Massage Gun Nz: Comprehensive Guide and 7 Elegant Massage guns to Buy in NZ

Using massage gun on leg


Massage gun Nz: Price, Reviews and Everything you need to know!! 

Every year a new hot product enters the market that you feel you must have.  Well, a Massage gun is one Hot Product around the world for the last 3 years. We all know that Massage is a highly effective way to relieve muscle pains and aches.

It is also a great way to relax your body and mind. With so many developments in every aspect of life, Massage equipment also saw a rising trend. From Massage Chairs to Neck massagers and all sorts of other massage Equipment, this has turned into a huge market.

Massage guns have become an indispensable part of sports performance training, used by everyone from professional athletes to weightlifters and endurance athletes. Massage guns are a simple and effective tool for relieving pain and tension.

They can be used to reduce muscle aches, soreness, stiffness, tension headaches, and even mental fatigue. Massage guns are also useful in treating trigger points, soft tissue injuries, and swelling. If you have chronic pain or muscle aches, massage guns can give you instant relief. Also using a massage gun Before and After a workout has proven very effective for Muscles and tissues.

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2. The first step to massage therapy is getting a massage gun!

The benefits of using a massage gun can be seen in a number of ways. Most people who use massage guns find them convenient. They are easy to use, and only require a few minutes to get the desired results. Furthermore, Massage guns are lightweight and Can Save you some money as most massage therapists cost like $30-$40 per hour. 

The Problem? 

There are many different types of massage guns available on the market today, and it is important that you choose one that will best suit your needs. However, it can be very hard to find the best massager for your needs.

We know that you want one that is going to be easy to use, affordable, safe, long-lasting, and of course, one that works well. There are so many choices available today it is almost impossible to make a good choice by just looking at ads or online reviews.  Here is one of the brands that I’d recommend!! 


3. What should you look for in a high-quality massage gun and How do you Choose the right one?

With so many massage guns in the Market and the competition getting high day by day, buying a massage gun can be very hectic. So keep these features in mind when you are looking at different models:

1. Power: 

One thing to look for in a massage gun is the power and motor details. This feature can be further explained into three different aspects namely amplitude, speed, and the stall force.

Amplitude is the way it goes back and forth into the muscles and energizes the muscles to loosen up. And that is what is known as Percussion therapy. Now most massage guns come with a 12mm amplitude. If a massage gun is not going back and forth, then it may just be vibrating and THAT IS NOT A POWERFUL MASSAGE GUN!! 

The second thing to look for is Speed. Now speed varies from massager to massager. Most massage guns come with a 5-6 speed transmission. A few of them have 9-speed transmission. It all depends on you which kind you want. Some people prefer a slow massage while others like to hammer!!!

The last thing is the Stall Force. That is the amount to force applied to the motor to make it actually stall out. Most Massage guns measure this as BEATS PER MINUTE. You’ll find smaller massage guns like the Ekrin Bantam Delivering huge stall force than the Big ones out there.

Important: If you are a smaller person with low muscle mass, you can get your massage done with a low speed and low amplitude Massager. But If You have a large body, Going after a massage gun with more speed options, higher Stall force, and More Amplitude is the Right Choice. 

2. Design:

One other thing to look at is the Design of the Massage gun and How it fits in your palm. Smaller massage Guns are lighter in weight and easy to hold. Therefore, they can be easily used to apply pressure on a specific area as compared to Bigger ones. Again it depends on your body. A larger person with more muscle mass can easily manage a bigger massage gun with More power and Speed and Vice versa.

3. Price:

The most important thing to keep in mind is the Price. Higher Price doesn’t always lead to higher and Good Quality but it can be the opposite to that at times. When Massage guns came into play, they were $600 apiece. Always look for coupons and Discounts as these days there are so many options in the Market.

A good Massage gun with the Best quality cost around $150-$300, Depending on the brand, Attachment heads, and Of course the SIZE! 

4. Other things to look for:

Here are some other factors to look for while selecting a massage gun:

  • Battery Life: Higher Amperes means more backup!
  • Reliability and Warranty. Brands with good Reputations are reliable. Always look for customer reviews.
  •  Noise Level: The Quieter the Best.
  • Attachment heads: Number of Attachment heads that is provided with the massage gun. usually Varies from 4 to 10.

For more Details on Massage gun heads, Click here! 

What are the benefits of using a Massage gun?

