Moving child bedroom

Moving Child Bedroom

When you move from an apartment with several rooms, it is necessary to plan everything from the moving date and room disassemble order to a palace where your children or pets can go on a moving day. You might get confused with the amount of packing materials needed for every room or the size of a transport needed to move everything at once, but there is no need to worry about it when you ask for a quote from Calgary professional movers. They can look at the amount of things you need to transport and calculate the time to move them or they can help you with advice on packing materials. In case when you have decided to pack yourself, remember that the wardrobe room has to be packed first, after that bedrooms, and kitchen and bathroom are to be saved for the last. Assembling a nursery for a move requires special attention and organization in order to ensure the safety of children’s furniture items and toys. TO reduce the stress and workload on you, it is best to follow the next steps:

Make a list of things in the room. This means that you have to inventory toys, clothes,  furniture etc to know which material you will need. Making such a list also helps with organizing as you can get rid of the broken toys or things that are no longer needed, like small clothes or books. You can donate them to charity or include them in garage sales.

Prepare the tools and packing materials. Make sure you have wrenches and screwdrivers for disassembling and reassembling furniture. Get several huge cardboard boxes, plastic wraps and a marker along with scotch tape and sticky notes.

If possible, dismantle a bed, table, or other large object into its component parts. Take photos before disassembling and label the components so you can easily put them back together.

Protect furniture. It involves wrapping mattresses and upholstery in protective covers or plastic. Rigid furniture should be protected with styrofoam end caps or thick wrapping paper.

Pack all toys. Plastic toys can be packed into a large box and stuffed toys can either be packed separately or can be used as a filler in the boxes with fragile items.

Pack small items separately. Puzzles, bricks and construction toys should be put in bags or boxes separately from larger toys. Each bag or box should be labeled.

If you have complex toys or furniture, make assembly instructions and attach them to the item.

Remember to remove clothes from closets and pack them in boxes or bags.

Keep children’s safety in mind when packing and carrying the nursery. Pack dangerous items or chemicals separately so they don’t pose a risk to children.

Label everything and make sure all baby items and furniture are packed securely and protected from damage during the move.

It could be seen as a tremendous task but with the right nood and right organization you could tackle any room after the child’s bedroom.