Believe it or not, over a billion people worldwide smoke cigarettes. Yet, despite the health risks that stem from smoking, many people are still getting into it. Thankfully, many people are making the switch to vaping in the last few years. Despite its associated risks, vaping is a much safer alternative to cigarette smoking.

With cigarettes, you get a lot of unnecessary, harmful chemicals when smoking. With vaping, you’re only getting in the vapor that’s made from heating e-liquids. If you’re new to vaping, choosing the best vape can get confusing. Here are some things to consider if you want to get the best vape to check it out one hitters pipe.


When choosing a thc vape, always consider the design first. There are mainly three vape designs: Box, pod, and disposable. Box vapes are heavier and require longer charging times but often produce the best experience. Pod vapes and disposables are very portable and also come with their own pros and cons. We’ll detail a bit more on these types below:


Box vapes are also called mods because users can easily “mod” or modify them to suit their preferences. For example, a user can easily switch out stock batteries for longer-lasting batteries.

It’s not just batteries, but even the coils, tank, atomizer, and almost everything can get modded. With that said, box vapes allow users more options to customize their experience when vaping. Box-type vapes also carry the most e-liquid compared to pods and disposables. With many parts, it’s also expected that box vapes are the heaviest.


Pods are smaller and more portable than box vapes. Myle vape has some of the best pod system vapes. Not only are vape pods easily carried around, they also look good. With their slender and sleek appearance, these vapes are welcome additions for those who want to look good while vaping.

Pod vapes often come in two systems: Open and closed. Open system pods have clearomizers that you can manually fill with e-liquids. Closed systems used pre-filled cartridges. You can refill these cartridges, but you’ll have to buy new ones after more than six uses.


The easiest vape to use among the three types. Disposable vapes are single-use and don’t require any building or wicking. Though they’re easy to use, disposables can’t be charged or refilled with e-liquid.


If you want more varieties with your e-liquids, then box vapes and pod vapes should be your choice. Many e-liquid producers favor box and pod vapes. Disposable vapes only have fewer flavors available as they vary from brand to brand.


For first-time vapers, the perfect choice would be disposables and pod system vapes. With these two options, the temperature is set and produces flavors that aren’t too strong for beginners. However, if you’re a more experienced vaper, go for box vapes.

Aside from larger clouds and more control features, a user with box vapes can also have fun tinkering with its parts. However, beginners aren’t advised to replace and mod parts themselves, as proper installation can ruin a whole device. You also have to be sure about compatibility as some parts don’t work well with each other. With so many things to watch out for, a novice may find it somewhat discouraging than fun when modding their vapes.


People who often smoke or vape often choose to be discreet. There’s also vaping etiquette you should mind if you’re a beginner.  As mentioned earlier, box vapes produce large amounts of vapor clouds compared to smaller pods or disposables.

Going for pod systems or disposables is a good choice if you want to be discreet about the vapor you create. Also, many people find it easier to put pod vapes and disposables away in their pockets than clunky box vapes.


As many vapes are in the market, choosing one can be difficult, especially if you’re new to vaping. The factors above can help novices pick out the best vape they want. Although vaping can be a safer alternative to smoking, always proceed with caution and moderation.