UAE Job Opportunities & Labour Employment Law

UAE Job Opportunities & Labour Employment Law

UAE offers excellent job opportunities, and expats are very motivated to establish a profession and way of life there. Expats in the UAE make up about 90% of the country’s total population, and they appreciate the country’s tranquility and lack of taxes. Anyone who wants to move to the UAE in pursuit of employment opportunities must take care to carry out the essential research and make sure they comply with all legal requirements. These details can be as follows:  

Letter of Employment

If a company or Employer based in the United Arab Emirates, offers you a position, they must first provide you with an official offer letter in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE). Sometimes, it is not provided and directly the Employment Agreement is signed. Anyhow, if it is signed between Employer and Employee then this is not a bad option. Once both parties have signed the offer letter, it becomes legally binding between the parties. The employee can check the offer’s validity on the MOHRE website.

VISA for Employment/Employment Residence VISA

Once the job offer has been accepted by both sides, the employer is needed to grant the employee an entrance visa so that he can arrive in the UAE and begin working. Once the employee arrives in the UAE and successfully completes the medical examinations and processes necessary for the visa process, the employment visa will be finalized.

It is significant to remember that anyone who is in the UAE on a visit visa is expressly not permitted to work. You risk fines and deportation if you work while you are on a visit or tourist visa. This deportation will be life time. It’s also critical to remember that an employer has a legal obligation to fund an employee’s visa charges; under no circumstances may the employee be charged for these costs.

Labour and Employment Agreement

Additionally, the employee must sign a legal employment contract that will be based on the conditions of the previously agreed-upon “Job Offer.” The conditions of the job offer letter cannot be altered by the Employer in any way. 

The Employee should read and comprehend all of the clauses in the Labour and Empployment Contract before signing it. Understanding terminology like “Probation Period,” “Notice Period,” “Nature of the Employment”, “Non-Competition Agreements”, Non-Disclosure Agreements”. 

Support by Lawyers 

Many people move to Abu Dhabi and other Emirates, for work and to know your legal rights one should consult the lawyers in Abu Dhabi. Support of Lawyers and Legal Consultants in UAE, is phenomenal. These Lawyers are helpful in legal counselling, drafting the documents, review the documents and more. These Advocates are also helpful in partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, drafting the business agreements and more. All needs to be done, to find out a good Lawyer and Legal Consultant. Advocates and Legal Consultants, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are considered to be the best. However, there are many Law Firms in all the Emirates, capable of delivering the quality legal services and support. This support is by UAE National Advocates and Legal Consultants.