Eight Ways To Increase Your Home’s Market Value

According to Redfin, home prices in Connecticut saw an 8.6% increase in June 2023 compared to last year, with a median sale price of $430,000. However, an increase in the market value of homes depends on more than just the location and size of the house. Rather it is a culmination of multiple factors ranging from home maintenance to its aesthetic appeal and much in between. Here are some quick upgrades and upkeeps that residents of the Constitution State can carry out to add value to their homes without spending too much money or time: 

Remodel and update fixtures

Outdated fixtures and amenities make a living space less functional and take away from its overall aesthetic. Even if your home follows a rustic vibe, the kitchen, bathroom, and other most-used areas of the residence should be equipped with modern appliances and fixtures for a better standard of living.

Remodeling allows you to add a unique touch to your space by choosing materials and fittings according to contemporary tastes and preferences. Pay close attention to spaces like the bathroom and kitchen since these have the potential to get you the best return on your investment.

A bathroom remodel in Connecticut can cost you $5,000-$10,000, and you can expect a 70% return on your investment based on the national average. If your bathroom is lackluster, contact a Connecticut bathroom remodeling contractor to spruce it up. If your kitchen fails to function optimally, a kitchen renovation can make cooking easier by adding state-of-the-art appliances and fixtures. In this way, the value of your home can skyrocket as you elevate its aesthetics and utility. 

Keep the house clean

Often overlooked, cleanliness is a basic necessity to keep a house in good condition. Contrary to popular belief, a neat home takes much more than regular sweeping and vacuuming. In fact, the neatness of your house is mostly affected by the clutter contained within it.

Houses with heaps of furniture and belongings lying around give potential buyers the impression of a crowded and untidy space. Buyers may also wonder what repairs and fixes hide behind the clutter while simultaneously getting the false idea that the space is smaller than its actual size. Because of these reasons, keeping your house clean becomes paramount for its resale value. 

Create more space 

Utilizing the space in your house to its maximum potential is another sure way of achieving a higher resale price for it. You’d be surprised how making just a few changes to a home’s floor plan can significantly increase its size and market value.

Adding an extra wall or merging two rooms can create more living, walking, or storage space in your house that greatly amplifies its utility and value for money. For those with extra space on their properties in the form of gardens or garages, converting these areas into amenities such as a swimming pool, home gym, or an annex can attract buyers to your house like moths to a flame. 

Maintain temperature and ventilation controllers 

Even the best homes become inhabitable without proper heating, cooling, and ventilation. Connecticut lies at the rough transition zone between the southern end of the humid continental climate and the northern portion of the humid subtropical climate. The cold winters and hot, humid summers make temperature and ventilation control even more significant for the hospitability of homes.

Hence, ensure that the HVAC system in your home works properly and change its filters each season. Most HVAC systems need maintenance at least twice throughout the year, so get in touch with your technician and schedule a system checkup if you haven’t already. 

Upgrade the lighting 

New lighting fixtures can uplift a home’s appeal. When choosing the right bulbs and fixtures, opt for LED versions for the best illumination, efficiency, and energy saving. When potential buyers look around your home, point the LED lights out and highlight their advantages to create a good impression about the property and garner their interest. 

Spruce up the garden 

Perhaps the garden is the first area of your home to catch a potential buyer’s eye. The condition of your garden can make or break a buyer’s first impression, making it essential to keep it blooming and fresh.

You can hire a gardener or spend your weekends mowing the grass, trimming the bushes, and cleaning up flower beds to give your garden a tidy look. Planting vibrant flowers or building a vegetable and fruit garden on your landscape can further enhance the home’s worth in the eyes of buyers. 

Get a good paint job 

For a quick and lasting impact on its appearance, refresh your house’s paint job. Chipped and tarnished paint can turn purchasers away who may feel that the residence is poorly kept.

To avoid losing buyers, carry out an indoor and outdoor paint refresh and instruct the painters to apply a weather protection sealant over the paint to protect it from snow and rain. The color palette of a house also holds value. Choose neutral colors that are easy on the eyes and appeal to most people, such as white, cream, and grey. 

Rid the house of pests 

Hiding in your walls may be colonies of pests eating away at your home’s foundation and reducing its value. Common household pests like termites and silverfish damage approximately 600,000 homes in the US each year.

If a potential buyer examining your property catches signs of pest infestation, such as visible buckling wood, swollen floors and ceilings, or mazes within walls, they are likely to immediately cross your home off their list. Hence, rid your home of pests at the earliest if you’re looking to sell it for a high price in the near future. 


With the current boom in the market value of houses in Connecticut, homeowners will likely get good returns on their home investments. The tips mentioned above can further help homeowners secure a great price for their property, especially those who may find themselves in less favorable parts of the state. Ultimately, your effort to increase your home’s worth will yield fruitful results!