7 Concert Ticket Buying Errors and How to Avoid Them

Are you a fan of bringing your friends to concerts, shows, or festivals? Or would you be one?

Before you shell out your hard-earned cash for a ticket, there are a few things you need to look for in order to get the best experience possible.

We want you to have a great experience, so we want to keep you from missing out.

Check out these concert ticket buying errors before you buy.

1. Not Finding the Details

Concert ticket buying errors can be quite costly when it comes to not finding the details. These oversights can lead to buyers arriving at the wrong date or time at the show and being denied entry, overpaying for the show, or buying the wrong type of seating.

To avoid such errors, buyers must be thorough in researching the show they are purchasing tickets for and pay attention when selecting tickets and filling out information. This will ensure that buyers know all of the necessary information relating to the show prior to checking out.

In the end, it is preferable to take the extra time before ordering tickets to make sure that all of the details are in place to avoid any complications that can come from not finding the details.

2. Ignoring Presale Passes Benefits

Presale passes are a great way for concert-goers to get the best seats and access to special discounts. By ignoring presale concert tickets, concert-goers can miss out on these great advantages. Additionally, regular ticket buyers may encounter delays. Many times, the regular sale of concert tickets can be incredibly busy, with everyone trying to purchase tickets.

This can lead to long wait times and slow-moving website loading times, which can lead to headaches. Lastly, there are typically more available tickets in the presale than in the regular sale leaving more options for larger or better seating.

By ignoring presale passes, potential concert-goers are really missing out on the benefits that can be provided. They are also significantly decreasing their chances of attending the concert of their choice.

3. Not Creating Accounts

Concert ticket buying errors can be a real headache to deal with, especially when it comes to not creating an account if needed. It’s important for concert ticket buyers to double-check their accounts and make sure that they have created one if needed.

Often times buyers overlook the fact that an account is needed to complete the purchase. It’s also important to not give any unnecessary personal information even if they are prompted to do so; stick to the information needed to complete the purchase and nothing else.

Lastly, if uncertain about the purchase of affordable concert tickets, contacting the ticket agent directly can save a lot of headaches and ensure better customer service.

4. Not Researching the Platform

Not researching the platform that sells concert tickets can lead to an uninformed buying process. Not researching the platform can lead to high and possibly hidden fees tacked on to the ticket upon purchase. It can also lead to tickets being delivered in a format that the venue will not accept at the door.

This can leave buyers who thought they had an amazing deal standing at the gate without being able to attend the show they have been looking forward to for months. It can also lead to unauthorized sellers touting fake tickets and taking buyers’ money directly from their bank accounts or cards.

Therefore, a regular check of the platform selling tickets should be undertaken before committing to a purchase. This check should include any hidden fees, delivery problems, and the validity of ticket sellers. Better safe than sorry!

5. Not Using Multiple Devices

Not using multiple devices when you’re trying to purchase concert tickets can be a common mistake. With the increasing popularity of concerts and ticket availability, buying tickets online marketplaces can quickly become overwhelming and cause issues with ticket purchasing.

Not having multiple devices to search and purchase tickets can sometimes mean not getting the tickets you are after. Setting reminder alerts and trying to purchase tickets from multiple websites can help. However, being on multiple devices at the same time will increase your chances of having a successful purchase.

Make sure to give yourself enough time and to have multiple devices as backups. With proper planning and effort, you should have no issues with buying concert tickets.

6. Not Saving Your Payment Options

Not saving your payment options may lead to missed opportunities on secured deals and discounts. This is because you will have to re-enter your payment information and confirm the payment the next time, thus possibly missing out on discounts that come and go in a flash.

Additionally, not having payment options saved might lead to time being wasted by having to re-submit all the information all over again. Furthermore, if you’re in a rush, this could lead to some last-minute tickets being sold to someone else due to the time being spent on re-entering payment information. 

7. Missing the Resellers Details

Concert ticket buying errors can range from minor to major. One big mistake is missing the reseller’s details. When trying to purchase concert tickets, it’s important to remember to double-check who the resellers are.

It’s easy to miss the details of resellers when tickets are sold out or when it’s a special reseller, and you’re not used to the website. To avoid this error, do some research on the reseller so you’re familiar with where they get their tickets from.

Look up the reseller’s reviews online to make sure they have good and legitimate reviews from other customers. Also, read the terms and conditions that come with the tickets.

This will give you an insight into any extra charges you may need to pay when you purchase the tickets. Lastly, make sure you check if the vendor offers a secure payment system before you buy the ticket.

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Overall, concert ticket buying errors can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Making sure to research the event and familiarize yourself with their ticket-selling platforms can help you avoid any unfortunate ticket buying errors.

Avoid waiting until the last minute to purchase tickets, and take advantage of subscriptions when possible. 

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