13 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Crossbody Bag

Did you know that in 2021, the size of the world handbag market was worth USD 49.12 billion?

Being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to go all out. Being stylish never hurts your lifestyle. Deciding on a crossbody bag can be a huge help in pursuing a fashion solution.

But picking the right bag can be tricky. We have a guide on how to buy the perfect crossbody bag you can use forever!

Let your journey begin!

1. Measurements Matter

When buying a bag, it should be structured enough to keep items in place but not too rigid or bulky. Measurements are also necessary when it comes to finding the perfect bag. Make sure to measure the length and width of the bag you want.

Generally, the length should be between 12 to 16 inches and the width between 8 to 10 inches. The strap should also be long enough to wear comfortably over one shoulder or across your body. Additionally, look for straps that are adjustable and versatile.

Some straps feature slips to loop over the shoulder or even around the waist for convenience. Remember that you don’t need a massive bag; in most cases, you won’t need to fill it up, and a smaller size could be ideal.

2. Think Practically

Start by thinking about the items you need to carry. Make a list of must-have items such as a phone, wallet, keys, and other things you need regularly. This should provide a good sign of the size of the bag required.

An adjustable strap ensures the bag sits across the body without putting strain on the shoulder, so opt for one with adjustable lengths. Additionally, consider the fabric; leather is timeless and durable, making it an excellent option for a crossbody bag. Water-resistant materials may also be wise if you take your bag outdoors.

Lastly, consider the pockets and extra features you may find helpful. Multiple pockets for items such as sunglasses and pens and an external pocket for quick access to cards and cash can make for a more functional and practical bag for your everyday activities.

3. Quality Over Quantity

To ensure you are making a wise investment, consider factors such as; durability, design, comfort, and convenience. Consider your lifestyle needs and personal preference for style and design when shopping for the perfect bag.

Choosing a bag with quality fabrics and construction will help it look good and last long. Look for minor details such as solid zippers, adjustable straps, and functional pockets, all of which will give top quality and convenience.

Finally, think about the weight. A lightweight bag will be comfortable to carry and a bonus if you often wear your bag all day. Attention to these details will help you invest in a quality crossbody bag you can hold onto for many years.

4. Comfort and Esthetics

When choosing the perfect crossbody bag, comfort and aesthetics should be considered. Make sure the strap is adjustable to ensure maximum comfort. The width and length of the belt should fit your body to help evenly distribute the weight of the bag.

Look for a bag made from soft leather, canvas, or nylon to help prevent abrasion and add to the comfort of wear. When selecting the bag’s aesthetic, choose a design that complements your wardrobe and expresses your style.

Consider the size of the bag relative to the size of your body, the shape of the bag, and the color. Additionally, look at the functional features like the number of pockets or compartments or built-in accessories such as a phone holder, headphone jack, or water bottle holder. Carefully considering these features will lead to selecting the perfect crossbody bag.

5. The Right Price

Deciding your budget before browsing for the perfect crossbody bag is essential. Once you’ve determined the maximum amount you are willing to spend, research online for deals and prices. Websites like Amazon and eBay allow you to read customer reviews and compare prices for the same item in different stores.

Additionally, there will be times when you will find bags on sale in the stores, so it’s essential to check all retail outlets and boutique stores. Consider finding a coupon or promo code once you’ve seen the bag of your dreams, as you might find a better deal and save more.

The right bag shouldn’t cost a fortune, so finding a realistic price range will help you find the perfect crossbody bag.

6. Find the Right Color

The color of the bag should either blend in with the colors of your wardrobe or add a colorful and eye-catching contrast. Colorful bags can bring a pop of color to neutral ensembles or brighten up a colorful outfit. Neutral colors and light pastels are perfect for formal occasions, and darker colors, such as navy and black, are fashionable choices for everyday use.

Size is an essential factor to consider when selecting a backpack. A crossbody bag should fit all your essentials without being bulky or cumbersome. The most important thing to remember is that the color of your bag should complement the colors you like to wear.

7. Quality Materials

Look for sturdy leather or canvas that feels substantial. Examine the seams and stitching to ensure they are strong enough for regular use and wear.

Avoid flashy, plastic-looking materials and go for natural tones. Look for firms and even zippers, buckles, and other hardware.

Find a bag that is comfortable to wear and won’t irritate your skin. The strap should be flexible, making it easy to find the perfect length. The quality of the material and hardware will lead to a bag you enjoy wearing that lasts for years.

8. Match Your Outfit

Make sure it matches your outfit. There are many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from, and you want them to be distinct from your attire. Think about the colors and textures in your wardrobe and add a bag in similar tones.

Secondly, consider your lifestyle. Do you spend much time at work and need a professional style? Or, are you a free spirit who prefers a boho-inspired look?

Choose a bag that reflects your personality and daily activities.  A small black crossbody purse is a versatile and practical choice. With a bag that matches your outfit, you can carry all your essential items without sacrificing style or comfort.

9. Add Personality to Your Look

If you want to add a bit of sass and personality to your look, choose a bold bag with a splash of color. Bright pinks, canary yellows, and neon greens add to an otherwise muted palette. Consider a neutral crossbody color and texture if you want a more laid-back look.

The materials should be high-quality and durable, ensuring that the bag will stand the test of time. Look for zippers, buckles, and straps for extra safety and security.

10. Lifestyle Needs

If you know, you will be carrying a laptop or other bulky items, a bag with a padded compartment is ideal. To increase comfort and convenience, look for a bag with an adjustable strap or one where you can remove and change the belt. Next, consider the style. Look for a bag that has the features you need and works with your style.

Pick a bag in color and material that easily matches other items in your wardrobe. Finally, ensure that your bag has quality materials, compartments, and secure closure systems so your items are safe without weighing you down too much. 

11. Know Your Budget

Start by considering the amount of money you will spend on the bag. Make sure you shop within that budget to ensure you spend your money wisely. Additionally, compare prices and research the bag’s quality to ensure you get a good deal.

Online shopping can provide a great way to compare prices while allowing you to read reviews from other customers. Lastly, decide if you’ll opt for a designer bag, as these are much more expensive than generic options. 

12. Deciding on the Bag’s Function

Consider if you need a large and spacious bag for carrying everyday items or if a smaller and lighter option is better for you. Also, consider if you need a bag with many pockets and compartments or prefer a more straightforward design. If you need a hands-free bag to keep your hands free or don’t mind carrying it with the straps. 

13. Analyze the Advantages

Think about aspects such as the stitching of the straps and handles, the zip and closure, and the fabric’s overall durability. Another advantage to consider is how the bag functions in your lifestyle. Consider whether this bag will be used for a night out, a shopping trip, or an outdoor adventure before making the perfect purchase.

Finally, take into account the styling and design of the bag. This is the bag you will be seen with, so focus on the details and choose something that suits your look and taste while providing the necessary features above.

Choose the Best Crossbody Bag

Choosing the perfect crossbody bag can feel manageable. As long as you keep in mind the bag’s size, material, and purpose, you should be able to find something that suits your fancy. So take a few moments to shop around and find the bag that is just right for you!

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