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5 reasons why you need to own Good Girl Perfume?

This article is about good girl perfume by Designer Carolina Herrera, all its flankers, Characteristics, price, and other details. This information is intended to help you decide which Good girl fragrance to get from this range because there are quite a few of them.

Let’s be honest, it’s a little bit confusing to know whether you should be adding all of them to your collection or if you should be sticking to the original scent.

About the Designer and good girl perfume

Carolina Herrera is a fashion designer based in New York since the 1980s. Born in Venezuela, She started her career as a publicist. Her company now specializes in ready-to-wear dresses, fragrances, jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Caroline Herrera presents her Ready-to-Wear Collection semiannually at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. has launched a perfume based on the Good girl perfume by Caroline Herrera. You can use it as a cheap alternative to the good girl original perfume which is available on website. Find out about the Armani Code Here!

Good Girl Perfume:

In July 2016, Herrera announced the release of her new women’s fragrance, the biggest fragrance launch by the company in 14 years. This launch included the Good Girl Perfume and Karlie Kloss. Since then, the company introduced different versions of the Good Girl Perfumes including the Good Girl supreme, Very Good Girl, and the Limited Edition Good Girl Légère.

Perfume Type: Eua de Parfum

Price: $87/ 50ml/ 1.7Oz

Brand: Caroline Herrera

Launch Year: 2016

Common Notes: Almond, Coffee, Bergamot, Lemon, Rose, Jasmine, Orris, Orange Blossom. 

5 Reasons why you need to own the Good Girl perfume?

Before we go into the details of individual fragrances of the Good Girl series, let’s have a quick look at some of the common characteristics of this elegant perfume range and 5 reasons why you need to have this perfume in your closet.

  1. Most Popular Perfume in the World:

First off it is an attractive and super sexy perfume range. This is a staple amongst sexy fragrances for women and it is a great going-out evening fragrance. This is one of the biggest reasons a lot of women own this perfume.   

  • Main Accord:

The next thing this perfume range has in common is its common creamy, edible almond-like character that makes it super addictive. It’s also very different from the typical floral fruity fragrances that you can find in pretty much like 90 percent of designer fragrances for women.

  • Versatile:

The Good Girl Perfume is one of the most versatile perfumes around the world. If it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, day or night, this fragrance is going to stand out because of its fresh smell and sweetness.

  • Longevity and Sillage:

All of the fragrances within the good girl range are also super long-lasting and are known to leave a strong trail behind. These fragrances can last around 9 hours plus which is phenomenal.

A good reason people own this perfume is because of the Sillage and trail of sweetness it leaves when you wear it. If you want people to notice you at a party, this is the right range for you.

  • Unique Design and Packaging:

Lastly, the unique design of the Good Girl perfume range makes it a super luxury perfume. These do look like a shoe a stiletto and you can easily carry them anywhere you want. What makes it so special is the atomizer. Its sprayer is fantastic and one of the best when it comes to designer fragrances. The spray diffuses the fragrance perfectly.

These Unique features make the good girl perfume really worth its price and a must-have to have in your collection.

Good Girl Perfume: Flankers

Now it’s time to talk about the 4 different perfumes in the good girl perfume range:

  • Good Girl Original:

Let’s start off with the first perfume Good Girl Original. It is the most opulent, creamy, and rich fragrance out of the entire range. The Top notes of cacao beans, Almond, and bergamot give it its creamy almond-like sweet smell that is so distinctive to this range.

Furthermore, it is complemented with some sexy white floral tuberose and jasmine in the middle notes, which gives the ultimate evening scent or date night scent. This Eau de parfum is recommended for those women who like your sweeter creamier.

  • Good Girl Légère

If you like the scent of the original good girl but you find it to be too intoxicating, thick, or dense, Good Girl Légère is the one for you. This Perfume has top notes of Tangerine with Jasmine, Sambac Imperial, and Ylang-Ylang at the Middle and Tonka Bean & Dulce de Leche Accord as base notes.

This scent is a fresher interpretation of the original scent and is complemented with citrus to give it more lift and more lightness so it’s perfect.

  • Good Girl Supreme

This next flanker is good girl supreme, the one with the glitter at the front of the shoe and was launched around two and a half years ago. In terms of how it smells, it is the sweetest one in this range.   

This is the one that you probably enjoy the most because of its sweet strawberry-like scent as it has the top notes of berries. And also that may be the dry down of the good girl supreme. It turns into a really generic overly sugary sweet mess of a scent on the skin.

Top Notes: Berries
Middle Notes: Egyptian Jasmine
Base Notes: Tonka Bean & Vetiver

  • Very Good Girl Glam

Lastly, we have Very Good Girl. This is the newest flanker which launched last year and is the most addictive, appealing luxury perfume from the good girl range.

It’s also the most different in terms of smell, it still has the sort of almondy creaminess but the florals are different and Instead of having jasmine and tuberose, it has rose. It is complemented with fruits as well on the top with red currant and lychee.

Very Good Girl could easily be a standalone perfume in the entire range with its cheery top notes. You do have that almond creaminess but ultimately this is a very different fragrance compared to the other perfumes in the collection.

Now although it does have a pop of fruit it is done in a very different way to the Good girl supreme. It doesn’t smell like candy or some sweets it really has more of a tangy acidic kind of fruitiness which is really nice because it adds a fresher element to the perfume.

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Final Words

Final thoughts on the Good Girl Perfume range? This is definitely worth the price and worth a try. The Good Girl perfumes have been trending since 2016 and are still the most searched and the most popular perfumes for ladies on the market.

As for my recommendations, the Very Good Girl would be the top most recommended one as it the latest one with a sweet and light scent. I think this is a fantastic and the best flanker from the range.

Next, I would recommend the original one because you may as well go all out with Good Girl original to get the most intoxicating and sexy scent.

These two perfumes can live in the same collection you can wear the Very Good Girl during the day and then at night time you can switch out for the good girl original Eau de parfum.   

Best Alternatives to Good Girl Perfume Range:

Here are a few alternative Perfumes that smell like the Good Girl Perfumes:

  1. Miss Dream by La Rive
  2. Armani Code
  3. Libre intense by YSL
  4. Olympia by Pac Rabanne
  5. Coach Dreams Sunset
  6. Floral Perfumes by

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