Business 101: 5 Marketing Strategies for Success

Photo from Unsplash

Marketing is one of the most important factors in success, as any major success in the industry will tell you, and good marketing often trumps a better service or product. If you want to be the best at getting your name out there, you’ll have to focus on your marketing skills and explore more strategies for succeeding, which are both unique and different so you’ll be able to leave an impact on your audience in a way your competition hasn’t been able to do. In this article, we will explore five marketing strategies that businesses can apply for success.

Automated messaging

Automated messaging is a technology that not many businesses take full advantage of, as it uses older systems instead of more trendy ones like social media. However, it’s still incredibly effective, as, using some of the best messaging services, like SlickText, you’ll be able to reach everyone you possibly can. There are hundreds of millions of phones in the United States, and while many of them aren’t connected to the internet, most of them are registered on a major network. An automated service will allow you to reach these phones through a toll-free number with an associated SIM and send a text that contains new information about your business.

Marketing through social media

Social media is a behemoth, and most people who have internet access around the world have an account on one or more of the most popular sites. While more traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, billboards, or TV spots focus on a small area or, at best, the whole country, with social media marketing, you’ll be able to reach a worldwide audience. This doesn’t have to take the form of a simple ad, either, as you can create videos, games, interactive quizzes, polls, and even specialized social media accounts to make sure you’re engaging with your client base as much as you can.

Using popup stores

Popup stores are a great way to market your business and reach more people than ever, especially if your business is all about creating and selling a product. There are many conventions that take place all over the world where you could open up a popup store, like a gaming convention or a technology convention, depending on the type of product you’re making. You could even open popups at random times throughout major cities in the United States, which is something that many companies have done. This adds a layer of excitement to your marketing campaign, as no one can predict where you’ll be next, and creating a new, limited-edition version of your product will also mean that there’s more demand and a feeling of exclusivity around what you’re selling.

Partnering with influencers

Influencers are people who have been able to use social media to their advantage, often using the biggest sites to cultivate their fanbases and legions of people who follow their every word. They’re considered more authentic and real than traditional celebrities who manage their public persona. If you want to tap into this fanbase, you can partner with one or more of these influencers, either by paying them to mention you in a post or sending a product for them to try publicly.

Using a strategy according to your audience’s preferences

Companies have vast and wildly different customer bases, so you should let your customer base dictate the strategy you use when you’re creating ads or picking the platforms to use. If you want to entice a younger audience, social media, brand integration, and celebrity partners should be your pick, while older audiences may still prefer television or newspapers. You can even create promotions and videos or pictures that would appeal to your customer base, using research from focus groups to be able to understand what they’d like to see.


If you’re starting a new business or have had a small one for some years, you’ll know that many markets are now oversaturated thanks to the amount of other companies and competition competing for the same customers. The only way to get ahead of these competitors is by targeting your audience directly and making sure that they know your name and your brand’s image. If you use the information in this article, you’ll be able to do just that by using strategies, both new and old, to appeal to your customer base in a new and fresh way.