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All about choosing glasses according to face shape!

People are fashionable with glasses. They want to experiment with various types of eyewear. These have become necessary accessories for fashion lovers. Wearing glasses with different clothes is a new fashion of the 21st century. Various celebrities wear different glasses from and become popular among people. 

People usually change their glasses every 3 years. Since they are costly, it becomes difficult to buy many pairs as a collection. But people love to experiment with different types of glasses. We should choose the right pair of glasses according to face shape. If we can wear the correct pair of glasses according to our face shape, it will enhance our fashion style and look. 

Ways to identify the face shape

Wearing the right pair of glasses according to the face shape makes you noticeable among the group. Choosing the right pair of glasses helps to highlight the facial contours. It sometimes becomes difficult to choose frames that are out of our comfort zone. But at the same time, it is necessary to get out of our comfort zone and choose something non-conventional and different from the regular.

There are 5 main face shapes that people have and one should identify the right face shape.

  • Round
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Triangular
  • Heart

There is no rulebook that one has to follow while buying glasses as one can always experiment with their fashion. It is fun and interesting to show the different experimenting fashions with different glasses.

If you are confused and are looking for assistance to guide you with the right pair of glasses according to the face shape, then read the tips to know more!

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Glasses For Every Face Shape

None of our face shapes are as perfect as round, oval, heart, square, or triangular. It is an approximate measurement through which we understand the right facial shape of the people. Most of the face shapes are a combination of the above-mentioned face shapes. The combination face shapes include rounded chins and tall foreheads, sharp angular features and tapered jaws, and others.

Sometimes it is found that a person can have his chin a bit more pointed than typically oval, or the forehead is a little broader than the inverted triangle. This just helps us to determine the basic face structure and to have an idea of their face shape.

Once you are done with understanding the face structure, then it becomes easy to choose the right pair of glasses according to your need as the glasses pair will naturally balance the face shape without making them too loud. 

Let us see which glasses shape suits different face shapes-

  • Square face shape- A square face has a more angular jawline, foreheads, and cheekbones. They have bold angular features and cut a clean straight line from the forehead to the jaw. Round and thinner are a little wider on the sides but have a peaceful and natural look on the face. Round glasses or the oval shape glasses are a perfect fit for square face shape people.
  • Round face shape- A round face shape has slightly wider cheekbones, forehead, and jaws. Round faces have a balanced face shape with almost equal width from the jawline to the forehead. Round faces’ cheeks are usually full and the chin is rounded with very few angles. This face shape is often distinguished because of all the curves. They can try geometric frames, rectangular glasses, or any cat-eye or D-shaped frames.
  • Heart face shape- A heart face shape is the widest at the foreheads and gradually narrows down at the end through the jaws. These face shapes have high cheekbones and broad brows and foreheads. These faces are either long or round, appealing to a cheerful and jolly look. Light-coloured or rimless frames, oval-shaped frames, bottom-heavy frames, and frames with low-set temples are the best frames for a heart face shape.
  • Triangle faces shape- A triangle face shape is the widest at the jaw and gradually narrows at the forehead. It is to be ensured that one must choose the frames with upper detailing on the upper portion. The best frames that go with the triangle face shape people are- aviators, D-frames, and cat-eye glasses. This helps one to appear boldly and subtly.
  • Oval face shape- This is the perfect, balanced face shape that one possesses. Almost all glasses shapes are suitable for this face shape. One can experiment with any glasses frames and it is fun to wear and experiment with different frames. Square, rectangular and geometric shape glasses will suit the best in this face shape along with all other frames.