Mineral sunscreens

Mineral sunscreens: Are they worth the hype

Are you wary about venturing out in this sweltering heat? Undoubtedly, the hero product of the summer season is sunscreen. It shields our skin against UV rays and offers protection against sunburn and tanning. It also combats radical damage, thereby reducing the chances of aging, fine lines, and dark spots. However, there are several types of sunscreens available. Selecting the right one can provide excellent results. Opting for a chemical free sunscreen for oily skin is a great idea.

What are mineral sunscreens?

There are mainly two categories of sunscreens – mineral and chemical sunscreens. Mineral sunscreens contain minerals such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide. These minerals create a barrier on your skin and block the UV rays of the sun. As these are free of chemicals, even people with sensitive skin can use them. If you are on the lookout for a sunscreen that offers full-spectrum protection, you can check out the lotus sunscreen products. Lotus Organics+ offers mineral sunscreens with varying SPF.

On the other hand, chemical sunscreens contain active ingredients. These are absorbed within the skin and offer protection from UV rays via chemical reactions. These types of sunscreens are gradually losing popularity due to the presence of chemicals and their reaction to the skin.

Advantages of mineral sunscreens

There are various reasons that explain why mineral sunscreens are getting so much buzz and mention. For example, if you are thinking of choosing a chemical free sunscreen for oily skin, it’s an excellent idea.

Check out the benefits here –

  • Suits sensitive skin

One of the most critical advantages you gain with mineral sunscreens is that it is not absorbed within the skin. Instead, it sits on the surface of the skin, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin. As the product lies on the surface, the chances of skin irritation are also less. People with sensitive skin can try using mineral sunscreens. However, patch testing is always recommended before applying it all over the face.

  • Protection from UV rays

Mineral sunscreens offer protection against the full spectrum of UV rays. That means your skin gets a barrier against harmful UVA and UVB rays. These have a damaging effect on the skin, like fine lines, age spots, etc. It is advisable that you check out labels such as broad spectrum or full spectrum when choosing sunscreens. That means the sunscreen offers protection against both. The lotus sunscreen products offer different SPFs. It is vital to pick a sunscreen with SPF 30 (minimum). You can choose sunscreens with increased SPFs too.

  • Child-friendly

If you are looking for a sunscreen suitable for children, you can opt for mineral sunscreens. The lack of harmful chemicals makes this type of sunscreen an ideal option for children. Moreover, it is not absorbed within the skin and offers protection from UV rays just by sitting at the surface. There is no need to worry about adverse side effects on kids.

  • Works immediately after application

There are some sunscreens that need reapplication after every few hours. That becomes difficult when you have a face full of makeup. Here, mineral sunscreen comes to the rescue. If you choose a powdered sunscreen, you can easily apply it over makeup. That way, you won’t be ruining the perfect makeup (honestly, it took hours to get that finish).

  • Fewer chances of acne

Oily skins tend to have acne breakouts. That is why people tend to avoid sunscreens and that’s not without basis. Earlier, sunscreens, no matter the type, led to an aggravation of acne for people with oily skin. For instance, mineral sunscreens led to clogged pores, while chemical sunscreens led to more breakouts. However, revolution in the cosmetics industry has led to the development of non-comedogenic sunscreens. You can definitely opt for a chemical free sunscreen for oily skin.

  • Convenience for daily usage

Mineral sunscreens have come a long way. Owing to more research, these sunscreens aren’t heavy or pasty anymore. Now, these are available in tinted shades and can be applied without much fuss.

Beat the heat with mineral sunscreens!

Summer comes with scorching heat and a suffocating atmosphere. The only way to protect your skin is to use sunscreens. However, what you use matters a great deal to your skin. For instance, a chemical free sunscreen for oily skin is an ideal solution. For this, you can check out lotus sunscreen products.

Lotus Organics+ Sheer Brightening Mineral Sunscreen is a fantastic product and comes in varying SPFs. You will find SPF 50 PA+++, 40 PA+++, and 30 PA+++. There are different formulations available such as ultra matte, hydrating gel, etc. These are composed of 100% certified organic ingredients with no addition of chemicals. It reveals the natural radiance of the skin while safeguarding it against the sun’s UV rays. The lotus sunscreen products are suitable for all skin types.