Nine tips for a patio remodel this summer

It’s time to start thinking about refreshing your backyard or garden in preparation for summer’s bright, sunny days. Nestled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan, your patio can become a tranquil retreat or a buzzing hub of social activity – a place to savor those languid summer evenings. However, a well-planned remodel can be essential to enjoy this space truly. With our region’s unique climate, from sun-soaked days to cool, breezy evenings, remodeling isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a resilient, comfortable oasis that harmonizes with Michigan’s distinct summer weather. 

So, as we embrace the thrill of outdoor living, let’s dive into these nine essential tips for a successful patio remodel in Grand Rapids, preparing your space for the sunny days and starlit nights to come.

Understand the Michigan Weather

Embracing summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, means welcoming a delightful medley of warm days and cooler nights. This unique climate pattern isn’t just part of the local charm; it’s crucial to consider when remodeling your patio. 

Carefully chosen materials and designs can enhance comfort and durability, helping your outdoor space withstand the elements. Understanding Michigan’s distinct summer weather leads to a patio remodel that’s beautiful and tailored to embrace the idyllic summer season fully.

Prioritize Patio Windows

Consider the impact of high-quality windows when renovating your patio. Apart from acting as a natural light source, they are crucial to your environment since they give you ventilation and insulation. Your indoor and outdoor living areas can be connected seamlessly. You can achieve durability and style by selecting new windows from recognized window companies in Grand Rapids, like All Weather Seal. Their superior windows are intentionally designed to endure the particular climatic conditions of Grand Rapids while enhancing the visual allure of your patio. 

Define Your Patio Purpose

A successful patio remodel starts with defining its purpose. Will it serve as a peaceful retreat for reading and relaxing, a lively hub for dining and entertaining, or a functional space for outdoor cooking? Once you’ve clarified this, planning the layout becomes a breeze. 

For a dining area, consider a table near the kitchen for convenience. If lounging is your priority, allot a quiet, shaded corner for comfortable seating. For those with a flair for outdoor cooking, a space for a grill or a full-fledged outdoor kitchen would be best. By defining your patio’s purpose, you ensure a design that meets your living needs.

Choose Durable and Weather-resistant Materials

Selecting durable and weather-resistant materials for your patio furniture and fixtures is crucial in enduring Grand Rapids’ variable summer conditions. This choice ensures that your revamped space looks inviting and withstands the test of time and weather. Opt for materials that resist fading from the sun and can bear the occasional summer shower. 

Consider teak or metal for furniture; for fixtures, consider stainless steel or weather-resistant fabrics. By choosing resilient materials, you’re investing in a patio that retains its beauty and functionality, season after season, allowing you to savor those delightful Michigan summers without worry.

Plan for Adequate Lighting

Adequate lighting is a vital aspect of any patio remodel. As the Michigan sun dips below the horizon, your deck can transform from a sunlit sanctuary to an enchanting evening retreat with the right light fixtures. Strategically placed lights can highlight architectural elements, guide movement, and create a warm, welcoming ambiance. 

During the day, ample, well-positioned patio windows can bathe your outdoor space in abundant natural light. Thus, considering both natural and artificial lighting in your remodel design ensures that your patio remains a delightful and usable extension of your home, no matter the hour.

Choose Functional and Stylish Patio Furniture

Selecting the right furniture can transform your patio into a welcoming extension of your home. Select pieces that balance usefulness, comfort, and attractiveness. It can include casual seating areas or outdoor dining sets for your space. Considering durability and maintenance is also essential because your furniture must endure the changing weather conditions in Grand Rapids. 

Prefer high-quality materials like teak, metal, or all-weather wicker. Add outdoor rugs and cozy cushions to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Buy furniture to let you sit back, unwind, and delight in the stunning scenery outdoors.

Landscaping and Plant Choices

Landscaping and plant selection can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your patio. It creates a verdant retreat that mirrors the beauty of Michigan’s natural landscape. Select native plants that thrive in our climate, from stunning perennials like Coneflowers and Black-Eyed Susans to vibrant shrubs like the Serviceberry. 

Incorporate a mixture of sizes, textures, and colors for visual interest and year-round appeal. With high-quality patio windows, you can enjoy the beauty of your landscaped patio from the inside, too. 

Incorporate Comfort Elements

Ensuring comfort is a cornerstone of any successful patio remodel. To maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor space during both hot summer days and cooler nights in Grand Rapids, consider incorporating comfort elements into your design. For the daytime, consider shade solutions like pergolas, canopies, or umbrellas to provide a fantastic retreat from the sun’s heat. For those crisp summer nights, a patio heater or a fire pit can add warmth and a cozy ambiance. Adding plush cushions to your seating can also elevate comfort and style. These thoughtful additions ensure that your patio remains a comfortable haven for relaxation and entertainment regardless of the time or temperature.

Budget Planning

Planning a budget is an essential step in your patio remodel journey. Start by listing the elements you wish to include, such as patio window replacement, new furniture, lighting, and landscaping. It’s crucial to note that investing in high-quality materials and installations may demand a higher initial investment but will deliver long-term value. 

Try to get estimates for each item on your list, and factor in a contingency for unexpected expenses. Always align your plan with your financial comfort zone, but remember that certain investments, like high-quality patio windows, can improve your home’s value and energy efficiency, offering returns in the long run.


In conclusion, a well-executed patio can transform your outdoor space into a summer sanctuary in your backyard. Each decision plays a vital role, from selecting the right furniture to installing high-quality windows from trusted window companies. With careful planning, you can create a resilient, stylish patio that perfectly suits the vibrant summer weather of Michigan, offering you a haven to relish every sun-soaked moment of the season.