How to Keep a Clean Home With Indoor Pets

For pet owners, living with furry friends brings so much joy and companionship. However, ensuring a clean home with indoor pets requires extra work. From dealing with shed hair everywhere to surprising accidents, keeping tidiness in check takes effort. But with the right routine, tools, and training, you can have both a pet-filled and spotless home. 

In this article, you’ll explore tips for integrating pet care tasks into your home cleaning schedule. You’ll find targeted solutions for tackling pet hair, stains, litter boxes, and more. You’ll also learn about designating pet zones, training, and modern tools that make cleaning easier. A strategic approach lets you keep your home fresh and dirt-free, even with indoor animals. 

Cleaning Up Pet Hair

Pet hair clings to furniture and clothing, gathers in corners, and takes over carpets. To remove it, invest in lint rollers, adhesive cleaning sheets, and hand vacs for quick daily cleanups. Use pet hair attachment tools with your vacuum and specialty rubber brushes for deeper removal from fabrics. Staying on top of brushing and grooming also helps control shedding. 

Cleaning Up Accidents

Accidents inevitably happen no matter how well-trained your pet is. Using an enzymatic cleaner to break down the proteins in urine and feces eliminates stains and odor rather than just masking it. Be sure to fully saturate the spot, allow it to dry completely, then vacuum up any residue. Steam cleaning is also highly effective for removing set-in pet stains and smells.

Cleaning Up After Litter Boxes

If you have a pet cat, scooping litter daily keeps the smell at bay, while fully changing the litter weekly keeps boxes fresh. If you have a traditional litter box, you need to scrub it using baking soda and vinegar and allow them to dry fully, about every month or so. Replace traditional boxes every 6 months, at minimum, and scatter baking soda in the bottom of new boxes to absorb odors. Also, sweep and vacuum around boxes daily to keep floors clean. Recently, however, more cat owners prefer a modern cat litter box that hinders the litter from getting on the floor, is easy to clean, and is more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional litter box.

Creating a Pet-Friendly Zone

Giving your pet a corner or room with a comfy bed, toys, and food/water helps confine the mess. Use baby gates to restrict access when you can’t actively supervise. Wash bedding from this designated zone weekly. Install litter boxes nearby and always keep cleanup supplies handy. 

In shared spaces, choose specific areas where your pet can play, sleep or eat, and keep food/water station mats under their bowls. Restrict access to other parts of the home as needed, and clean their designated zones more frequently.

Keeping Pets Off Furniture

While snuggling with your furry friend is part of the joy of pet ownership, keeping them (and their hair!) off furniture will make cleaning much easier. Use treats to reinforce staying on their pet beds instead of your couch or bed. And if they do sneak up, keep lint rollers handy for easy cleanup. 

Use slipcovers on furniture and mattress covers to protect from hair, stains, dirt, and odors. Plus, slipcovers can be removed and washed easily. Waterproof mattress protectors also prevent accidents from ruining your mattress. Washable floor mats under food dishes catch spills and are machine washable.

Teaching Pets to Wipe Paws

Training pets to wipe their paws on entry mats or scratch pads helps reduce tracked-in dirt and debris. Give praise and treats when they use pet wipes or scratch pads correctly to reinforce the behavior. Regular nail trims also minimize scratches on floors and furniture. Set up litter boxes, potty patches, and outdoor zones you want your pet to use, and lavish praise and treats when used correctly. Limit access to off-limits areas and promptly clean accidents with an enzymatic cleaner to deter repeat offenses.

Using Air Purifiers for Pet Dander

Indoor air quality deteriorates rapidly with pets. HEPA air purifiers remove dander, odor sources, and allergens from the air and trap pet hair. They greatly relieve pet owners with allergies and help freshen stale, stuffy air. 

Vapor steam cleaners provide chemical-free disinfection and odor elimination on surfaces and fabrics. The high heat attacks microbes, break down solid messes, and removes set-in stains, while the steam loosens stuck-on hair and dander for easier cleanup. Maintaining a spotless home with indoor pets is easier than ever with the right pet accessories, ensuring both cleanliness and your furry friend’s comfort go hand in hand.


While sharing your home with furry friends does require some extra tidying, having a clean house for indoor pets is completely achievable. Focusing on pet-specific cleaning tasks within your routine prevents hair buildup, odors, and stains. Establishing pet zones also helps maintain freshness without sacrificing snuggle time. 

With a consistent effort to stay on top of pet messes, you can confidently welcome indoor pets while keeping a spotless home.