5 Factors to Consider Before Getting Mommy Makeover Surgery

Did you know a surgeon performed an average of 320 procedures in 2021 alone? Getting in shape after having a baby is one of the hardest things for many women. And you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Your family and friends can help you with this journey.

But the truth is a lot of women feel ashamed of their bodies after having a baby, and that’s why they’re looking into mommy makeover surgery. Before you undergo with this plastic surgery, it is vital to consider some factors to increase success and safety.

Keep reading to learn what you must consider before undergoing this cosmetic enhancement procedure.

1. Understanding Potential Risks and Benefits

Before going ahead with any kind of surgery, it is important to understand the potential risks and benefits. Getting a mommy makeover surgery is no exception.

You should also consider potential psychological risks. For example, patients can experience body dysmorphia or dissatisfaction with the results.

It is also vital for patients to make sure there are realistic expectations about what the procedure can achieve. Understand that surgery cannot fix all physical complaints. 

2. Choosing the Right Surgeon

It’s essential to consider the plastic surgeon’s training and qualifications for types of surgery. Ensure your surgeon has the proper certifications and experience. 

Researching the surgeon’s history, such as if they have had any malpractice lawsuits, is vital in raising the procedure’s success. Additionally, ensure that the operating facility meets the same high standards. 

3. Knowing the Costs of the Surgery Ahead of Time

The surgery costs will vary depending on the scope of the procedure and the surgeon. But some clinics offer a flat fee based on the services received. 

Aside from the flat fee, you should also determine if their health insurance will cover some costs. Take the time to look into individual prices for any added services. This can also help when considering costs when planning and preparing for the surgery.

4. Being Prepared for Surgery

Research the procedure and doctors, ask questions, look at before and after photos, and determine whether it’s the right choice for you. Check out mommy makeover by Dr. Cabret for the best results and safety.

Understand that it is an operation and takes dedication and follow-up visits for proper recovery. Also, inquire about the post-surgical care instructions and medications. 

Talk to a doctor about anesthesia and any lifestyle changes you may need to make before or after the surgery. Also, arrange for transportation and post-surgical care from someone before the surgery.

5. Understanding the Recovery Process

Recovery time can vary and can last anywhere from several weeks to months. During this period, it is crucial to plan for help with childcare and a reduction in activity levels for a few weeks.

Having a solid support system can ensure recovery is as smooth as possible. Connect with friends and family available to help with any needs and provide emotional support. 

Patients should always discuss their recovery expectations with their surgeons. This ensures they are knowledgeable and prepared for the subsequent processes suited to your needs.

Learn the Important Factors Before Getting a Mommy Makeover Surgery Today

Mommy makeover surgery is a great way for mothers to restore their pre-baby bodies. It’s important to remember that it’s a significant decision and that factors, including the cost of the surgery. Research the doctor’s experience and qualifications, and the specific risks of the procedure, should all be thoroughly considered before undergoing these makeover options.

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