Pool Tables

Types of Pool Tables & Which One To Buy

In the world of ball sports, one particular game remains to be a classic favorite of those who love an even mix of thrill and skill. You don’t kick, volley, dribble, throw, or roll. In this type of sport, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and a bit of finesse matter most.

Yes, we’re talking about the game of pool.

Commonly regarded as an “after work bar game,” pool or billiards is actually a sport that goes way beyond the confines of a local pub or sports bar (read more). It’s a mentally and physically challenging game where your skill, experience, and critical thinking abilities are put to the test. Those who dare say that this is a game of luck don’t really understand how to play pool at all. If anything, it’s more of a test of how much you paid attention during math class in high school.

I do get why people would love to personally own a table to practice on at home though. Billiards is one of the few sports that you can enjoy in a small compact space and even with just your own company. Whether you are building your own man cave or you want more practice time to reach that pro level, having a pool table at home is surely a luxury that would be nice to have, especially if you can afford it.

Types Of Pool Tables

  • Mini

This type of billiard table is pretty small for an average size adult. Playable, but doesn’t really offer that much of a challenge as the pockets would almost be at arms’ length. The size usually ranges from 20 to 60 inches, ideal for children who want to learn how to play at a young age.

If you want to introduce your little ones to the sport early in life or maybe just spend some quality time with them during game night, a mini pool table would be just right. These are also easier to procure as there are many companies who sell pool tables online that offer door to door delivery.

  • Junior

Next is the Junior which typically spans about 7 feet. It’s a good-sized table and is usually used for leisurely games such as what you’d find in bars and pubs. The size of the play area makes it ideal for commercial spaces as it does not take up a large part of the room but still offers the establishments customers enough challenge to actually enjoy the game. Most of these tables have netted pockets though, which means that you would have to pick up every ball that falls through each individual pocket whenever you have to reset the game.

  • Standard

Pool Tables

Now, this one is the most common. The standard size for a billiard table is 8-feet long and is usually what you’d find in private residences. Most people who own this either play the sport professionally or have taken up billiards as a hobby.

Pro players often use a standard table to practice trick shots and visualize different game plays. It also allows them to practice for more difficult sets or review their performance from previous games. Because standard tables are built with an automatic ball catcher, it’s much easier to maneuver, especially for entry-level players.

  • Professional

Last but not least, we have the Large or Professional table. This one has a massive play area of 9 feet and is usually seen in professional meets and tournaments. The wideness of the table adds to the challenge of hitting long shots but at the same time, is ideal for spotting as the balls are more evenly spread out.

The number one challenge with having this type of pool table is the size of it, as seen here: https://designingidea.com/pool-table-dimensions/. The amount of space it will require for its play area is significantly larger than that of a Junior or Standard size table. Not to mention that these tables cost a fortune to buy and a little more to deliver.

Each of these has their own individual charms as well as drawbacks so it really comes down to what your preference is and what your budget allows. Most people will just go with the standard due to its universality, but you also have to take your play space into account when making your selection.

There are many companies that can help you craft a custom pool table that would meet your requirements specifically so best explore your choices before making the actual purchase. You would want to prioritize quality when buying this type of item as billiard tables seldom depreciate in value as long as they are kept in pristine condition. So, making sure that you are building yours with quality materials is definitely a must!