Sex Offense

What to Do When Wrongly Accused of a Sex Offense

A wrongful accusation of a sexual offense can ruin your reputation, life, and career. You may end up in prison or jail, pay hefty fines, or both. If you’re in such a position, hire one of the best defense attorneys to help you navigate the case. Here’s what you should do when falsely accused of a sex crime:

Contact a Skilled Defense Attorney

A defense attorney is your best partner when battling a false sex crime accusation. They know how best to listen to their clients, so feel free to explain every account of the event. These law experts offer attorney-client privileges so you won’t have to worry about the statement getting used against you. Your attorney will understand how to create a solid defense against the sexual offense you are facing then visit Essex Solicitors.

Make sure you contact your defense attorneys as soon as you are in custody. This allows them to talk to the prosecution, gather evidence, and build a defense. They will also give you valuable legal advice and protect your rights and interests.

Don’t wait until you are wrongly charged with a sex crime to call a lawyer. Contact your attorney even if you suspect someone accuses you of being a sex offender to get legal advice.

An experienced sex crime defense attorney protects your rights. They intervene and prevent the accusation from ever happening. Lawyers have vast knowledge about the legal process in your state; they know what to do after a wrong sex crime claim. Attorneys have excellent negotiation skills and know where to get evidence to prove the accusations against you are false. They know how to:

  • Lessen possible penalties
  • Reduce charges
  • Drop the charges

Avoid Making Statements

If you’re falsely accused of a sex offense, you get many questions—from your loved ones and the police. Other than speaking to defense attorneys, don’t talk to your friends or family. Refrain from answering any questions the police officers ask you. These people may record your statement and use it against you during litigation.

The best way to protect yourself is to practice your right to remain silent. You should only speak or answer questions when your lawyer is present. Stay off social media platforms and be careful with your actions or words until your lawyer resolves the issue.

Understand the Severity of the Allegation

Sex offense allegations can result in severe penalties and life-changing consequences. Convictions lead to sex offender registration and serving time in prison.

If you get charged with a sexual offense, take time to understand the nature of the accusations. Speak to your attorney to learn what the said victim is asserting. Your lawyer will get a copy of a police report so you understand the accusations.

Record the Details of the Event

The person wrongly accusing you of a sex offense has their own account of what happened. You also need one. Prepare yourself by writing down details of the events that occurred. Every part of your story needs support from evidence to make your case solid.

Include pieces of evidence such as:

  • Camera footage
  • Alibi
  • Witness statement
  • Work schedule

Write an accurate record of the details once you are in police custody. This prevents you from forgetting anything important to your case. It allows your lawyer to get the full story so they build you a solid defense.

Create a list of people who may have witnessed the purported incident. Note their names and contact details so your defense attorneys can reach out to them and hear their stories.

Avoid Confronting or Speaking to Your Accuser

Avoiding any contact with your accuser helps your case in several ways. The chances of the alleged victim using your statement against you reduces. You won’t risk having the person further accuse you of harassment.

Don’t try to solve the sex offense claims with your accuser or strike a deal of any kind. This prevents you from getting into more trouble and further incriminating yourself. Instead, talk to your attorney. They know the proper procedures to keep you out of prison for false accusations.

Get Legal Help: Experienced Defense Attorneys

Have you been wrongly accused of a sex offense? Contact the best defense attorneys to seek legal advice. These law experts understand the ins and outs of your state’s criminal system. They use their vast experience to guide you to a successful resolution.