5 Things to Consider When Replacing Windows and Doors in Woodbridge

Are you planning to change windows and doors in Woodbridge? Then you will be interested to know what factors to pay attention to while choosing such designs.

We have highlighted 5 key points that will help you make the right purchase decision.


As for the windows, the undisputed leader here is vinyl. It withstands harsh temperature fluctuations, does not need any special maintenance, is easy to operate, and retains an attractive appearance for a long time.

For doors we recommend steel or fiberglass. Both materials feature increased durability. Fiberglass would be good for those customers who want their doors to look like wooden ones.


Casement and sliders are often chosen for living rooms. For basements or semi-basements, it is best to install a basement window. For kitchens, bathrooms, or rooms with increased privacy requirements, it is best to choose awning windows. On ladders or where you just need to add some natural light without ventilation, you can install picture, fixed casement, or different types of shaped windows.

As for doors, the best materials for entrance doors are steel or fiberglass. For the garden or terrace customers often opt for French garden or patio sliding doors.


Sliders are often installed in homes in a modern minimalist style. If you live in a more traditional-style home, you can choose the regular hung windows. For houses in Victorian style we recommend bay windows.

As for doors, for traditional homes clients often choose fiberglass or French garden models. Modern buildings would look perfect with steel entry doors.

Energy efficiency

This is the main reason why many homeowners think about installing new doors.

If your home suffers from drafts, excessive humidity, mold, noise, or dust from the street, you definitely need to replace the old door and window structures with new ones!

The best option is products with Energy Star labels: they will solve all the above-mentioned problems, and help to save money on heating and air conditioning of the house.


Too cheap products are unlikely to last you for a long time and won’t be energy saving. The starting cost of hung windows starts from $250. And the minimum price of a steel door is $600.

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Here you will be helped to choose the best option for you, considering the price, design, quality, and functionality!