Choosing the Perfect Pillow: A Comprehensive Guide to Considerations for Online Purchases

If you have spent time browsing the internet for a pillow, you will see that there are many options to choose from. So how do you know which is the one for you, given that you cannot touch or feel it? Here is a guide to help you buy pillows online that satisfy all your sleep needs and help you keep a healthy posture. As far as where to purchase a pillow goes, opt for Wakefit, a one-stop online retail store for all sleep needs. 

How do you know when to replace a pillow?

A pillow is one of the sleep tools that need frequent replacements. Wear and tear is one of the most obvious reasons for replacing a pillow. However, even with no visible wear and tear, your pillow may have accumulated dust mites and skin cells buildup, so a new pillow is needed. How do you recognize that? The yellow round patches on the pillow mean it is time for replacement. The other signs are when they become saggy and lumpy. 

The above are some visual signs; however, to check if a traditional fibre pillow is of good quality and supportive, then do the fold test. Press the pillows for the bed into a half and place a book on it. When you remove the book, if the pillow folds back to its original shape, it has life in it; otherwise, it is time for it to go. If you have a memory foam pillow, if it cannot maintain its form and crumbles, it needs replacement. 

Understand the position of your sleep

A good pillow is a prerequisite for a rejuvenating and restful sleep. It provides the proper support to your spine, neck and head and keeps them aligned in a neutral position. That prevents any pain or discomfort and promotes better blood circulation. A good pillow reduces the risk of problems that are related to sleep. With so much importance attached to a pillow, you must pick the suitable pillows online. To choose the perfect pillow, knowing your primary sleep position is essential. It is the way you sleep at night when you lie down. Depending on whether you sleep on your stomach, side, back or in a combination of sleep positions, each position needs a different type of pillow and support levels. For instance, side sleepers find firmer pillows beneficial while back sleepers prefer medium-firm pillows.

Every person sleeps differently, while some like to sleep on their stomachs, many prefer to sleep on their backs. Side sleeping is one of the most preferred sleeping positions, while some switch positions at night. So what type of pillow to choose based on sleeping positions? Here goes

  • Side sleepers: Look for a pillow that offers firm support so that the head, neck and spine are aligned. They offer support to the shoulders, neck and head while maintaining the body horizontally.
  • Stomach sleepers: Sleep experts suggest avoiding this sleeping position as it can injure the spine. But if you are in a habit of unintentionally sleeping in this position, it is best to have a soft pillow. 
  • Back sleepers: Look for a medium firm pillow if you are a back sleeper. It provides the right support to the head and neck while maintaining the natural curve of the spine. 

What are the various firmness levels in a pillow?

Firmness is one of the most important factors to consider, which is a major part of your decision to buy a pillow. The level of firmness a pillow offers significantly impacts the neck, and hence, you have to be extremely cautious while buying. Five types of pillows are based on their firmness

  • Soft: It is a pillow that is highly dense and provides minimum support amongst all the other firmness levels and is ideal for stomach sleepers.
  • Medium soft: This is a step ahead of the soft pillow in the firmness level and is ideal for those with a body type above the normal range.
  • Medium: It is the sweet spot among pillows as it is not too firm or soft and is best for back sleepers.
  • Medium firm: It is a good neck pillow as it provides ample support to the head and neck and is firm to the touch without giving away its shape.
  • Firm: It is one of the firmest and is not great for stomach sleepers. It is also a good back pillow for those with pains and aches.

Key factors to consider while buying a pillow online

Pillow fill: The fills inside the pillow are made of various materials like memory foam, synthetic fibres, down feathers, or a combination of these. Each fill has different benefits and hence it is essential to choose the one that suits your needs. Among these, if you want optimal personalized support and one that moulds as per the body shape, choose a memory foam pillow online, For a plush and luxurious choice, opt for down feathers. 

Pillow size: The sizes range from the standard pillow to king size, and the choice is based on your preference as well as the bed size. A standard pillow is good for a single bed, while you may want to choose king-size pillows for large beds for better coverage. A baby pillow online is also one of the sizes that are available from many online retailers.

Pillow loft: It refers to the thickness or height of the pillow. Determine whether you want a high, medium or low loft depending on personal comfort and sleep position. Side sleepers find higher lofts more beneficial while stomach sleepers prefer lower lofts. You can also use a wedge pillow which lifts the head, neck and shoulders to keep the upper torso inclined. 

Allergies and breathability: If you tend to feel hot at night, choose pillows made from breathable materials so that there is no heat buildup. Also, if you are prone to allergies, choose pillows that are hypoallergenic and made from breathable materials to prevent dust mites accumulation. You can also choose

 customized pillows online for more support and comfort.

Purchasing a pillow that is of high quality is a worthy investment as it is sure to enhance sleep quality and general health. With a wide variety of pillow choices available online, finding the ideal one based on your preferences may seem challenging. However, you can make foolproof decisions by factoring in the sleep position, loft, breathability, fill, and customer reviews.