travels from one place to another, you’ll want to keep track of its location. You want to avoid having to phone the hauling firm and wait for them to call you back with an update after they’ve already called the driver. Any trustworthy modern heavy hauler will utilize GPS to watch their loads closely.


Over the years, each state, county, city, and municipality has evolved its own set of regulations for trucking companies in Ontario or nearby. You will have to pay the price if you break them. Expert heavy haul logistics specialists and experienced heavy haul truck drivers are crucial to the success of any heavy hauling project, from route planning to appropriate loading and unloading, to ensure the highest level of safety and the most prompt delivery possible.