Below is a list of claimed benefits of a massage gun.  Note that these are not my personal opinions but have been claimed in many different blogs and by different product users. For a further breakdown please follow this external link.

  • Stimulates blood flow which assists in releasing built-up lactic acid and accelerating recovery.
  • Speeds up muscle repair and reduces inflammation, providing relief from delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Natural stress reliever, relaxing your muscles by releasing tension and knots.
  • Help improve your mobility and flexibility within days.
  • Improved sports performance as helps increase power and performance, which makes the muscles more flexible and efficient.
  • Activates the Nervous System and Muscles

Can a Massage gun Cause Damage?

Since all electronic items that we use in every daily life come with precautions and Safety measures. Similarly, a Massage gun can also be harmful in some cases especially if Used without Precautions. A massage gun should not be used on Soft bones or Broken bones. Also prolonged use can cause skin burns. Experts recommend using a massage gun on the desired group of muscles for up to 60 seconds per region. 

Furthermore, Applying too much pressure is also not required as the Amplitude and vibrations itself do most of the work. Avoid keeping the massage head in one area for more than 3 minutes. Prolonged application can traumatize tissues. To avoid Damage to your skin and the Massage gun NZ,  Do not operate continuously for more than 30 minutes. After 20 minutes of use, allow the Massage gun to rest for 5 minutes before re-using.

7 Elegant and Best Massage guns NZ: Where to Buy?

Let’s dive into some of the best Massage guns to buy in NZ. Please keep in mind that If you buy a Massage gun through the links Below that leads to, Apply Coupon code” SMART22″.  You’ll get a $10 discount plus Express Free Shipping. 

1. Massage Gun NZ: NEW Pro Series Massage Gun

Smaller in Size but Huge in Power!!

Massage gun NZ

The Massage gun NZ New pro series is one of the best massage guns NZ with a lot of good customer reviews because of the Low sound level that It operates at. At the Top speed of about 3200 RPMs, the Sound intensity is only 50dB. This can be as loud as a Refrigerator humming! Other features include 9-speed levels, 6 interchangeable attachment heads, an Elegant LED display, and 3-6 hours of Battery life.

2. Massage gun NZ: Essential

More Speed and a Deeper massage!

Massage Gun NZ Essential

This big massage tool is not your ordinary massage gun but is one of its kind. The Massage gun NZ Essential has 30 different speed levels. That enables you to start with a light massage and then progress for a deeper massage on sensitive areas. Furthermore, this Epic Device has a 3200 RPM quiet motor and 6 easily interchangeable massage Heads namely flathead, bullet, fork, ball, and dampener.

3. Phoenix A2 Pro Athletics: Best Australian Massage gun


The phoenix A2 pro athletics has all the features of the Phoenix A2 ( picture above) but it’s best for athletics and Workouts. This Elite fitness product is Ergonomically designed to give a comfortable hand grip. This massage gun is ultra Quiet and is Equipped with a 2400 mAh battery. It has got 30-speed transmissions and 3-speed level adjustments.

4. The BANTAM by Ekrin Athletics:

Compact, slim, and ultra-lightweight.

Price: 120USD if you apply Coupon code “SMART22” 

Massage gun nz

Don’t let its slim, compact design fool you, as BANTAM punches well above its weight class.  The BANTAM is your Travel Sized muscle recovery massage gun that provides the Best massage on the GO. This Epic Massage gun is only 1.1lb and can create a stall force of up to 35lbs. Also, it is Equipped with a top-of-the-line Samsung Lithium Battery and 4 interchangeable Massage gun heads. This is overall one of the best and latest massage guns around.

5. Massage gun NZ: The buddy Mini

Another Small Size travel Massage gun but full of features:

The massage gun is small and portable and comes with a carry case so you can take it to the gym, sports fields, or on holiday to help you de-stress. It might be small but the BUDDY packs a punch with 4 speeds and 3200 Rpm just like our larger Massage Guns.

Also, It has 4 Massage gun heads and LARGE BATTERY LIFE & USB CHARGED Which can work for hours and you can change it conveniently from any USB wall charger or even your computer. No need to carry extra leads and plugs around.


Massage Guns have developed rapidly in recent years with advancements in technology. They are loved by their users and have numerous benefits. This was my Review of Massage gun NZ. Don’t forget to share this and Express your Opinion.

Thanks 🙂