Must-have Jewelry for Women Who Love Style

Jewelry has been a significant part of fashion for hundreds of years. While men also wear jewelry, there is no doubt women take the lead when making bold statements. If you are thinking of buying a new jewelry set or are just considering diving into the game for the first time, this article is for you. It contains details about the top must-have jewelry every woman should have for an extra blink.

Every Woman’s Favorite Jewelry

On Evry Jewels, you will find almost every type of jewelry you want. Before you start shopping, however, check out the must-have pieces for every woman.

Stick to the Classics with Hoop Earrings

Irrespective of your age or social status, you should have a pair or two of hoop earrings in your jewelry box. These hoop earrings vary in size but usually have the same round shape as a hoop. Also, there are options with additional designs and plain ones. You can buy one pair of gold and one pair of silver hoop earrings.

Make a Bold Statement With a Necklace

Statement necklaces are a must-have because they add beauty and elegance but still show people you have a bold taste. You should wear these necklaces when you want to stand out at parties and be the center of attention. While there is no specific style for statement necklaces, go for something bold, colorful, and shiny.

Own at Least One RingĀ 

A ring isn’t meant for married or engaged people. Everyone can and should have at least one ring. One small solitaire ring may be all you need to get the final finished look after dressing up for a date or work dinner. There are different solitaire rings, but most have thin bands and one stone. You can choose to have a diamond-shaped, round, or star-shaped stone.

Buy a Bracelet Watch

A rubber smart watch is great because of its functionality. However, some occasions call for something more. A bracelet watch allows you to upgrade your style and appearance easily. These bracelet watches are perfect for when you want to look like a girly girl. You will look more elegant because these bracelet watches are flashy, especially when paired with gowns.

Keep Things Simple With Stud Earrings

While bold statements are grand, sometimes you want to keep things simple yet elegant. This is where stud earrings come in handy. Stud earrings are great for daily office routines and other formal occasions. A few stud earrings of different colors can match different clothes in your home. Pair a stud with a simple necklace and chain bracelet, and you are good to go to your formal event.

Matching Pearl Set

Every girl should have at least one set of pearl jewelry. The set usually has a necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet. Unfortunately, real pearl sets cost too much money. Alternatively, you can buy copies of really durable and beautiful items. These copies don’t have as much value as the real deal but are usually indistinguishable to untrained eyes. Also, it may have less second-hand value than the real deal.

Consider a Cuff BraceletĀ 

The cuff bracelet is one of the most accessible bracelets as it doesn’t require any hook. Slap it on your wrist, and you are good to go. There are simple cuffs for formal occasions and more flashy options for when you want to appear dazzling. The price range for cuffs also varies depending on the quality. You can use it on your bare wrist or over long sleeves on a cold winter night.

Multiple Pendants

Buy one gold and plain silver necklace, along with five different pendants. Having a few pendants in your jewelry box is an excellent way to change your appearance without changing much. Simply detach the pendants and add them to any necklace you use for the day. Different pendants work well with this concept. You can also choose to customize one with your name or the name of your loved one. It is better to engrave your name on necklaces made with precious metals to make them more valuable.

Dangling Earrings

The next must-have is dangling earrings if you already have a stud, hoops, or pearl earrings. These dangling earrings work best when you show some skin, so they are great for the summer months. Dangling earrings come in different shapes and sizes but usually drop as low as your neck and shoulders. You can get different colors and designs.


There are no limits when it comes to jewelry. All you have to do is find your style and get products that suit you. Even if you cannot afford pure gold and diamond, there are still many high-quality metals that are high-quality and durable. These metals are more affordable, but you will look just as beautiful as someone who owns precious metals.

Lab grown diamonds are a must-have for women who love style and want to make a statement with sustainable and ethical jewelry. Their stunning brilliance and affordability make them an excellent choice for any fashion-forward woman’s jewelry collection.