Photo Frame Gift

Buy a Photo Frame Gift and Recollect the Old Memories

Do you know what a photo frame gift means? A photo frame carries old memories, occupations, thoughts etc. In everybody’s life, memories play an excellent role. That is the reason people like to store old memories. 

That is the reason people must need photo frame gift. You can find the best photo frame gift item in India’s best online gift store. Let’s check the gift items and know their potential features as well. 

Customized Photo Collage Frame Gift in Moon Shape 

It is one of the classy and beautiful photo frame items. You can buy this gift for anyone. You can present this gift to your family member or someone special. This customized photo collage frame has excellent features. 

The size of the frame is 12*12 inches. The frame is made with MDF without glass. The product is so strong that it will prevent any tempering. The print of the product has high quality. When you give this gift to someone, they feel proud.

With this photo frame gift, you can add 35 pictures and use them as a collage. You can also use some excellent templates. The thickness of the frame is 20*40 mm, and you can hang the frame against the wall.

Customized Photo Mosaic Collage Frame Gift with Many Pictures 

It is one of the great customized photo frame gift items. The best thing about the gift item is its size. The size of the gift item is 17*12 inches. The gift item is made with the best MDF elements. The thickness of the photo frame is .75 inches. 

You can paste 50 pictures on the frame. You will also get a customized design. For this reason, you must send the images to the design team. The designer will design your collage and send it for your creative approval. 

Customized Spotify Music Wall Collage Photo Frame

You can also buy this customized photo frame for your special one. You need to upload the images and text to receive a great design. You can also listen to music through the Spotify link. For this reason, you need to download the Spotify Application. After opening the Spotify application, you need to click on its search tab. 

With the Camera Icon, you can check the search tab. By scanning the code, you can listen to your music. 

If you want to impress your boyfriend or husband, you can get gift ideas for men. On the online gift store, you can find many types of gifts for men.

Pure Cotton Polo Neck T-Shirt White 

It is a hundred per cent cotton T-Shirt. It is a polo neck T-Shirt, and you can get any size, such as Small, Medium, Large, XL, or Double XXL.

Photo Wall Clocks Birthday Gift for Boyfriend

You will feel great honour when you gift your boyfriend this photo wall clock on his birthday. The size of this item is 11*11 inches. It is made with a premium quality wooden product. It is a hardboard product. 

You can also print a photo of your boyfriend and test the message on the gift item. Your boyfriend can decorate the wall with this digital photo gift.