Refurbishing Unwanted Furniture and Clothing Could Help the Planet

It is no secret that there is so much wastage in this world. Clothing, in particular, is known as a throwaway product for most of the Western world, and so is not necessarily made to last. However, helping the planet goes further than recycling and reusing fabrics from clothing. Trees are being chopped down to make furniture, and yet there is perfectly good furniture tipped, dumped, or heaped on bonfires across the globe.

If everybody did just one thing to reduce this, it would make a difference, and they may even be able to make a bit of money out of it too.

#1 Getting your hands on unwanted items

Initially, you may have to frequent tips and dumps in order to collect the items that you need. This, of course, is if you are looking for them for free or for a minimal price. If you are happy to pay more, then websites such as eBay or social media marketplaces may be able to help you. 

However, over time as your business progresses, you may find that people will actually contact you before taking their unwanted items to these places so that you can either collect them or they can be delivered directly to you.

#2 Repurposing items to make them desirable

Your whole venture will be in making these items desirable once more. Painting furniture or for that matter, rubbing it down and waxing, varnishing, or oiling it if it is real wood or even veneer, can rejuvenate a piece of beaten-up furniture. 

However, when it comes to clothing or material scraps, you have a choice of making it into another garment or making it into a household accessory. Cushion covers, throws or even rag rugs may be seen as desirable objects if they are put together properly and in certain color schemes.

#3 Selling items to provide a wages

Of course, you are not going to want to provide this service for free, so you shall have to think about selling it. This can be done on market stalls, yard sales, as well as over the Internet. 

By applying for a seller account on eBay or Amazon, for instance, you will not necessarily require a website of your own, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t have one. Having your own website and social media profile can help raise awareness about what you are doing while also acting as a platform from which you can sell your items.

#4 Shipping items to their new homes

Once your business is established, you may find that you are sending your products far and wide, and for this, you will require freight shipping for your large items. It is likely that those customers that purchase one couch or chair are unlikely to stop there, and they are more likely to purchase a matching set. Getting these items to their new home will require bulk freight transport and experienced handling, so it is essential that you choose your delivery company carefully.

Final thoughts

You are likely to find this type of profession rewarding while being totally amazed by the items that people throw away. Furniture with plenty of life still left in it and clothing that, for the most part, looks as new and has been binned due to it being last year’s colors or fashion.