What Are AI Robots? How Do They Work?

What Are AI Robots? How Do They Work?

Technology is making progress day by day. Artificial intelligence is an excellent invention of technology and is the most exciting field in robotics. Everybody accepts that robots can perform specific functions. Still, the debate is whether they can be intelligent enough to work independently. 

Luckily, there have been many AI robot models launched by various companies. These robots are able to perform the functions they are trained for. Due to their features, they are the top technology trend at the moment. 

What Is An AI Robot?

An AI robot is an electronic machine. It is operated by a computer system equipped with artificial intelligence. An AI robot can perform tasks based on its features. It has many sensors that read any change in the surroundings. This signal is read by the computer system installed in the robot. Finally, the AI robot takes action according to the situation. 

Different Components of AI Robot

An AI robot is built with the following components. 

Power Supply

To perform its functions, an AI robot needs some power source. Most AI robots operate on batteries. Some of them may also work by consuming power from solar energy. 


An actuator is a component of an AI robot that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is responsible for the forwarded or backward movement of the AI robot. 

Electric Motor

Electrical motors are used for the rotational movement of the AI robot. Because of an electrical motor, an AI robot can turn around at an angle of 360 degrees. 

Muscle Wires

Muscle wires are used to bend or move up and down the muscle parts of the AI robot. These muscle wires can contract up to 5% when an electric current passes through them. 


Sensors are the most important part of an AI robot. They collect information from the environment. These sensors work just like human eyes. They can observe any change in the surroundings and send signals to the main AI System. 

AI Technology System

AI technology system works like the brain. It receives information from the sensors, processes it, and decides to take action according to the situation. 

How Does an AI Robot Work?

The basic idea of an AI robot looks simple, but its execution is complicated. An AI robot gathers facts about a situation through human input or sensors. Then it compares this information with stored data and decides what this information is all about. Finally, the action is performed based on stored data. 

The human body has five major components, the body, muscles to move the body, a sensory system, a power source, and the brain. If we compare an AI robot with our body, we can get the answer to how an AI robot works. 

The body of AI robots protects the installed components, and muscle wires help the robot’s body to move. The battery provides power to AI robots to perform their tasks. The sensors gather information from the environment and send it to the main AI System that processes sensory information and tells the robot muscles what to do next.