The Spiritual Symbolism & Meaning of Elephants

Did you know that the word ‘elephant’ comes from two Greek words – eles meaning ‘ivory’ and phantos meaning ‘because of its shape, this beast is called an elephant?

You may not be aware of it, but the elephant is a significant animal in history. The first recognition of the elephant was in the ancient world. People from India revered them as gods, while people from Egypt believed them to be evil spirits or demons. Thus, most cultures have both positive and negative associations with elephants for various reasons.


In this article, we will look at their symbolic significance and what they mean in dreams.

Elephants Are A Symbol of Authority

Elephants are the largest land mammals in the world. Their size is one of their most prominent symbols – authority. Most cultures that see elephants as positive symbols of authority – such as those from Asia and Africa – associate them with royalty and the upper class. They believe that these creatures are the noblest among all animals.

Kings and emperors used them as a symbol of their power and dominion over other animals, tribes, and even nations. Thus, elephants are a symbol of authority, strength, leadership, or a strong marriage!

Elephants As A Symbol of Protection & Love

The elephant is not only a symbol of authority and leadership – it’s also a symbol of love, protection, and guidance. This is particularly true for cultures such as the Indian, Chinese, and African. They used elephants in their myths, legends, and stories because they are the perfect animal to symbolize these two traits – protection and love. Why is that so?

They are the largest animals on Earth and are gentle but also very strong. Elephants also have a very good memory which makes them excellent guardians. When a female elephant is pregnant, she will protect and care for her unborn calf with all her might. These creatures do not forget anything and make excellent nurturers.

The Spiritual Meaning of Elephant In Dreams

Now that we’ve established what an elephant means spiritually across all cultures, let’s talk about the spiritual meaning of an elephant in dreams.

In dreams, elephants symbolize power, strength, wisdom, and good luck. Dreams of elephants can represent your awareness of these qualities within yourself and others. It can also suggest that you need more of this energy in your life.

The elephant may also represent a burden you carry in your life or an embarrassment or secret from your past that haunts you. You should pay special attention to this dream if you have never seen an elephant with your own eyes or live in a country where elephants do not live. Then you will be sure that this is a profound spiritual symbol, the meaning of which you should know.

Elephants Deserve More Recognition

To sum it up, elephants symbolize strength, leadership, protection, and all things majestic. As for dreams, their meaning is even deeper. It is our subconscious mind that brings the elephant symbol into our dreams and tries to tell us something. In dreams, an elephant means something bigger – either big problems or big success. To find out what it really indicates, look at your current life and try to find a connection between the symbolism of the elephant and your life.