Embroidery on Your Company Shirts

Embroidery on Your Company Shirts

Shirt embroidery is a technique that is similar to printing, except it uses a thread or floss instead of ink.

The process often leaves the image, words, or logo stand out more than traditional printing methods.

When it comes to your company shirts, company shirt embroidery is often the better choice.

Read on to learn more about the embroidery process, why it may be a good option for your company, and how to find the best place to get your custom embroidered shirts.

The Process

Embroidery is an ancient method that likely began in the 5th century BC in ancient China.

It is a technique that takes a lot of skill to do by hand. 

There are many different styles of stitching that people use. 

The first step of embroidery typically includes drawing or fixing a printed design onto a thin piece of paper to use as a stencil of sorts.

The pattern is then stitched onto the fabric with a special floss or thread.

The paper is then ripped away from around the edges of the newly stitched pattern, and the design is finished.

This process can also be done with the help of machines nowadays, though hand sewing is always considered the best method.

Embroidery versus Printing

Printing and embroidery are quite different. 

The main difference is that embroidery uses floss or thread, and printing uses ink. 

For durability of colors, with less fading, cracking, or peeling, embroidery is one of the best options. 

Typically, embroidery can involve many colors and more technical patterns, but the standard embroidered design includes fewer colors and a more simple design. 

Embroidery makes for a great way to add a logo, business name, and a simple message or design, since it will stand up to the washer and dryer for longer. 

Embroidery gives a more professional and eye-catching look for a simple design, like a company name or logo — making it one of the top methods used on employee shirts. 

Finding the Best Embroidered Company Shirt

When it comes to finding the best embroidery company, check out online reviews and look at pictures of their previous work. 

Always verify they have a valid business license. 

Look for a company that has a lot of experience doing embroidery on the type of shirt you want. 

Keep the design simple and as small as possible with as few colors as you can, to ensure the design will be easier to put onto your shirt.

This simplicity will also help keep costs down and speed up the time it takes to make it. 

Shirt embroidery is a long-lasting way to create a custom company shirt. 

It leaves a similar result as a printed pattern, but with thread or floss instead of ink.

Embroidery is typically done by hand, though nowadays we have machines that can ‘print’ the design with thread or floss. 

To get the best company shirt embroidery it is as easy as design, digitize and ‘print’. 

A company shirt with embroidery leaves a more professional image for everyone — from office professionals to professional sports teams, and even fast food companies — than standard printing.