Diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller Review 2022

In this Diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller Review, You’ll find out whether this compact stroller is worth your money.


Diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller:

  • Airplane Friendly
  • Travel Carry Bag
  • Convenient storage Space
  • The one-touch brake
  • Reclining Backrest
  • 5-Point harness
  • Canopy & Peekaboo Window
  • One-hand steering

About Diono Traverze Super Compact Stroller:

The Diono Traverze is the exclusive luggage-style travel stroller, that is suitable for babies of birth up to 45 lbs. Ultra-lightweight and super compact Traverze is airplane friendly and adventure-ready.

The pull-along handle acts just like your luggage, simply fold down, extend the handle, and you are good to go. Also, you’ll get a FREE water-resistant carry bag, so you can protect your stroller wherever your journey takes you.

All-round suspension and never-flat tires with swivel wheels allow Traverze to turn on a dime, for a smooth ride and one-hand steering. The integrated 5-point harness also has easy-to-remove plush pads and a premium knitted seat pad for a soft and safe ride.

Whether you’re pulling along in an airport with a toddler in tow or folding down in an instant for speedy boarding.

Today we’re talking about the Diono Traverse and overall I think the stroller is decent but does have room for Improvement.

The Diono Traverze was the product that was most high on and I’ve even talked with Dione about becoming a brand ambassador in fact this very blog is sponsored but despite that, I still have to do an honest review and share the things I’m liking and some of the things that I’m not.  

The Good things: 

So let’s start with the good things:


For the first time, I saw this stroller, I fell in love with a look of the Traverse. It really does look like a sleek well-designed compact stroller and it’s weighing in at just 12.3 pounds which is one of the lightest compact Stroller you can find.

Designed with no compromise in size or comfort, the Traverze features a reclining backrest to keep your little one comfortable on the move.

Opening this guy up is easy as it’s both a one-handed open and closed which does feel fluid and smooth when open it stands a little over 40  inches tall from the ground to the top of the handle just like the upper menu.

The Traverse has a really good balance of being lightweight and sturdy without feeling too flimsy or cheap the handle has a soft foam-like material that feels tactile and offers a good grip it isn’t adjustable but at my height, I’ve had no problems.

The canopy I like a lot you can actually peel the flat floor to reveal a super-wide peep screen now there isn’t an extended sunshade but that’s not really a deal-breaker for me. 

On the back is a zip pocket that can hold small essentials like keys phones and sunglasses.

Continuing downward the basket has a good amount of spacing for smaller things like water bottles, snacks, and so on, I don’t think it’s made to accommodate any sort of larger shopping items or diaper bags. I

f you’re getting tired of carrying your bag you might just want to resort to hanging it on the handle the back flap of the basket can extend out a bit for a little bit more space. 

It hasn’t bothered me too much but over time I have noticed a bit of warping on the flap and I think that’s bound to happen after multiple folds.

Toward the back of the basket, you’ll find a simple sandal-friendly break the wheels are pretty standard baseline wheels. I can’t really speak to the longevity of those yet but the suspension is surprisingly solid being able to accommodate a bit of bounce.

The magic of the Traverse really isn’t a fault though once again is a super simple one-handed fold where it set stuff apart. Though is with the telescoping handle hit the top you can pull it up and roll it behind you just like a suitcase and I think it’s the only stroller I’ve seen with that kind of feature.

Dione also provides you with a waterproof soft case to zip around the stroller for added protection during trips. This combo really does make it well-suited for air travel and vacations when folded the dimensions.  

According to my rough estimates, measurements are about 23 and a half inches tall, 17 inches wide, and about 13 inches deep. 

On a recent flight I was able to fit it in an overhead compartment with ease I will say that rolling it down the aisle of the airplane was just a little difficult in The 747 that we are on but it could squeeze through.

Though being priced around 199 that traverses a little bit more affordable than some of the higher-end compacts you’re gonna find like the upper menu, the babies in yo-yo, or the Bugaboo bee

The Room for Improvements: 

now let’s circle back and talk about the biggest place where improvement I think Dione should address in a future model:


The seat in some of our baby was just never comfortable in the Diono Traverse compact Stroller and I think the cause of that can be attributed to a couple of factors.


First the seat depth it’s measuring at 7 and a half inches which are very shallow and don’t seem to allow the space to sink in instead it always looks like he’s slumping and sliding off the sea.

  1. Angle:

I think is the seat angle. If you look closely at the Bugaboo Bee or the upper menu, both seats are angled downward a bit to let the kids slide in but the Traverse seat pan is basically parallel to the ground.

It keeps their bum and legs pushed upward a bit and ultimately results in a slump look rather than a proper seated position.

Looking at the side-by-side you can just tell her son’s body is seated differently he’s slumping and almost wants to pull himself up work third the seat back is kind of in this weird half reclined position where it’s not all the way up but it’s not all the way down it kind of operates.

It doesn’t display that full range of motion that I want to see to help that slump problem in my opinion.

Now I’m not saying, to be honest, should address all of these things but rather just one of them either make a deeper seat pan or change the angle. this is just one guy’s opinion.

I want to know that we have a one-year-old. I’ve seen pictures of people with older kids that seemingly have had better experiences than I have in the Traverse.

So if this is something that you really want to grab, I just say go for it and take my review with a grain of salt. 

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