Five things to know before starting a remodeling project

Owning a house is a joy many strive towards, but only a few achieve it. Once you own a house, you can work towards personalizing it and adding value to the property. One of the best ways to gain a return on your investment is to at a touch of modernity to the property and work on better fixtures and fittings. 

Aesthetics go a long way in making tenants of potential buyers feel comfortable in the home. Therefore, when remodeling, quality appliances, fixtures, and fittings must be considered. 

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. Not only does it draw the most attention, but it is also the most visited. This article will focus on some remodeling ideas that you can consider for your kitchen area and how they can add value to the house. 

Read till the end of this piece to gain a holistic idea about how to better your kitchen and make it more comfortable and attractive for yourself and potential customers. 

  • Change the countertops

The first thing you notice when you enter a kitchen is its countertops. Color and quality are the most important factors when choosing a top. However, you must be prepared to set aside some cash for this, as counters range well into the thousands of dollars. 

If you aren’t sure what changes to make, consider asking a consultant what would be best for your house.
A quick search regarding ‘kitchen remodeling experts near mewill help find experienced and reliable experts.  

Moreover, when choosing your countertops, make sure you go for something durable, timeless, and aesthetic. Quarts, marble, and granite are some of the common options that come to mind. Depending on the rest of the kitchen aesthetic, choose one and enjoy your decision!

  • Tile > Wooden flooring

As aesthetically pleasing as wooden flooring is, it might not be wise to install it in the kitchen. Wood can bring the room together and give off an earthy feel; however, sometimes, it might not be the right choice, especially in the kitchen. Not only does your kitchen see a fair deal of traffic throughout the day (feet scratching the floors), but it also sees its fair share of spills and moisture while cooking and cleaning. 

Though it may not seem so, over time, these can take their toll on the quality of the wood. They can stain and dull the wood in places and make for some extremely unpleasant-looking floors. Tile is the way to go. 

Find a color and design that suits your needs, and don’t give it a second thought. Remodeling allows you to change what you have to your needs and requirements. Moreover, tile is easier to clean, never dulls, and can have a charming effect on your house or apartment. 

  • Updating appliances can cost a fortune.

It’s best to develop a fair idea about the financial implications of the remodeling effort. If you plan on changing the appliances and replacing them with modern ones, chances are most of your budget will be eaten into. 

If you could prioritize the ones you need to update first, that may be an easier way of tackling the situation. The fridge and oven are usually some of the most used appliances in the kitchen (also the most expensive), so it would be wise to tackle them first. 

It would be wise to update the appliances individually so that you aren’t hit with a bulk expense. Remodel the kitchen with the contractors and then turn to the appliances individually over the next few months. Not only does this create a priority list, but it also helps you manage your finances better. 

  • Lights where necessary

One of the best things you can do for your kitchen is to avoid flooding the place with light. Aesthetics are extremely important because they add to the house’s value while giving you more comfort in your space. Rather than placing light fixtures on the walls, focus on the more important parts of the kitchen. For example, hang a few lights above the island, the washing area, and the oven. 

This way, you only use the lights you need, giving a much more aesthetically pleasing ambiance. Another rule of thumb is to use warm lighting rather than white. For working people, coming home to white, industrial lighting may dampen the mood and kill your motivation to do anything in the kitchen. 

Create a more comfortable environment with warmer (yellow) light, and watch how the entire room’s vibe changes. 

  • Cabinets and storage

After the counters, the cabinets bring the room together. However, kitchens have a fair deal of moisture build-up. Steam, constant use of water, and fumes from cooking are bound to take a toll on the wood. 

When redoing the cabinets, please consider using extra coats of paint or a kind of paint that is durable to water. Your average cabinet life is about a decade without direct exposure.

It would be best to get as much storage in the kitchen as possible, install drawers wherever convenient, shelves, and multiple layers within the cabinets. This gives you vertical depth to ensure your counter isn’t cluttered with crockery and cutlery. 

A clean and empty kitchen is one of the nicest things to come home to. It adds to the comfort and aesthetic charm we spoke about throughout this article. 


As a homeowner, remodeling efforts can be extremely therapeutic and exciting. This article proves there is much to look forward to when remodeling a home. Some believe that a slow-paced remodel gives a greater sense of satisfaction as you can see changes slowly unfolding over time. It also lets you prioritize what changes you want to make first. 

By the end of this read, you should have a few ideas in mind when remodeling your kitchen. You should also know how hard it can be and what challenges you might encounter. This is a big project you are about to undertake, and it would be wise to have everything ready beforehand. 

A remodeling project needs weeks or months of planning to ensure you get it right the first time. We hope you learned something from this article; if we missed something, please tell us in the comments below.