Different Styles of Glass Office Doors and How to Choose the Right One

It won’t be long now, before the distinct sound of pandemic laws being shut in huge offices, as businesses around the world close their doors.

Well, that’s if your staff is still allowed to come into your building, of course. If your company is still open for business, you should certainly look into upgrading your glass office doors, in order to prevent any unwanted visitors.

Here’s a look at the different styles and how to choose the one for you.

Assisted Closing Sliding Glass Doors

They are easy to open, close, and lock securely, but most importantly, they use an innovative assisted closing mechanism that ensures that the door is always securely shut. 

Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or something more traditional, these doors offer sleek, modern styles that will take your office to the next level. Consider your budget, the size of your office, and the level of security you need before deciding on the perfect style for you.

Glass Barn Doors Designs

When selecting a style of glass office doors, you’ll want to consider the functional design of the space as well as the style. Glass Barn Doors Designs offer a timeless and elegant look that can easily be customized to fit any decor.

Additionally, there are various options for decorative glass, color tinting, and door hardware that can be used to create a unique look. To ensure your door meets your functional needs, you’ll want to select a door material that is lightweight, fire-resistant, and insulates sound

Glass Pocket Doors Designs

Glass pocket doors have become increasingly popular in office designs, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their unique ability to divide a space without using up valuable space inside a room. 

There are several different styles of glass pocket doors that can be selected to best fit the needs of the space and job at hand. Tinted, frosted, and/or opaque glass enables privacy, while clear glass allows for more natural lighting and an open feeling.

Acoustic Double-Glazed Office Doors

These doors will look great with any modern or classical design and are available in a range of styles. Offering superior energy efficiency, acoustic double-glazed doors will help reduce external noise coming in and noise from within the office.

Since these doors are heavier than conventional single-glazed doors, it is important to choose the correct size and weight to ensure that the door is not too heavy for the door frame and opening mechanism. 

Pivot Frameless Swing Door

The frameless glass nature of the door makes it appear as if it is off to the side providing an open and spacious feel that is sure to make staff members, customers, and clients feel comfortable. The pivot aspect allows for the door to swing both ways allowing for easy entry and exit while still maintaining the doorway for privacy.

When selecting this type of door, make sure to measure both the doorway and the height for accurate installation of the door. Glass office doors are the perfect way to make any workspace feel light and airy, so be sure to pick a style that will best suit the aesthetic of the office. Purchase personnel door here to get this started.

Find Out Styles of Glass Office Doors

Glass office doors offer a modern and stylish look for any corporate office. When deciding on which type of glass office door to choose, it’s important to think about functionality, style, and budget. 

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